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My name is Shelby and this is a true story that happened to me in 1998. (Just a little about me I’m married 34 years old 5.6″ 35-27-38 brunette.

My husband Josh works for a IT company and is called away on business quite a lot. Today was no exception except today he was going with a work college named Steve. You see Steve had only started with the company 2 months before and this was his first trip interstate so he had to go with someone to show him the ropes. We meet Steve and his beautiful wife Joyce briefly when he joined the company but had not seen them since that day.

Josh came home from work that faithful day and said he and Steve were called away on a job and he had organised with Steve to pick him up at his place and go to the airport together. I asked him how he was getting there as we only had one car. He told me that I was going to drive him to Steve’s and they would catch a cab from there, as it was only 15 minutes from the airport. I said I was not happy as it was Friday night and all I wanted to do was stay home & curl up and watch some TV. “Don’t worry honey” he said Steve has organised with Joyce for you to have dinner there and maybe watch TV or something. I was not happy but went along anyway.

We got to Steve’s around 7.00pm there flight left at 8.00pm so we all had a quick drink together and they were off in the cab. “See you in 5 days dear” Josh said as they left. Joyce quickly turned to me and said “let’s go inside and have some dinner and get stuck into that bottle of wine”

I was pissed off that I was going to have another boring week alone so I said to Joyce “lets make it two bottles”. Joyce was very friendly to me as she felt like it was her fault that my week was going to been lonely as Steve was the one to go with Josh on this trip. Joyce is a stunning woman 31 years old 5.8″ 37-28-37 a real blonde and loves to wear the smallest and thinnest of outfits. Tonight she was wearing a very short thin summer dress, soft-cupped sports bra, and white cotton panties. I on the other hand I had on a black skirt, stockings and heels, a thin white blouse, lace bra and matching panties. I had arrived home only 10 mins before Josh and had no time to change.

We chatted through dinner and drank the first bottle of wine. After dinner, we sat on the leather lounge together as she wanted to show me the photo album of their last holiday in Tahiti. There were plenty of pictures of them together being very intimate with each other (Steve is a great looking guy and I was getting turned on looking at all the pictures of his sun tanned body thinking what would he be like in bed). You see my sex life lately has been very poor and dull, with Josh away a lot I have not had basically any in the last 6 months so you can understand why my mind was wandering.

It was 9.00pm and we had nearly drunk two bottles of wine, and I was quite light headed by now and Joyce was the same. She was sitting very close to me now and I could feel the heat coming off her body. This was something I was not use to, being so close to another woman thinking about how good her husband would be in bed. I thought that I should get up and go get another drink when suddenly my bladder told me otherwise. In all the time I had been at Joyce’s I had not used the toilet so I thought this would be a good time. I twisted around to put my drink on the table beside me and as I twisted back to ask Joyce were the toilet was I felt her lips on mine kissing me very tenderly. In all my life, I have never had any thoughts of being with another woman and this took me by complete surprise and out of instinct, I was returning her kiss. I suddenly turned my head away from her and told her ” I’m not like that” when suddenly her tongue was in my ear kissing it passionately and telling me that neither was she but to relax and enjoy.

My head was spinning I didn’t know what to do, I was aroused from looking at the pictures of them but when it comes to having my ears nibbled and kissed I just turn into jelly. Joyce kept the encouragement up by sliding her hand up my inner thigh until she reached my panties. I closed my legs quickly, this is not what I wanted, but she had other ideas. She took her tongue out of my ear and started nibbling my neck I could not take much more of this and tried to get up. As I did my legs parted slightly and her hand slid up over my panties to rest on my crouch. She must have thought that this was an invitation and started to rub my pussy through my thin panties. That was it I couldn’t have got up even if I wanted to with all the alcohol, seeing the pictures of Steve and Joyce, and not having any sex in 6 months, I just sat back down and let my body take over and enjoy what was going to happening.

Joyce sensed my relaxed state and said to me that “this would be the best sex I would ever have” and at that point, I had to agree within her. Then I felt her hand starting to unbutton my blouse and unclipped my bra in the front and free my breasts, all the while she was rubbing my now wet pussy. My nipples were standing up and I just had to touch them, kneed them between my fingers it was soo good. Then I felt Joyce get off the lounge and kneel on the timber floor in front of me pushing my skirt up, spreading my legs wide apart and inching me towards the edge of the lounge. She took one look at me, and slid her tongue up my stockinged thigh and started to lick and suck me through my soaking panties. Josh has never done this to me before, Joyce’s touch was fantastic, and she was right this would be the best sex I would ever have.

