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A long Journey

In the year of our lord 1432 a scot by the name of Malcom Wallace was givin an order to meet the king of scottland considering the war between Scottland and France. The King told Malcom to go to France and settle a truce with the queen of France. Malcom accepted, the king sent a female warrior named Joan to watch Malcom’s back on his travel. They left scorrland and by night they had to make a camp. Joan and Malcom talked about there long journey. Joan kissed Malcom, Malcom looked shocked and looked at Joan’s breats, her breats were medium sized. Malcom stood up and stripped off the rest of Joan’s clothes. They hugged and Malcom laid Joan down. He pulled down his quilt and shirt. He got on top of Joan and started fucking her. She moaned and moaned. He carrest her white legs and tits. Joan’s began to cum, Malcom licked off the warm sweet cum. Joan pushed Malcom down and sucked his cock. He cummed on Joan’s face. They both kissed and Joan said “Thank you Malcom for helping me loose my virginity.” with a passionate voice. Maclcom said “Aye,It was my pleasure it’s the first time I ever fucked a girl.” They both looked at each other and laughed and went to sleep.

The next day they settled off on there journey. When they got to France they asked directions for the Queens castle. A soldier gave them directions. Malcom and Joan took out there swords and went to the Queens house. When they got there they were stopped by 2 guards. Joan took her sword and beheaded a soldier Malcom did the same thing. They got to the castle.

They met the queen. Malcom said “We come from Scottland to settle a truce with France.” The queen said in an angry voice “The problem with Scottland is that it’s full of scotts.” Malcom got impatient. Joan went up to the queen and massaged her breasts. The queen let her head go back and moaned. Malcom went to the queen and stripped off her clothes and fucked her in the ass. The queen screamed as Joan licked her pussy. Joan turned the queen around facing Malcom and he picked her up an laid her on the table. Malcom put his cock in the queen’s pussy and started fucking her while she was licking Joan’s dripping pussy. Joan started to moan loudly as so did Malcom and the Queen.

After the threesome the queen said “Your truce had been accepted, we will no longer declare war with Scottland.” Malcom and Joan were happy and left for home.They arrived in Scottland. They told the king the good news and the story of how they made the queen accept there truce.

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