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The House Party

Carl had lived in the sleepy English village of Minton all his life, never experiencing the feel or taste of a woman before. Now he’s about to turn 18 and his parents are going on holiday for the summer – Carl’s life is about to change for the better!

It was Sunday morning when I woke to the sounds of packing – ok, so it didn’t wake me up, I was just so excited that my parents were going away to Spain for two weeks and I would have the house to myself! I leaped out of bed, threw my clothes on and went downstairs to grab some breakfast. I rustled up a bowl of cereal and some coffee then took a seat at the table to eat when my parents entered the room carrying their bulging suitcases. My mum started going over the list of things I should and shouldn’t do while they’re away as all mothers do and I let it all pass over my head just like all good sons do when their parents are giving sound advice. I took a drink of coffee and nearly puked it back up when a horn sounded outside. The taxi had arrived to take them to the airport and my heart started to race and I realized this was the first time in all my life I would be alone. As soon as my mother had stopped hugging me and they’d left in the taxi I sprinted to the phone, dialed a few friends, and told them to be at my house tonight any time around 5pm. This was going to be one party I’d never forget!

The clock turned 5 o’clock and I was getting really excited now. I’d tidied the house, bought a shit load of booze and set up the stereo with a selection of beats in preparation for a wild night of drinking and hard-core dancing. A knock at the door sends me sprinting for the handle and I nearly break my neck on the wood floor as I try to stop to let my buddies in. Composing myself quickly I opened the door and a huge grin appeared on my face as I saw the five friends I called earlier standing with eight scantily clad girls, two of whom I knew from my day’s in school and hadn’t seen since we left two years ago. After taking in their fine shapes I told them all to come in and pointed them to the drinks before taking them into the living room and turning on some quieter tunes so we could all break the ice for a half an hour. I sat with Gary first and he was with his girlfriend Sue and a girl I knew as Melanie. She was in my Geography class at school, with her spotty face and flat chest she got on with me about as well as a snake and a mongoose but here she was two years later as Sue’s guest in my home – and holy shit she was hot! Now since I was so very inexperienced with girls I thought I would find myself staring at my feet and not saying a word but to my surprise I was chatting away with her like we were long lost friends.

After everybody had had a few drinks we were all pretty relaxed so I put the dance music on and everybody got up. Gary and Sue were first to start gyrating with the beat and soon Craig, said, their girlfriends, Jodie and Claire joined them while the rest went into the kitchen to get drinks. Realizing that my bottle was nearly empty (and that Melanie was one of those in the kitchen) I strolled in and picked up a cold one. After I opened it I looked to see what everyone was getting up to, as I could hear nobody talking. James and Heather were kissing like it was their last day alive in the corner while the others stood and giggled. I walked over and stood with Mel, Jodie and Willy while Claire and Caroline went back into the living room for a groove.

“They never could handle their drink,” said Jodie.

It was true and we all laughed for a moment then took simultaneous slugs of our drinks. It was obvious in the last couple of years in school that they fancied each other but they never did anything about it.

“Well we all know that but I don’t think any of us knew they could handle each other as well as they are!” I pointed out to even more laughter.

We stood in the kitchen talking until we’d finished our beers then we went back into the living room with fresh ones for a dance. Claire and Caroline were sitting on the sofa chatting about stuff while the others were up dancing and getting close. Gary and Sue were nowhere in sight but we all knew they’d gone upstairs to screw and I was glad I remembered to put johnnies next to all the beds. Willy grabbed Jodie and they started to dance, still holding their beers, so I pulled Mel onto the floor with me and we got to it too. We were all pretty drunk by now and, before I knew it, Mel had wrapped her arms around my neck and was kissing me full on my mouth! The suddenness of it surprised me but the booze made it a mere feeling and so it didn’t show. I put my hands on her sides just above her hips and she started to play with my tongue, which gave me an instant bone, so I put my hands on her ass and held her against me so she could feel just how excited she made me. Our mouths parted company and she looked deep into my eyes and smiled, and I instantly knew she wanted me right there and then! I put my arm around her waist and practically carried her out of the room and up the stairs where I kicked open the door of the guest room.

Landing on the bed we kissed again deeply and started to tear each other’s clothes off. She was only wearing a bikini and a sarong so I had them off in no time at all and I nearly creamed all over her beautiful face when I saw her body – her skin was perfect and tanned to perfection. Her breasts were only a little large but firm and perky, and her pubes were neatly trimmed so her twat was clearly visible. Again we kissed and I held her tight against me as I traced my hands down her sides, gently caressing her skin as our tongues fought each other in our mouths. I brought my left hand back up and held her neck with it while my right hand found it’s way to her pinkness – she was so wet she was nearly dripping! I put two fingers inside her while my thumb worked on her clit. She came within seconds and, as I could feel her juices running into my palm, she groaned loudly and grabbed at my cock. After giving it a few strokes she got down on her knees, swallowed all 8 inches into her hot mouth, and sucked it for all she was worth. Her tongue was as expert with my dick as it was with my own tongue and I blew my hot cum deep into her throat. She swallowed the whole lot then we kissed again deep and hard.

“Right, now you’re going to take my virgin pussy and fill it with your big, hard fuck-stick until I cum harder than I ever will in my whole life!” she whispered to me.

I didn’t need to be told to fuck her but hearing this slut-talk coming from a virgin made me falter for a split second so she pushed me on my back and quickly straddled me. My cock slipped into her slippery fuck box with ease and I grabbed her hips as she slowly worked me up and down with her eyes closed. She was moaning quietly and she started to caress her gently bobbing tits while I moved my hips in unison with hers to get the most out our fucking. I sat up slightly so I was in reach of her tasty looking tits and started to suck on her nipples, which were already as hard as bullets. She started breathing heavier and her moans became louder as I lovingly sucked on her mams while she moved one hand down to play with her swollen clit. I was getting near my peak now and I somehow kept pace with her bucking body hoping she would cum at the very moment I blew my load into her. Her virgin hole was lubed up and tight and every thrust was getting her wetter and wetter as she moaned louder and louder. By now we were fucking so fast Superman probably would’ve been left behind and we were both moaning and screaming as my cock pounded away at her – then I felt my balls tighten up under me and I yelled as I shot my cream into her soft hole and, to add to my orgasm, her arms closed around my body as hard as the walls of her twat closed around my spurting dick as she had an earth shattering orgasm of her own!

I woke up to find Mel had attached her mouth to my dick so I fucked her cum filled twat again before we went down to breakfast where we were greeted by a our friends. They all looked happy and had probably all fucked that night so I can definitely say that was the best time of my life – and that was just the first night of the two weeks we had to get through!

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