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It wasn't Daughter, It was Sis in Law

My stepdaughter and I have been sneaking around for almost two years doing our thing. We don?t hurt anyone and we both get what we want out of it. Although I have not had the pleasure of having my cock inside her pussy yet, we have done everything else that can be done and we do it as often as possible.

Three days ago, my wife?s sister and her boyfriend came to stay for a couple of weeks while waiting for her apartment to be ready. He has been sleeping on living room floor and she has been sharing room with stepdaughter. She is 22 years old, Puerto Rican, very thin with that Spanish ass and small but noticeable tits. I have watched her grow from when she was 11 until now and never thought of her as anything but a child.

I decided last night to visit the stepdaughter at 1:30, when I got home. The wife was sleeping and I entered her room. There are 2 beds and my stepdaughter?s bed is on the left. I could see both their heads, and I went over to Tiff?s bed. I sat down, and reached under the covers. She had a long t-shirt on, and never wore anything under it. I immediately felt her bald pussy, which she keeps bald for me. I started to tickle it and she just layed there asleep. I put a finger inside her and saw she was dry. I wet my finger and put it in again and she started to squirm a bit. As she squirmed, I fingered her harder until we were in a rhythm. The room was dark and I couldn?t see her face. I took my other hand and reached up for her big tits. They weren?t big! They were small little titties, and that?s when I knew I fucked up bad. This was my sister in law and I was in big trouble. This meant she would know that I was having sex with my stepdaughter and worse than that, I was touching her and she would surely tell the wife.

I immediately took my finger out of her wet pussy, and let go of that cute little tit, and started real easy to get up to leave. A hand reached out and grabbed my arm and somehow the room got light enough to see her cute face. She put my hand back under the covers and back into her wet pussy. I was stunned but certainly not going to leave. I fingered her and again went for that tit. Her tits were cute as hell. Little things with tiny nipples, but she always wore clothes that were sexy so I used to wish I could see them. I started to suck her nipple but it was so little I hardly was able to pinch it with my lips.

She was now into it and reached towards my cock. I had boxers and no underwear so she reached in and held it hard. She was squeezing it and easing up and I was going nuts. It felt great. I too the covers off to see her pussy and there it was. Bald and dark and I could see the shiny wet area. I ate her pussy until I felt it pulsate in my mouth. She came very quietly and squeezed my dick hard as she came. I picked up my head and spun her so she legs were off the side of the bed and I put my cock in her. She was tiny. I felt both walls as it slid up in her. She arched and started to hump me slowly. I fucked that little 22 year old girl for almost ten minutes. She came again with my cock in her and I thought I would die. When I was ready, I did not know if she took birth control, so I took out my cock and grabbed her head. I put it in her mouth and I felt her sucking and swallowing. She drank my cum. I couldn?t believe it. Tiff would spit it on my belly but she was eating it. She squeezed after I was done and got that last drop.

I again started to stand up, but she got up beside me, kissed me on the cheek, and went into the bathroom across the hall. I went to leave and my stepdaughter whispered ? Dad, Next time I want you to fuck me Ok, I am ready? I said Ok and went to bed

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