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Camp Sex- Part I

Her name was Rebecca. She was the most beautiful and sumptuous creature I had ever laid eyes on. She was not incredibly well endowed, nor was she ten feet tall with legs that ran up to the bottom of her neck. In many respects, she was a normal girl. But to me she was perfect. She was about five feet tall with perky little breasts that looked like they were always trying to say Hello, and an ass that made you want to sing your pipe into anything that was nearby.

Rebecca was a normal girl. Well almost normal. She was incredibly naive. One summer we worked at the same summer camp. Throughout the course of the day I had gotten the impression that she was somewhat interested in me. We had been out on the lake all day; skiing, tubing and swimming. Her flesh was pink from the sun because it was usually hidden by bulky clothing that she was most comfortable in. I arranged things so that we could sit together on the van ride back to base camp (we had been at a nearby lake all day).

I started out by just having some fun. As we talked, I put m hand on her thigh and massaged it gently. We continued to talk about how much fun we had had and how the day had gone. As my gentle strokes began to move upward toward her small crotch, she pulled her beach towel over her to cover my maneuverings. We continued to talk and I continued my search for the wet honey hole that I knew was lurking under the big blue towel and her skin tight bikini. The van we were riding in suddenly went over a set of bumpy train tracks, throwing us into the air. As we came down, my hand probed her the cleft of her most private areas. She gasped audibly, and the driver of the van turned around and said, “is everyone ok?”. Obviously he and the seven other kids in the van had no idea what was gong on. This made me even more confident that I had been before. I said, nervously, “I want to make you have an orgasm”. To my surprise and delight, she responded with, “that sounds great, what is it?” I almost blew my load in my swimming trunks. The thought of pleasuring this budding young woman who didn’t even know what an orgasm was blew my mind.

Unfortunately we were approaching our camp. I had to take the opportunity though. I aggressively probed her sweet crotch, to which she responded with several short gasps. Looking at me with wide brown eyes she asked, “that feels really great, is it ok us to do this?”. “Of course”, I responded, shoving my middle finger deep into her wet space. At that point she gave in to my manual ministrations. She leaned over on the side wall of the van, exposing to me her fully dripping cunt and butt hole, still covered by the beach towel. I went to town. I thrusted my fingers, one, two and three at a time, into her aching vagina. It took all of my strength not to pull down my pants and force my aching bulge into her young little hole. Over the next sixty seconds, I continued to bang her musty cunt over and over, as she bot down on the edge of the towel and cummed over and over. At one point she was actually thrusting backwards against my hand as it disappeared into the sticky and inflamed mound of sex flesh. When her orgasms had subsided, over a minute after everyone else had jumped out of the van, she looked up at me. “Will you meet me at the waterslide tonight?” She asked. “I want another one”, I said I would meet her. But I warned her that this time I would not use my hands to bring her over the edge of orgasm. “Then how will you do it?” she asked. “I have another “finger” that is aching to feel the inside of your pussy”, I said. She smirked as if she was guessing what I meant but wasn’t sure. Then she looked at the nine inches of inflamed cock in my pants and gasped, “Oh my God! You mean that?” I told her she would have to wait and see.

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