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A Table for One

TABLE FOR ONE By Edward deVere 2002 by Edward deVere * * * * He had never felt quite like this before. Since waking up from a troubled sleep a vaguely defined image of someone – female – kept flashing through his mind. He could tell little about her beyond the fact that she turned him on in a way he had never experienced before. She was attractive, around 30 or so (his own age), and had shoulder length dark hair worn in a gentle upsweep. He was filled with both longing and lust, a gentle but persistent ache for her such that he coasted through his day in a kind of erotic fugue state. In a daze he drove uptown for dinner that evening and quickly found himself in a strange neighborhood. He looked around at the quaint turn-of the-century brick and masonry buildings and knew he was lost – utterly. Not a thing was familiar except the English language on signs and buildings. The streets were cobblestoned and narrow, the street lighting ornate with wrought-iron swirls. An attractive neighborhood to be sure, but one he never knew existed in his city before. And this scared him badly and added considerably to his horny, otherworldly angst. He drove slowly along hoping against hope to find something familiar. Then, amidst the clutter of small shops and offices along the street, he spied the flashing red and blue neon of a restaurant sign just ahead. The name looked vaguely Italian but ‘Restaurant’ was spelled out clearly. This would do fine. Conveniently, a parking spot was open just 2 cars down. With trembling hands he parallel parked into the spot and got out of his car. Where am I, he thought, looking around on the edge of panic. His head turned frantically in all directions seeking some sort, ANY sort, of reference point. On the verge of running madly away the restaurant sign again caught his attention. Staring at its blinking, gaudy visage he felt an odd sort of peace settle over him. His breathing slowed and deepened and his panic and fear slowly left him as he drew closer to the eating establishment. In its place though came that disjointed, almost surreal feeling of aching lust that had had possession of him all day. He wasn’t sure which was worse. Just to reassure himself he walked up to the nearest building and touched it. Feeling it’s rough stony surface with his fingertips told him that this building at least was real. He quickened his pace and reached the restaurant entrance. He reached out and grasped the brass doorknob in front of him and felt oddly comforted by its cold, gentle smoothness, its normality. Swinging open a heavy wooden door he entered. In the foyer was a dark wooden podium with a reservation book open upon it. The walls were a dark, creamy color decorated with an 18th century portrait of Nell Gwynn, the famous courtesan who became the bedmate of King Charles ll during the English Restoration. An odd selection for a restaurant he thought. Mind you it’s a stunning portrait of a beautiful young woman, he conceded. But this went only to fire his strange lust even further. Much to his chagrin he felt himself growing hard staring at Nell Gwynn’s d colletage. “May I be of assistance?” a voice called to him. Embarrassed at the state he was in he kept a hand in front of his pants. A short middle-aged concierge was looking up at him smiling. “Y-yes you can” he stammered “Do you have room for me? I haven’t a reservation.” “Of course sir. This way” the little man offered, extending his arm. He followed him through a darkened interior lit mostly by candles. The tables and chairs were all made of wood and stained the same dark walnut color as the podium in the foyer. The walls similarly were the same dark creamy tone. The restaurant seemed half full but the diners themselves were hard to distinguish in the low lighting. He sensed rather than heard the low murmur of their conversation and made out the quiet laughter of one group at a nearby table. Though he could not see much of their food it smelled delicious. Nearing the back of the room the concierge made a sweeping gesture to a table on his right. It was a small round affair with a semi-circular bench seat made of leather stained the same dark color as the furniture, all tucked cozily into the back corner of the room. At this point the room narrowed into a kind of wide alcove leaving him a mere 20 feet away from the opposite corner. He glanced over and saw that the mirror-image table and bench opposite was empty. He nodded his acceptance and sat down as the concierge gracefully lit the candle in the center of his table, dropped off a menu and wine list and, with a small bow, he turned and left. He opened the menu and gazed down on it without really seeing anything. His mind was again possessed by vague images of the dark haired, sensuous woman who had invaded his dreams and who was now controlling his waking thoughts. I am so turned