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My teacher and his toys.

My name is Lyndzi, and I want to tell you the very dirty things I did with Mr. Rogers, my chemistry teacher. Mr. Rogers is very sexy, very distinctive man. He is in his late forties, and looks about 30. Dark brown hair, 6’4,and about 250 lbs. of muscle complete his looks. I myself am 16, about 5’0 and a whopping 100 lbs. I have shoulder length wavy red hair and a smattering of freckles across my button nose. I have blue eyes and I’m slightly tan.

Well, on this particular day, Mr. Rogers asked me to stay after class to help set up for a lab for his class after lunch. I took a seat back at my desk and watched him go over and lock the door. He then said that he would be back in a minute. Five minutes passed and he still hadn’t returned. I was feeling a little horny for some reason and starting reaching up my skirt. I then got an idea. I went over to the setup table and retrieved a small test tube. I sat back in my desk and started sliding it into my little virgin hotbox. At this very moment Mr. Rogers returned and he caught me.

He said “Lyndzi, what are you doing?” To that I replied that I was fantasizing about getting the adult treatment from an experienced older man. He walked over and picked me up out of my desk, sat me on a lab table and asked me if I’d like to try some other foreign objects, and I said yes. He laid me back and spread my legs open to reveal my small, nearly hairless pussy. He slid the test tube in all the way while playing with my tiny, throbbing clit. He left me like that for a minute and returned with a cucumber from the lab fridge, and proceeded to slide the cold vegetable in my tight pink cunt at far as my pussy would allow it. He asked me if I wanted his cock and I said yes. He unzipped his pants to reveal 10 or 11 inches of uncut, thick rippling man meat. He positioned his throbbing glory at my opening and just tore into me like there was no tomorrow. It hurt like hell for a few seconds, and then turned into pure pleasure as he split my pussy in half for about 20 minutes. His cock grew to monstrous proportions, as he got ready to come. Then it happened. I could feel his dick throbbing and his loud moans as he filled my young little pussy with his hot cum. It was the most wonderful day of my life.

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