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I Knew Better

We’d been talking online for months now. He always said we should ‘hook up’ whenever he was in town on business. I blatantly refused. First and foremost, he is married. Secondly, you always hear of these online-to-in person meetings gone awry – why put yourself through the potential torture? Why not play it safe and live in the fantasy where nobody gets hurt?

Regardless of my position on the matter, I knew everything was going to change the second I opened that damn email. It was a normal, tediously boring Friday at work. However, as soon as I read that message, I knew my world was about to be turned upside-down.

It simply said, “I’m here.”

My head wanted to believe it was a joke. But my entire being trembled with the fact that it probably wasn’t. Still in complete denial, I responded with a coy, “Where?”

I went on about my day, dealing with various employee issues and trying to keep my mind focused on the bean-counting at hand while I awaited a response. Just as I was finally able to push the anxiety from my head, my computer beeped to alert me of a new message.

I stared at the words “I’m here, just a few mere moments from your office, I imagine”.

The denial continued and my hands shook as I typed a joking, “Sure, of course you are.”

What followed was a succession of quick emails in which I challenged the validity of his claim. He responded by describing in great detail his ‘cover story’ and the new road construction on the parkway that caused the delay in his checking into what is the most luxurious hotel in the city. Located right here, downtown, only five blocks from my office.

While much of it could have been a twisted joke he was playing, the fact that he mentioned something as trivial as the road construction – which had just gone up that morning to prepare for a long weekend of roadwork – was what drove the reality home for me. He could not possibly know about it if he wasn’t actually there.


Holy shit – he is here!

My mind raced as I tried to decide what do say next. Then I realized that it was my pulse racing – intensely excited over prospect of what might come of this.

I shook my head, clearing this ridiculous notion from my head. This cannot happen, I said. It’s wrong. It’s dangerous. He is a stranger.

That’s exactly what I had nearly convinced myself of when a new message beeped.

“Meet me.”

There. It was officially out there. Well, it had been ‘there’ since the first email. But, now it was actually, truly, without a doubt there.

I emailed him back with the lamest of excuses. First of all, I was working. I couldn’t just drop everything to run out for some steamy, erotic, secret rendezvous down the street. Secondly, I am hardly dressed for it. It was Friday after all – office casual day. I was hardly dressed in anything remotely appealing or sexy. Girlish preppy was more like it. An untucked, tailored shirt, leaving the tails to stick out a bit beneath the sweater I have over it, jeans (snug, but not too snug), socks, loafers, white cotton panties and bra under it all. Yes, that just screams ‘fuck me’, you know?

He responded as such, ” Oh, it turns me on alright…. How I enjoy hearing about your attire… right down to your unmentionables. I awoke today with a huge, raging hard-on. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I had a 2×4 between my legs. I drove to my office with my cock fully engorged and, because I drove my pickup today, I was able to sit up high and look down into the cars adjacent to me. I admired several attractive “business-type” women in their skirts and hose exposed by with their hems riding a bit high and, quite deliberately, I locked a stare on two of them and let them know I was enjoying the view. Suddenly, I began to think of all of those hot little numbers you describe wearing to work and, even though its Friday and I knew you would be in casual attire, I was overwhelmed by the need to direct my truck to the airport and board the first flight here. I called my wife on the way to advise her of my emergency meeting and not to expect me home until very late this evening.”

I was so wet by this point; I was oblivious to the fact that he had mentioned his wife in the last sentence. After our series of erotic emails in the past several months, the sudden ache inside of me at the thought of finally having his “2X4” buried deep inside me was nearly more than I could take.

Before I had time to thing about it too much, I found myself telling the receptionist that I was ill and leaving for the day. She said that I looked quite flushed and must have a terribly high temperature. If she only knew.

Minutes seemed like an eternity that passed before I found myself knocking softly on the door of the room number he gave me. I kept awaiting that feeling of wrong and guilt to sweep over me, but it never came.

The door opened. I found myself holding my breath. My blood began to rush to my head and I felt certain that I was going to pass out.

“Alec?” I weakly asked, as I forced myself to speak.

“Hello, Jenn,” he responded in a deep, sexy voice that nearly brought me to my knees right there in the doorway. He took my hand and led me inside the room.

The events that followed are forever tattooed on my brain as the most erotic and sexually satisfying times of my life. He later emailed me the following detailed encounter of that afternoon – one that I read again and again. And now, I’ll let you share in his incredible version of those events, because as vivid as my memories of that afternoon are, nothing compares to the fire that is lit inside me when I see it in his own words…

“I asked you to remove your jeans and then had you put your loafers back on so that you looked like a little schoolgirl in your white cotton panties and untucked shirt and sweater. I then enjoyed receiving a full servicing from you as I sat with my legs fully spread in an elegantly upholstered side chair. I rubbed your tit meat through your sweater and shirt as you deftly worked my fleshy shaft and fat tip with your soft tongue. ”

“After you got my cock so hot that it needed to explode, I motioned for you to stop and then moved you to the center of the bed. I positioned you on your belly with your cunt pressed firmly against the mattress, your arms extended to hold your chest up high and your legs spread widely behind you. I then straddled you at the waist from behind so you would feel my hard cock against your panty-covered ass. I began tenderly kissing your neck while feeling your ample boobs through your sweater and shirt. When I was ready, I very deliberately tore your panties along the side seam to gain access to your needy cunt (to give you the feeling of being taken – because I knew that was one of your deepest desires).”

“I then pushed my cock deep into you, bucking and fucking you hard. I felt your hole squeezing my swollen cock with each thrust. To hear you moan and scream and beg for more was just too much. I wasn’t wearing a condom, so it was only a few moments before you began to feel your girl hole filling with warm boy sperm. The quantity of fluid I expelled during my several thrusts was so large, it oozed out of your pussy and ran onto the rich fabric that covered the bed.”

“When I finished, I rolled over on my back and pulled your mouth between my legs so you could lick my slimy cock all clean. When you finished, I held you close and kissed you longingly, savoring the moment, knowing that I had a plane to catch and this may never happen again.”

“Jenn, my cock is so very hard for you right now. I may have to close my door in a few moments to relieve the pressure created by my memories of fucking you.”

I never fail to get completely aroused and yearn for him when reading this. I don’t know if one day we will do this again. But if that never happens, that is OK. To have true, unadulterated pleasure like this, just one time, is more than many people ever experience. I’ll remember it always.

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