on, he thought, my cock is getting hard just sitting here. He was grateful to be seated in this alcove as no one could catch a glimpse of his erection except for anyone seated at the opposite table, and that was empty. A few minutes later he had to correct himself – WAS empty! Oh God, here comes that little man again with another single in tow, and it’s a – a woman! Oh great! He quickly placed a napkin in his lap to hide his embarrassing tumescence from this new arrival. When he looked up from that chore he noticed the concierge blocking his view of her. He handed the menus over to her with his characteristic swirl, then stepped away and departed. His breathing stopped completely, his jaw dropped wide open. It was HER! The woman from his dream! He was about to say something to her, anything to make some connection, but he held himself back. She was studying the wine list and paying no attention to him. I’m just gonna make an ass of myself at this point he reasoned. I’ll let her get settled in first. His heart was beating rapidly now and he could feel his desire rising by the second. He pondered this bizarre coincidence. This couldn’t be happening, he thought to himself. How could SHE be HERE? Wherever HERE was, he added. Bewildered, he sat still and studied her cautiously, trying not to draw her attention. Yes, the same dark eyes and upswept hair, pale complexion and red pouting lips as his phantom lover. She was about his age, slim and dressed in a black cocktail dress which clung suggestively to her womanly curves. Spaghetti straps on the dress left her shoulders delightfully bare and led his eyes to explore and admire the firm swell of her breasts as they filled the bodice of her satiny black outfit. I’m losing my mind, he thought desperately. Who the hell is she? * * * * Oh my God! She thought, it’s HIM. She tried to avoid looking at him seated opposite her by burying her face in the wine list but she could feel his eyes on her. She burned at his gaze and ripples of unwanted pleasure flowed through her body. This is not possible, she told herself. This is the man who has been driving me nuts for the last 24 hours. He has the same wavy dark hair and eyes, the same trim, athletic look to him and tall – even sitting down she could tell he was tall – just like HIM! She closed her eyes. This is not happening she said to herself. Last night’s sleep was a ragged, passionate, exhausting experience. She’d be awake, or thinking she was. She was never sure. Then asleep, then into some kind of twilight sleep while the phantasmal image of HIM caressed her body, kissed her in every conceivable place and then brought her time and again to the brink of orgasm only to fade away completely at the very moment she needed his touch the most. She awoke drained and confused. She had tried to masturbate while lying in bed but she was unsuccessful. In spite of her burning desire she could not climax. She had spent the day in a hazy fog of desire and paid little attention to her surroundings or other people. To top all of this off she had gotten herself lost driving out to get some air. She had been scared not knowing where she was but she was new to the city and felt she could ask for directions. She spotted the red and blue neon sig
of this restaurant and was strangely put at ease by the hypnotic friendliness of the flashing tubes of light that beckoned her inside. The food smelled great too, she noticed, as she had stepped inside the cozy old foyer. Then there HE was. Taking a quick peek she could see his long legs under the table, admired the tight fitting black slacks he wore and regretted that a napkin hid his groin from her. The thin black short-sleeved cotton top he wore emphasized his lean, wiry physique. His face was long and angular, handsome and full of character, she decided, just the sort of looks that made her weak in the knees and wet in other places. She felt her nipples harden and idly noticed how they now pointedly stood out against the sheer fabric of her dress. As if to stuff these strong unbidden sexual feelings she pressed her palms hard into her lap, which ironically caused her to shiver with pleasure as her pussy responded to this unintended attention. I’m a wreck, she decided, then noticed that he had quickly removed the napkin from his lap. Yes! She was sure she could see his cock hard and upright beneath his pants. What’s gotten into me, she screamed inside her head. Nothing! That’s the problem, she giggled to herself. As she watched he stared intently at his menu but his hand had gone down between his legs. She sat mesmerized as he slowly started stroking himself through his slacks, rubbing his hand gently up and down his bulging shaft. The blood rushed to her face then suffused her body with an excruciatingly erotic hot flash. Her throat went dry and her heart pounded in her chest as he continued his sensual stroking. She’d never witnessed anything