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Shauna and Jesse 2

Jesse and I were out washing our car that summer day. It was 88 degrees, so Jesse and I had on our bikinis string bathing suits. Jesse had on a white bikini with a matching top. I had on a string bikini, which left nothing to imagine about my smooth, suple ass, plus a string top. We washed the car with two sponges and two buckets. From behind me I heard Mark’s voice. “Hey girls, mind if i help,” said Mark. “Sure,” Jesse and I answer eagerly. Mark was our neighbor. Jesse and I fantasized about him all the time. He was hansome, with chisled face, built chest, and an ass that made Jesse and I wet. Mark was in the summer spirit too. He had on his bathing trunks and didn’t have his shirt on. “Head around in back of the house and you should find another sponge,” I told Mark. “Thanks Shauna,” He replied. Mark came back with the sponge and started washing the car. Jesse looked at me with a smirk on her face. Her eyes met mine ane te darted to Mark. I nodded, unsure of what Jesse was thinking. Jesse moved over to me and my bucket. Mark was on the other side of the car. Jesse dipped her sponge and squeezed it over my back, then rubbed it from my shoulders to my ass. i shivered from the cold, soapy water. Mark wasn’t sure if he should watch or not. Jesse Moved behind me and untied my top witch fell to the groud. Mark was staring in amazement. Jesse turned my around and push me flat on the hood of the car. She dipped the sponge again and rubbed it on my stomch she brought the sponge up to my breasts asquezed each breast with the sponge. i was deep in pleasure now. I climbed all the way onto the car hood layed on my back. Jesse pulled my string bikini off me and threw it in Mark’s direction. Jesse began to rub the inside of my cunt very slowly. She massaged my cunt deliberately. I arched my back and groaned. Jesse encircled my clit put a small amount of preasure on it. I groaned loudly for the pleasure was too much. Mark couldn’t watch any more. He dropped his trunks and pulled of Jesse’s bikini. He pulled her off me and made her face towards him. Mark picked her up up and lowered her down onto his hard, 11” long, 8” thick cock. jesse gasped as her cunt streched. Mark Jesse next to me on the hood and started to pump his cock into her. Every time he push himself into her she cried out. I composed myself and went a sponge. I rubbed it all over Jesse’s body. I took of her bikini and soaked her breasts. I then slowly dragged my tongue allong her stomach licking the water off of he. I engorged myself in her brests. Caressed right breast with one hand and licked and sucked the water off the other, then I switched. I squeezed her nipples with my fingers. Jesse was now moan and crying out from the pleasure. Mark cummed into Jesse and took out his cock. I hopped off the car and kneeled in front of Mark’s giant cock. I licked up and down his cock, which was stilled hard. I licked all over the head of his penis making him groan. i then lowered myself onto him. I sucked hard on his his cock. Ilower my mouth on and of his cock shoving it three-quaters of the way down my throat. he then grabbed the back of my head and rammed his cock all the way down my throat, then cummed. he took me off him. Jesse was now ready to suck on him. Jesse and I were both kneeled in front of Mark with our mouths wide open. he rubbed his cock hard. The he shot his cum onto Jesse’s face. Jesse licked some of it off her chin and I licked the rest off her. We kissed each other sharing Mark’s cum. After we finish Mark picked me up and leaned me over so my hands were on the car. He took his cock and rammed it into my ass. I cried as the pain through my body. I had never had so wide in my ass. He slowly pumped his cock into my ass. he pumped faster and faster. I moaned and cried from the pleasure. Jesse crawled under me and squeezed my niples hard. The pleasure too much. Mark hit my rammed my ass hard and his cum shot deep into me. He and Jesse stopped. We all put on our suits. Mark would be sleeping over.

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