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Friendly Sharing II

Setting our drink’s aside we began to explore one another on the bed. My hand running up and down my friend’s husband’s thigh. He was so firm everywhere and notices his cock beginning to rise. Frankie had already started on Kerry running his hand on the inside her thigh and across her freshly eaten cunt. “How did you like watching Brenda eat my pussy Frankie?”, Kerry giggled as she asked. “Pretty fucking good, or did you miss me shooting my load all over your ass?”, then he slightly slapped her ass. I smiled and excused myself for a few minutes to get some more ice. I decided not to dress as everyone had seen me naked already.

“Hurry back.”, Carl yelled after me as I swayed out of the room feeling his eyes burning into my flesh. Knowing he was watching made me sway a bit more, and I felt my pussy begin to tingle. God how I hope I get to fuck him, he has such a beautiful cock.

Upon returning to the room I stopped in the doorway to watch. Knowing if I left them all for more than ten minutes they would be doing something. Smiling I watched as Kerry lay with her legs spread wide and my husbands magic fingers massaging her open cunt. He enjoys playing and talking about what he is doing. Carl was not idle either, and he was stroking his cock watching his wife being pleasured. But I noticed Frankie was also watching Carl stroke his massive rod up and down. The all too familiar twitching of Frankie’s cock when aroused amused me and put a new spin on where I wanted to go with this little swap.

“There you are. Glad you made it back. ” Carl said smiling widely. “Hey babies. I would not miss this for the world,” with an evil grin and a wink. Kerry was already moaning on the bed rising up to meet Frankie’s hand. “That’s it my little fuck slut ride my hand and feel your pleasure rise. Tell me what you want” he cooed to her. “I want you to make me cum” she said breathlessly.

“I say let’s torture her pleasure for a bit.” Laying on the bed next to Kerry I whispered in her ear how I wanted to see Frankie suck Carl’s cock loudly, and she said, “Ohhhh yes what a wonderful thought.” We knew this was going to be tricky, because both were straight as arrow, but I had seen Carl and Frankie watching each other when jacking off. There had to be some attraction there, and we were going to find out how much.

“Carl do you want to fuck my pussy?”, as I lay there spread eagle next to his wife opening the folds of my lips to expose my dripping cunt and swollen clit. “Brenda, you know I want to pound that tight hot hole with all I have.” All the while stroking his cock. Kerry asked Frankie the same and his reply was “Hell yes.”

“Ok, we will let you but first you have to follow our instructions.” They looked a little puzzled but both agreed without too much thought. With both Kerry and me laying open and exposed we began masturbating, and moaning. “Frankie, look at Carl’s thick cock, isn’t it beautiful?” I asked seeing if I could get a rise out of him. “Yeah, I noticed how thick he was and wondered if you could suck his cock all the way like you do mine.”

Kerry asked Carl the same, he replied “Man, he got one long hard rod. I watched him earlier as that vein started throbbing when you were moaning while Brenda was eating your tight snatch.” This excited both of us knowing our husbands had been eyeing each others cock while we were licking and sucking one another. Now it is their turn we want to watch them lick and suck each other and slowly trying to get to that point. It looked as if we were going to have to coach them.

“Frankie’s I want you to taste my twat” Kerry said with a smile. He grinned and went in for the dive. “No, not like that. I want you to taste me off Carl’s cock.” We waited and Frankie nodded in agreement. Carl took his cue, and Frankie knew what was coming for Carl too so he came to me. Both of our husbands dipped their cock in our drenched cunts until there were glistening with sweet pussy juice. “Now taste us off each other.” I smiled and encouraged my husband, who looked as if he needed not too much encouragement at all. He stopped and said, “If we are going to do this, the two of you cannot touch each other. You have to sit and masturbate like we did, but do not let you cum, understood?” We nodded in agreement.

I had thought Frankie would go first, but Carl was none to shy. They lay side by side in a 69 position while we were on our knees rubbing the hell out of our clits. Carl grabbed my husbands throbbing meat in his hand and licked the tip and down the shaft. Frankie moaned and went for the gusto taking Carl in his hot mouth and closing his eyes.

“That’s it, make love to your beautiful cock, suck them like you want yours sucked. Show us how to please you.” With that Carl moaned loudly as Frankie’s lips took him slowly, deeply almost to his aching balls. Both of their heads bobbing up and down on each others cock was nearly my undoing. I needed to cum, but promised I wouldn’t so I slowed my clit rubbing.

The air was full of sexual excitement as they were loving the beautiful cock. Frankie’s mouth stretched wide taking Carl with such ease. Carl was deep throating Frankie much like I do maybe even better the way he was moaning and bucking up to fuck Carl’s face. “What good cock suckers you both are. Doesn’t the feel of that hot throbbing meat in your mouth make you feel powerful?” Both men were moaning and groaning so loudly that I am sure they did not hear us. They were not paying attention as I reached over and dipped into Kerry’s love box to see if she was as wet as I was. She did the same sucking our fingers afterward knowing our men had just become as close as two friends could be.

Their rhythm became faster and deeper, my God watching them both take all that cock was exciting plus striking an envy button in me. I wanted so badly to feel Carl’s thick fucking cock in my hot pussy. I was nearly about to cum just watching them suck their way to orgasm. I watched as Carl buried his face deep into my husband’s crotch massaging his now tensing balls knowing he was about to cum any second. Carl was close to blowing his load too. Kerry looked at me and I knew we were thinking the same thing. Will they swallow each others cum or would they pull out?

Just when I thought I had seen it all Frankie shoved one of his big fingers up Carl’s ass, in turn Carl did the same thing. Both exploded with such fierce passion that the bed rocked back and forth. Both groaning and moaning, yes, they were swallowing their cum like good little cock suckers I knew they could be.

When they finished, I went to Frankie and Kerry to Carl. Passionately we kissed our respective husbands for fulfilling our fantasy of watching them, and to savor the cum of the next man we planned to have buried deep inside our aching cunts after watching them.

“Did you like tasting the cum of a man?”, the question was to both men. They looked at each other and smiled. Carl grinned wider and finally spoke, “I guess now you girls are just going to have to wonder what it is we do on those long fishing trip weekends.” Kerry and I giggled, “If you remember to always swallow I am ok with it. How about you Kerry?”

Kerry waited for a moment and spoke slowly, “Well, I suppose then you two will wonder what we are up to while you are on those long fishing trip weekends. We may want to do a little fish or two here.” With this, her husband grabbed her firmly and kissed her deeply. We all got a good laugh out of it. Kerry jumped up saying it was her turn to refresh the drinks and would be back in a minute. I noticed her swaying a little more than usual, thinking to myself she does have a nice ass. No wonder my husband wants to take it for a test drive. I am sure that is exactly what he will do once her cute little snatch returns.

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