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My Wifes secret loves

We live in a small rural community, mostly farmers and other working folks.

Recently, a man purchased the house next door and while moving in, my 70 yr old wife who is petite and 5ft 2in and blessed with a beautiful figure and weighing 110lbs walked over to introduce herself.  Two other men were helping him, and when Joy walked up they stopped in their tracks.  She was talking and I noticed the two men made an effort of going behind her to view her great ass.  One of them grabbed his cock and rub bed it.

Joy turned to leave flashing them with a dazzling smile, and they all watched as she walked away.  She wa wearing old jeans and when she was 40ft away, bent over to pull a weed and they all gawked at the perfect ass before them.

Over the next few days Joy would pull more weeds, enjoying the eyes upon her.  I had gone golfing one day but decided to quit early and as I pulled into the driveway I saw Joy standing pretty close to the new owner.  He was a big man, about 6ft 4in, 265 lbs or so but muscular and she looked very small next to hm.  They stood close to his garage and he suddenly put his huge hand on her arm and looking to see if he was being watched, guided her into the garage.  Within a minute I had made it to the rear of the garage and finding a good peep hole watched as this man kissed her full on the lips while his  large hand found her lovely ass.  They meant business as her jeans came off and his finger pushed inside that beautiful cunt.  My tool was out and I was jacking off as I watched his 14in cock slide between her legs and pushing her back,began fucking her harder and harder until she screamed and went limp evan as his load shot into her.  Joy ground her pussy onto his softening cock and screamed and shuddered as her climax rose to a feverish pitch and then she went limp and collapsed.  They lay there exhausted and then he began moving inside her again.  An hour later they rested as I released my 5th load.

I went back towards the golf course and waited for Joy to go home before I came home.  Hi she said cheerfully, how was golf.  Great I said, I watched a guy get a hole in one.  I bet he was excited she said, yes he had a climax I think because he was so excited.  Speaking of that, I have not had any for awhile, lets go upstairs and give me some.  Oh, I am not in the mood right now, let me shower and get us some dinner and when we go to bed maybe I wont be so tired.  Oh, by the way, what day do you have to go on that business trip?  Monday I replied, you can go with me, oh no, she said, I have so much to do here and with you out of the way for the week, I can get caught up.  I have to give it to her though, when we were in bed she turned to me kissing me and her hand began rubbing my cock.  It spurted into life, she pushed me back, mounted me and proceeded to fuck me without mercy.  My cock exploded inside her and she managed to feign one herself.

Monday came and I was to leave.  I kissed Joy and drove off and 15 minutes later I parked at the local motel and went in.  Don, a womans man with a lanky frame and a very large cock that had fucked most of the towns women said heres the key.  I guess its all set up for tomorrow night.  Big George, myself and Joe Greene will be there.

Joy walked over to see John next door and ask him to dinner that night.  Her husband had only left an hour before.  She put the same dress on as before, no panties or bra, and upon seeing her, John walked into the work shop and Joy followed.  I must have done something right the other day cause I can see you are ready again.  Joy walked up to him, pulled his head down to her lips as John wasted no time in stroking her tits and then pushed her face down across the table pushed his huge cock in from the rear.  After their lovemaking, John said that he would take her to the bar tomorrow night, so wear something sexy.

They arrived at the bar around six, found a table in a corner and proceeded to have a few drinks.  Joy began to feel drugged but continued to drink when the door opened and three men walked in.  They spoke to John and said who is the lady John.  He introduced us and they smilingly sat down and became boisterous one arm rested on Joy and they all began to feel her up.  She asked John what was going on but he just said, loosen up and enjoy it, these are friends and just having fun.  Joy took another drink and suddenly did not mind at all as she felt that tingling in her pussy, so she had hands on her and suddenly reached over and put her hand on someones cock.  Oh hell, he said, she wants cock and I had hands between my legs and was being finger fucked.  I got on my knees and started jeriking someone off when John grabbed me and said, not here, lets go to your house.  We made it in record time and before we got in the house, myclothes were gone and this guy was carrying me in with  his finger in my cunt/  I was on fire, I wanted all of these men inside me.  First man threw me on the bed, facedown and put his huge cock in me made me cum in a minute.  the others took their turns with me making me cum 12 times in two hours.  We fucked until dawn and I must have passed out.

My husband had come back and set up cameras and then  hid in a closet.  When I woke up, he was standing there with the other men.

65 yr old male with limitd experience in writing stories, but feel it will help out if i did try

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