She licked, tongued, kissed & sucked my wet panties until I thought she would suck them straight off me, then she lifted my bum up and slid my panties off and put them in my mouth. I have never really tasted myself before but I liked it. Joyce looked at my neatly shaved pussy and dove in, her tongue and fingers were going everywhere she knew just were to touch to make my juices flow, but that was not all that was about to flow. She started to lick at my pee hole when I suddenly released that I still needed to go to the toilet and bad.

I told Joyce in between moans that I had to go pee and if she kept that up, I would pee on her. At first I thought she did not hear me as she kept on going right at it, she had two fingers in my pussy another rubbing my asshole and her tongue still licking my pee hole. I could feel my bladder weakening and tried to get up but she took her hand from my ass, pushed me down, and told me to relax and just enjoy what was going to happen.

I started to feel sick this was not right I could not do this no matter what was going on. I already had let myself be seduced by a woman but I was not going to succumb to wetting myself. Then suddenly I felt a little pee escape from my aching bladder straight into Joyce’s mouth. She went nuts and started to lick and suck at my pee hole faster and faster moaning all the time to keep going keep peeing, she even started to push on my bladder to help me along. While all this was happening, I had not noticed that my nipples where like pencil erasers and extremely sensitive. As I brushed my hand across them to take Joyce’s hand from by bladder a bolt of electricity shot through my body straight to my peehole, where another squirt escaped into her mouth.

By now my pussy was on fire and I need to cum so badly but Joyce wouldn’t let up on my pee hole, so I just went with the flow (no pun intended). I said to her ” I can’t hold it any longer” this sent her over the edge, she was now fingering her pussy flat out and licking me dry at the same time. Then all of a sudden she pushed hard on my bladder and the floodgates opened. First it started as a dribble then it turned into a flood, I could have never believed how good it felt, I only wish I had discovered this dirty little deed earlier in life.

Joyce was beside herself she could not take it all in her mouth, she sat back and let my pee spray all over her face & hair and down her dress soaking her chest. The sight of this just made me hornier. Just a few hours earlier I had met this woman and her husband for the second time, and now here she is bathing in my urine in her lounge room.

As my flow subsided Joyce’s mouth was back on my pussy sucking the rest of the pee out of my pussy, then all of a sudden I felt her push her little finger into my ass. That was all I needed to push me over the edge and I came so hard that for the first time in my life I actually ejaculated and nearly passed out.

When I had calmed down a little Joyce slid up my body, and slipped her cum & pee soaked tongue into my mouth, and I sucked as much as I could get. Then suddenly I felt all-warm around my crouch and realised that she was pissing on me through her panties. I told her to stop because I wanted to taste it I had to taste it, she stemmed the flow as much as she could as she slid herself up my body leaving a wet trail along the way. As she reached my face I lent forward and for the very first time, I tasted another woman in more ways than one.

I furiously licked and sucked on her wet panties while jamming two fingers into my own pussy, the taste was strange & bitter but I liked it then suddenly her release came and filled my mouth with warm golden liquid. I tried to swallow buy my brain could not compute, so I just let I overflow from my mouth down my chin and onto my breasts. The flow started to dwindle and Joyce pulled aside her soaked panties and sprayed the remainder on my face. She then said, “please suck my clit and make me cum pleassse”. How could I refuse I dove in, found her hard little clit, and did my best for someone with no experience, she must have thought I was pretty good because she screamed she was cumming and filled my mouth. I was able to swallow it this time, and the taste was incredible.

We both fell on the floor wallowing in our wet mess exhausted from what was the most intense dirty and erotic thing that I had ever done. We recovered enough to go and take a shower together and ended up in bed making wet love all night along. The next day Joyce told me she was surfing the net about a year ago and came across a urination site and was extremely turned on and wanted to experience it but was to afraid to ask Steve. She also told me that she had no intension of seducing me but with the wine and looking at the photos remembering how horny she was on that trip she couldn’t help herself. And when I said I had to pee, she thought that she would try to live out her fantasy, and I am glad that she did.

That was 3 years ago, Joyce and I are best friends & lovers now and we get together two or three times a week and stay with each other when our husbands are away and enjoy something that they would not understand,

We are now both converted bisexual watersports fans.

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