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Help from Jill

Davie came to slowly. He was groggy, naked and alone in his cousin Joel’s bed. He had slept like the dead and was slow coming to. They had fallen asleep or more like passed out cuddling after an evening of…

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James and mike 3

So its been a few weeks since I saw Mike or James. We texted a lot but haven't seen them lately. We were all in a group text and they liked to send cock pics occasionally. Every time they would…

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Girl Crush becomes FWB

Jen is 5’3” with beautiful brunette hair, firm legs, and proportioned boobs. I had just one question “Why did my husband and my brother want her?” I played it cool. We were friends too, but I started to have a…

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Our slut daughter

My name is James and my wife's name is Missy we have a 17 year old daughter named Amanda. She is about 5'1 with brown hair and blue eyes. She has a nice ass like her mother but little tit's!…

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