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Lending a Hand

Looking at the pile of evening dresses laying across my bed, I moved my hand under my oversized T-shirt and rubbed my rounded five-and-a-half months pregnant tummy as the baby moved inside my womb. So far I’d been able to get through my pregnancy without buying too many maternity clothes but I’d gained 12 pounds and there wasn’t any way I could go to a business dinner with my husband in any of my regular clothes.

“Well, precious, when all else fails, SHOP,” I told my passenger and headed for the nearest mall with a maternity shop. As I walked through the mall I couldn’t help noticing how men were looking at me. I was 5’8″ with collar length auburn hair and green eyes. My white shorts accented my long tanned legs and the light yellow T-shirt did little to hide my rounded tummy and suddenly C-cup breasts. But these guys were looking at me like they wanted to get into my pants and that made me SOOO hot!

At the maternity shop I didn’t have the slightest idea where to begin and it must have shown. A pretty young blonde clerk helped me pick out several evening dresses to try on and maternity bras and panties to go with them then pointed me to the dressing room.

Pulling the T-shirt over my head, I had to hold my breath to unpin my shorts as the baby kicked strongly inside me. When I caught sight of my five-and-a-half months pregnant figure in the full-length mirror wearing just my tight bra and panties, an irresistible urge came over me to strip nude and masturbate.

This was a crazy thing to do, since the louvered door of the dressing room left me uncovered above my arm pits and beneath my knees, and anybody passing by could see my face. I get wild when I masturbate but I knew the danger of getting discovered only added to the excitement.

I unhooked my bra and stepped out of my panties. Admiring my changing pregnant body, I caressed my breasts which were rapidly filling with milk until my nipples were like little bullets and I was breathing more rapidly. Sliding my hands lower to my swollen tummy, I touched my belly button. Pretty soon it would start poking out. Closing my eyes, my right hand moved over my curly auburn bush to my pussy lips and my erect clitoris.

I gasped as I touched my clit, it felt SOOOO good. Slowly while pretending to check the fit of a maternity dress, I began to masturbate rhythmically and built towards my orgasm. I was right on the brink when, to my chagrin, the young clerk drifted over to the small stall.

“How are you coming,” she asked cheerfully.

“Fine–I’m almost there,” I gasped in horror at what I’d said, but it was too late. From the look on her face, I knew that she understood what I was doing.

She eyed me keenly and said, “May I give you a hand?” There was no mistaking her meaning. Fascinated by the possibilities and the intoxicating scent of her perfume, I unlatched the door and she quickly slipped into my cubicle. For a moment she just stood there looking at my pregnant body. Then she moved her hands to my bulging belly. “God, you are so beautiful,” she whispered.

The young clerk put on a show for whoever might be passing by the dressing room and pretended she was judging my dress. “Mmmmm, yes, you look great in that,” she said reaching her right hand down to my bush, then expertly she moved it down to find my clit as the baby kicked inside my rounded stomach. “Does the hem need shortening,” she asked. “Let me adjust it for you.”

She dropped to her knees and, under the pretense of pinning up my maternity dress, she parted my pussy lips gently with her fingers and leaned forward to touch my clit with her tongue. Oh God, I was suddenly SOOOO wet!

“That’s wonderful,” I murmured. I was close to cumming. Only one thing was lacking. “I think I need some adjustment in the rear,” I told her. “Yes, of course,” she replied, her voice blurred by my pussy juice in her mouth, my pubic hair against her lips. She reached her left hand around my bottom, wetted a finger in my pregnant pussy and gently massaged my asshole.

In the mirror I saw her image as she worked on my five-and-a-half months pregnant body and my own state of arousal. I could feel the sweet pressure deep in my pussy…I was going to orgasm soon. I grasped her head with both hands and pressed her face hard against my pussy. She responded by licking me faster and deeper…her tongue working like a piston as I got wetter and wetter until it felt like there was a river flowing between my legs.

“Oh God…I can’t wait any more…I’m gonna cum,” I panted as I closed my eyes and yielded to the sexual sensations. My pussy muscles contracted again and again as I orgasmed stronger than I’d ever done before. My knees were weak and the baby was kicking inside me as I slumped on the small chair at the back of the dressing room, my knees bent and wide apart as I panted and held my swollen tummy.

After a moment or two of near unconsciousness, I opened my eyes and found the young clerk standing over me. She had raised her skirt and was wearing a garder belt and stockings, but no panties. She was masturbating. Timidly I replaced her fingers with mine and smiled at her when I felt how wet she was.

She moaned lowly as I found her swollen clit and began rubbing my fingers over it. Her hand was on my knee, adjusting my pregnant body, I felt fingers back at my pussy lips. All thoughts of being in a tiny dressing room in a maternity shop were gone as we fingered each other closer and closer to sexual pleasure.

She climaxed first, her young body stiffening as my fingers were soaked with her juices. We were kissing passionately as I felt myself orgasming again.

Footsteps near the dressing room brought us back to reality. Scrambling to get dressed again, I forgot to put my panties on. “Here, something to remember me by,” I smiled and handed them to her before she headed back to her other customers.

When I actually wore the dress I bought that day I practically attacked my husband when we got home from the dinner meeting. “I sure do like what this pregnancy is doing to you,” he said as we kissed.

“So do I,” I smiled to myself.

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