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Love Overdue Part 2

She reclined on the bed and Shane climbed on top of her. He kissed her succulent lips again, and then exposed her big chocolate breasts. Her nipples were like Hershey’s Kisses to his tongue. He licked at each of them with feathery strokes before covering them with his lips. Lisa’s curvy body welcomed Shane’s hands as he removed her shorts. He ran his finger between her moist opening and felt her body tremble from his careful touch. Lisa’s breath became labored as she surrendered to her long time feelings of total bliss. She felt two of Shane’s fingers enter her sacred space causing her back to arch. He stroked her wet walls steadily until he felt them clutching his fingers. He knew she was rapidly approaching an orgasm so he stopped.

He undressed as she lay there anxiously waiting. He got back onto the bed and she climbed on top of him. Lisa could feel Shane’s manhood throbbing between her heated thighs as she slid back and forth teasing him with her wet crotch. The pleasure was building intensely and he let out a blustery moan. Filled with eagerness Shane flipped Lisa over onto her back and lifted her legs exposing her glistening lips. He began licking her feverishly, gulping down the juices her pussy secreted. The more he licked, the more Lisa’s hips gyrated. The sensations continued to build between her legs and spread throughout her body. She burst out in reverberations of total elation. Shane went to kiss Lisa with her juices still fresh on his lips. They kissed deeply as he slipped his stiffness into her dripping hole.

Their bodies seemed to move in a harmonious fashion, confirming that they were destined to be together. Sounds of sexual delight filled the air. Lisa’s inner sanctum is so warm and captivating. Lovemaking has never felt like this to Shane, or Lisa for that matter. The intensity escalated with every stroke. Faster and deeper the strokes became as Shane’s climax approached. Lisa’s pussy spasms squeezed his orgasm out of him as she came. Together the reached the apex of their desires.

Totally exhausted from the euphoric experience, they laid there drenched in each other’s sweat. “Baby, that was everything I dreamed it would be” said Lisa while attempting to catch her breath. Shane looked into her eyes and smiled, conveying that he agreed entirely. Completely depleted of energy, they eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms relaxing in the radiance of their newly uncovered love. Neither one of them took the time out to think of the consequences of their lustful actions. What does this mean for Shane and his wife? What does this mean for Shane and Lisa?

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