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Slave Girl

Jon grinned as he read the report out loud. “Hmmm… ten slaves for your pleasure, all aboard the Snow Queen. One with a rather nasty disposition, 16 years of age, female.” His grin grew even wider as he walked onto the vast ship that held his future tightly.
Jon opened the door that was to hold the young slaves and was greeted with a slap and an angry shout. His eyes opened wide as he drank in the beautiful, young, tall, and tan woman standing in front of him. She had nothing but a black bathing suit on and the long, tousled, ebony hair that fell down her large and firm chest caught the sun and threw it back. Her long, curly eyelashes bordered large grey eyes that held promise of adventure and excitement. Her straight, white teeth glinted as she smiled; an evil, bitchy smile that made Jon want to hop on her right then.
“My name is Serena,” she spoke in a clear, clipped voice. “And who may I have the displeasure of talking to?” She asked rudely, ignoring the way Jon blocked the doorway with his muscular, tan, and rough body. His cock was at attention- Serena’s very curvy form and swaying hips made him so hard it nearly hurt as he strained against the material of his black jeans.
Serena noticed that. “How about this- neither of us talk, you lead me to your cabin, I give you the best night of your life, and you let me go. How does that sound?”
Jon nodded and took her hand, leading her to the winding staircase that led to his quarters. When they got there, she looked into his eyes and silently took off her bathing suit and laid down on his bed, her chest heaving as she awaited the night.
Jon kneaded her chest and took off his clothing- his nine inch cock swelled and he positioned it on the lips of her pussy.


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