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my favorite babysitting job part 2

at last writing,we were at the rest stop and i was straddling phillip while he was in the drivers seat, my back pressed up against the steering wheel, and my skirt up around my waist with his hand sopping wet with my juice..rubbing soft circles on my ass..every once and a while going back to my pussy to make it wet again, and then lot’s of quick soft smacks, just a little stinging while he gently moved his tongue around in my mouth. he kept whispering and groaning about how he’d been watching me for so long, and how after all of the teasing he was going to put his hard cock in my wet pussy, and i was going to ride him very slowly so i could feel his cum spraying deep inside. as i rode him, he carefully slipped a finger in my ass, and his cock started throbbing while he screamed and squeezed my nipples, yelling “fuck me, you sweet little girl with the tight ass and pussy, come for me, let me feel your wet slit squeezing my cock” so i reached behind and grabbed the steering wheel, and slammed my cunt down on his cock and with the second stroke, i came so intensely i blacked out for a few seconds..when i came to, he kissed me, and took me home so i could rest and get ready for that night since the wife and kids were out of town…i had big plans..i hadn’t been able to suck his cock yet, and there’s nothing better than sucking a married man who’s not been sucked for a long time, i love to do it slow and torture him with the pleasure of it, sometimes i suck and swallow until i squeeze every drop of cum, and then just to surprise him, i’d pull my lips away quickly and let him shoot his hot cum all over my 17 year old tits…hmmmm…we got together 4 or 5 times a week for 2 1/2 years what should i tell you next, in part 3?

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