so blatantly and inappropriately sexual and she was in the grip of a lust so hot she felt she might come just from watching this spectacle. At this point she daren’t even touch herself, she thought. Good grief oh my, he’s actually starting to masturbate! A small groan escaped her. He undid his zipper – slowly. Still reading his menu but now glancing quickly at her every few seconds he reached inside his pants and released his cock. Looking down at it he groaned and as she watched he began running his fist up and down his long thick shaft. He put his right leg up on the bench then and boldly faced her, but now his head was thrown back, his eyes closed in an agony of pleasure. She could see his hand stroking his large erect prick faster now as a rictus of a smile spread across his lips, teeth bared in pleasure/pain, and beads of sweat formed on his brow. She had never witnessed such a sight. As a fantasy it was on her “to do” list to be sure, watching a man masturbate, but like this? Her own passion was rising and the total eeriness of the scene was affecting her in ways she never experienced before. Almost of its own accord her hand lightly stroked across her nipples and she felt tingling sensations straight down through her pussy. Her other hand too had wandered, into her lap. As her eyes locked on the big cock being stroked opposite her she slowly brought her hand under her hem then sat up a little to let the skirt slide up to her hips. She wore dark hose that hugged the top of her thighs and allowed a brief glimpse of bare flesh before the black lace of her panties was revealed. She lightly stroked herself through her panties and gasped at how wet she was. With a slow intake of breath she inhaled the musky fragrance of her own arousal. She slipped her hand inside her panties to cup her bare sex then stroked herself with one finger, marveling at how slippery wet she was – marveling too that she could ever do such a thing. Masturbating in front of someone and in PUBLIC yet! * * * * He kept stealing glances at her. She was everything he ever found sexy, attractive or alluring in a woman. Her sleek trim body, her confidence; the way her eyes wove together so provocatively with her smile. She seemed so poised and serene and yet so wanton at the same time. He knew she had noticed him but when he saw her start to caress her nipples lightly, almost indifferently, he knew she knew he was watching. It was almost too much to believe, but there she was looking at that crazy wine list and touching her breasts at the same time. And driving him completely insane. He could see her nipples now poking through the thin fabric of her dress and noted with pleasure she was bra-less. Things like this never happened to him. As he watched he saw her head fall back and a sigh escape her lips. Her right hand cupped her left breast and squeezed it gently. His own breathing was heavy as well. He saw her looking directly at him now through hooded eyelids, a look of pleasure on her face. His throat too became dry from excitement as his cock engorged itself inside his pants, harder now than he ever remembered it being – so hard it almost hurt. He began stroking himself through his slacks as he saw her slipping a hand down between her legs and raising her dress to her waist. He unzipped himself slowly and fumbled for his cock, freeing it into the relatively cool air of the restaurant. Such good seats, he thought. No one can see us doing this. As he began stroking himself he put his head back and watched her through half-closed eyes. She had her panties down around one ankle and was sorry he had missed her removing them. She must have been fast. Her other foot was propped up on the circular bench, affording him a clear view of her pussy, clean-shaven but for a fringe of dark hair at the top. Her slit was plain to see, highlighted as it was by her finger sluicing up and down it. She paused occasionally to run quick circles around her clit and move two fingers inside her wet, throbbing cunt to rapidly finger fuck herself, then would repeat the cycle maximizing every ounce of pleasure she could. She moaned very quietly and breathed in hurried little gasps, her passion building. Her dark eyes were staring into his crotch, almost searing his cock with their intensity. He gazed across at her entranced, saw her eyes dulled by the same passion he felt, saw in her the same powerlessness over these events as he experienced. He slowed his own stroking to watch her more intently. Her left hand was inside her top, playing with her tits and tweaking her nipples. She let one side of her dress slip down uncovering a perfect round breast topped with a large coral colored nipple that puffed up proudly from her chest. She lifted the nipple up to her lips and licked it, then sucked it into her mouth as her other hand continued to dance to its own erotic rhythm between her legs. He was gasping for breath now, feeling