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Business Trip

About once every few months I have to travel interstate for business.
Let me tell you about an incident that occurred on my last trip.
There had been the usual rush to get to the airport, busy traffic, last minute phone call, you know how it can be.
I had missed lunch so decided I would grab a quick burger and walk towards the departure lounge, eating as I went.
It was a pretty busy time with a lot of flights leaving at that time and quite a crowd was streaming through the common walkways to get to their respective lounges.
As I was standing on the moving walkway, throwing down the last of my hurried meal, I noticed a tall female figure about five metres in front of me, partially obscured by several other passengers.
I could only see her from behind. She was dressed in one of those pants suits that you see a lot of businesswomen in.
She would have been about 5’9″, with soft brown hair tied up in ponytail, the tip of which reached about her mid shoulder blades.
Being a normal bloke, you notice women. Often with a passing fantasy about how nice it would be if she would come on to you. You know, all anonymous, she knows what she wants and no complications. So far in 10 years of travel, it had never happened. Still it’s fun to dream.
Anyway, I don’t really give her a second thought until I’m seated in the plane, the window seat about halfway down the row. I notice her walking down the aisle glancing up at the seat numbers, and get my first look at her face. I like female faces and have often wondered what a particular face has that makes them attractive to me. Whatever it is, she had it. Open features, friendly, smiling eyes, generous mouth with full, red lipsticked lips that were closed firmly in concentration as she hunted for her number, and which opened into a satisfied smile as she plonked her cabin baggage onto the seat next to me.
She quickly stowed her things in the overhead locker and plumped into the seat with a relieved sigh and said breathlessly, “why do we do it?”.
“Because of a wife, three kids and a mortgage” was my smiled reply.
“Replace the wife with a husband and I know what you mean” she laughed.
I’m not usually much of a chatter to fellow aircraft travellers, preferring to use the enforced confinement to read, or simply rest.
As the plane taxied to the runway, I became delightfully aware of the warmth of her leg resting against mine in the cramped economy seats. She had pulled out the local broadsheet newspaper and was trying to fold it into a manageable form and brushing her elbows against my chest as she struggled.
She looked at me in apology and said “Sorry, great paper but not meant to be read in cramped quarters”.
“No” I smiled sympathetically.

I became aware of the subtle smell of her. Faint, pleasant perfume mixed with that enigmatic femaleness. Her jacket was unbuttoned revealing full breasts partially obscured by a low cut cotton tee-shirt stretched tightly by its contents.
I really liked this woman and the old fantasy began to pass through my mind as I closed my eyes and rested my head back on the headrest The plane took off. I must have drifted off, because I only became aware of the hand on my thigh after a while.
I hadn’t felt her put it there so must have been having a little snooze. I feigned sleep and simply stayed still without response.
Intentional response that is because my cock had begun its own rapid hardening and thrusting towards the hand.
The hand slid slowly towards my crotch and I allowed myself a quick peek at its owner. She had laid the broadsheet on her lap so that it spread partially across mine, obscuring her hand and my expanding bulge.
Her other hand was hidden under the other half of the newspaper which was moving up and down gently, and somehow I knew she had her other hand down the front of her panties. She was pretending to read the upturned face of the very handy chronicle. I abandoned my pretence of sleep and slid me hand up the near side of her torso pulling the Tee shirt out of its tuck and sliding my hand up to gently feel her erect nipple. She went still and then resumed the motion of her hand under the newspaper whilst pulling firmly downward on the zip of my trousers. My cock burst free of the fly of my boxers and she grasped it firmly in her manicured hand.
My fingers pulled down the top of her bra and pinched the erect nipple gently rolling it between forefinger and thumb feeling a surprising gush of wetness. I was a little taken aback and it dawned that she must be a mother with a not-so-old child and the liquid was breastmilk. This got me very excited, as I had always enjoyed a milk shower when my wife was breastfeeding our kids.
By now her hand was very adroitly working on my cock and to make it easier I, transferred some of the moisture on my hand to my cock, reassuringly squeezing the grasping hand in a gesture that was meant to signal encouragement. I slid my hand back to her but instead of returning to the nipple, I followed her other arm down into her pants and over the top of her soaked fingers. She surrendered her own position and allowed me to slide my finger into her wet slit and slip up to the engorged little button of her clitoris.
She executed a slow squirm in her seat and a low moan escaped her parted lips.
At this point I glanced up and saw the flight attendant moving her way down the aisle dispensing drinks and snacks. She was almost to our seat and serving the passenger in front. My cock was threatening to burst free of the only partially covering newspaper, and the momentum of the situation was such that we were getting to the business end of the deal.
The flight attendant pushed her trolley adjacent to our seat and looked down to begin the customary greeting and requests.
She stopped mid sentence, quickly assessed the situation and with only a momentary stutter, accepted our implied negative responses to the tea
coffee question and with only a slight smile, moved on. I made a mental note to recommend this airline for the professionalism of their staff.
The pumping of my flight companion’s hand was now becoming quite insistent and I could feel myself almost at the point of no return.
I returned the favour with my own action and felt her rise in her seat and arch her back, whilst trying to stifle her moans behind her now free other hand. My own orgasm was imminent and I twisted in the seat so that the paper slid off my lap and my squirting stream arced across the gap between us and spattered the front of her tee-shirt soaking the nipples and making the material almost transparent.
She turned her head, looked at me and gave me the sweetest, most genuine smile and slowly withdrew her hand, giving me the signal to do the same.
She quickly adjusted her clothing as I slipped my glistening dick back into my zipper. The newspaper was in a pretty sorry state by this time and she finished it off by wiping her hands on it and tucking it into the seat pocket. I settled back, felt very relaxed and closed my eyes hardly believing what had just taken place. By the time I awoke the seat next to me was empty with only a business card on the seat with an hotel address in the city of our destination, scribbled on the back…….

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