his come start to boil up from his balls as he jacked himself off. He thought about the mess he might make coming but quickly put the thought from his mind. He was so close but something was holding him back… * * * * My God, she thought, look at his hand! She loved watching his rapid, hard strokes as he pleasured himself. His technique was so unlike the gentle slow pulling she used on her lovers. The passion he had for his own body was purely masculine and powerful. She reveled in the mastery he seemed to have over his own organ, as if he were riding a wild stallion but one bent only to his will. She worked at herself harder, willing him to come. She desperately needed to see his white juices splashing out the tip of his enflamed prick. She squeezed her breasts hard, forcing the flesh of her nipple tight between her fingers. She wanted him to see her breasts, to show him what a proud symbol of her sexuality they were, but knew this was risky in so public a place. She compromised by revealing only one and was rewarded by a gasp from across the aisle as she let her bare tit loose. Its red nipple was hard and swollen from her urgent touching and pulling. He stroked himself faster as he watched her bring it up to her lips. I can’t believe I’m doing this, she thought, but I can’t stop! Oh God! I can’t stop! Her orgasm approached, bigger and more powerful than ever she remembered. For a moment she was fearful she might wail out her passion for all to hear, then she grabbed the napkin near her place setting and put it in her mouth, biti

ng down hard on it as the tremors started… * * * * That’s gonna do it! He thought as he saw her stuffing the checkered cloth napkin into her mouth, God I’m gonna come when she starts getting off! He saw the shaking in her arms, her eyes squeezed tightly shut, tears leaking out from the corners, her body totally rigid with ecstasy, her back arched so hard he thought it might snap. Then he sat in awe as all that sexual energy, centered and concentrated in her groin, exploded outward through every nerve, muscle fiber, and cell of her body in continuous, overwhelming waves. He saw her fall back gently into the couch just as his own orgasm began overtaking him… * * * * She could not fathom the power of the climax that had surged through her like a stroke of white-hot lightning. Every nerve tingled, she felt herself floating above the room and so full of peace she thought for a moment she could reach out and touch God. But through her drowsy post-masturbatory languor his harsh breathing and the slap of his hard jacking strokes brought her quickly back to earth. She opened her eyes and saw him still jacking off. Then she sat spellbound as a great arcing spray of cum shot out from the head of his cock and flew at least three feet onto the hardwood floor of the restaurant. She groaned as jet after jet followed, drenching his hand and forming a pearlescent thick trail on the floorboards. She longed to feel it on her hands and body; to rub it into her breasts and pussy; to taste it and lick the remnants off his cock; to be picked up and held in his strong arms. But she remained strangely transfixed, unable to move as she bathed in the afterglow of her monumental orgasm. She savored over and over the wickedest, most daringly erotic act she had ever hoped to partake in, and felt an undying gratitude to her mysterious lover for taking her to this place. * * * * His massive orgasm finally peaked. Gradually he felt his breathing start to slow, his mind to clear and his senses to reawaken. He looked over and saw her staring at him with the same awed, but satisfied smile on her face as he was sure was on his own. My God, he thought, I’ve looked for you all my life, here you are, and I don’t even know where HERE is! Like her, he too was overtaken with a pleasant lassitude that kept him in his place, though he longed to go over and kiss those beautiful lips, and lick those wonderful fingers of hers clean. What do you say to a woman who has just taken you to place you never knew existed, whose eroticism well exceeded the boundaries of your own limited sexuality, and yet one who welcomed you so openly into hers? He went to look at her . . . * * * * but as she turned her head she felt suddenly dizzy, her vision blurred . . . and he gave his head a shake to clear the confusion and looked around him in disbelief. . . The restaurant was gone! She frantically looked around her and took in all the familiar objects, clothing and pictures that adorned her bedroom . . . his head reeled as he felt his own down comforter around him and realized that he was lying quite naked in his own bed . . . . . .at home, but with a sudden sense of blissful contentment they somehow both knew they would meet again. END If this story made you hot, be sure to share your experience and enter the contest for a free sex toy!

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