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Finally Home…

It was early Saturday morning, September 21st, 2002. I
awoke to the morning light pouring in through the
cracks in the shades at my Uncle Dave’s house. I
immeadiatley sprung awake, eyes half closed, and
excited after remembering that today was the day
Jennie and I returned home together since our trip
back from the Freer wedding in June. I remember the
circumstances in which we returned home last June,
knowing that we had but one night left together before
Jennie’s return home to California. In the long and
the short of it, many tears were shed in goodbyes, but
in our hearts we knew we would always be together.

But that was nearly 3 months ago, and the present
could not be any sweeter than now. This has been a day
that I have waited for since we last kissed July 14th,
the day I flew back home to take my place as I awaited
her return.

In my early bird style it was just a little past eight
o’clock, but from the plans that we had set the day
prior and months back, we wanted to leave Seattle no
later than 3pm, and we had so much to do. I layed
there trying to imagine what Jennie was doing, of
course imagining her taking a shower as I always
seemed to do. Jennie is not your typical girl, she is
beyond that. She is beyond anyones comprehension of
what beauty is, she is a God send. She stands a short
stacked 5 foot 1 inches tall with blond hair, a
beautiful smile, blue eyes that I get lost in every
time I look in them, a butt that makes my knees
quiver, and the dead-sexiest legs ever fashioned in
the Lord’s vision. My God, those legs make the inner
beast awaken inside my shorts, if you know what I

After trying to calm myself and relax my manhood that
tripled in size as I imagined the very beauty of my
love softly caressing her body with soap, I made my
way downstairs to the telephone and preceeded to dial
Margot, Steve, and Lily’s. After a quick exchange of
words with Uncle Steve, Jennie came to the phone and
acknowledged she was getting ready, but wanted to play
with Lily a little more before I made my way there.
“Well, I still have to shower, so I will do that and
Kara should be here soon,” I told her, “So we will be
leaving in a little over an hour or so, okay?” Jennie
acknowledged with an alright, and blew me a kiss and
said the words I had so long awaited to hear: “I love
you and I will see you soon.”

As I got out of the car to see Jennie again, I was
excited but also nervous for some reason. I walked
with an extra pep in my step as I barreled my way down
the stairs to the courtyard-like patio just a few feet
from the front entry. I was greeted at the door by
Uncle Steve, who smiled and showed Kara and myself in.
Off to my left I saw destiny all over again. There
Jennie sat, holding Lily, dressed in a stunning skirt
and looking ever so beautiful. She smiled at me and I
wondered to myslef, ‘I hope that I look good enough.’
Jennie, as hard as it was, set Lily in the arms of
Margot and bolted her way to me, applying the smallest
of a kiss on my lips and a dangerous wink that
sparkled my eye. It didnt take long to gather Jennie’s
things, piling them in the trunk of Kara’s car, and
with a kiss to Margot, Steve and Lily, we climbed in
the maroon eclipse and headed for the water
hole…Maple Valley.


It was drawing close to 3 o’clock when Jennie and I
climbed into the light blue Toyota Camry that Jennie
has had since she was just 16 years old. All our
errands were run, most of the family was visited, and
now we were ready to roll back to Ellensburg. I leaned
over Jennie’s way in the driver seat, placed my hand
at the side of her left cheek, and guided her lips to
mine. I embraced her lips in mine and caressed her
tongue in the only way that I knew how. Although it
only was a mere instant in time, it seemed like an
eternity. I had longed for that one kiss for as long
as I can remember. As we pulled apart, we froze and
stared into each others eyes, capturing every
spectacle of light that bounced in and out of the iris
of our each’s gaze. As Jennie turned her attention
back to starting the car, I thought I caught the
suttleness of a sigh that escaped from between the
lips of my love.

I waited until we were well on our way over I-90 when
I softly and gently reached over and placed my hand on
the nakedness of Jennie’s right thigh. I began to rub
and caress her thigh just above the knee and towards
the inner back portion of her thigh. I love you I told
her. “I love you baby,” she returned.

I adjusted myself in my seat, “Jennie,” I whispered,
“would you mind if I checked to see if you are wearing

Jennie did not say a word, instead she spread her legs
and smiled. I continued to caress her thighs where I
had started, moving slightly up inch by inch. As I
moved closer to her vaginal areas, she wasted no time
in reaching for my raging cock, that stood at
attention under the fabric of my shorts. To my
surprise and to the contrary of what she told me
before, Jennie was indeed, wearing no panties. The
moistness of her crotch made me yern to lick her
juices that were disappointingly going to waste with
the lack of attention they were getting. The slightest
touch of her clitirous made Jennie flinch in
enjoyment. I slowly inserted a finger in to her sex
hole and eased in the second soon there to follow. I
pulsed my fingers in and out of her pussy, massaging
her clit as each time I withdrew my fingers. Jennie
was getting wetter now, and i could tell it was
hindering her driving so as quickly as it had reached
the next level, I withdrew my finges, and sucked them


As we pulled into the parking stall out front of my
house, we both piled our way out and bolted for the
steps. The sexual tension was at a high level in the
car and that was evident as Jennie stripped me down
and I the same to her upon making it inside. I kissed
her passionatley, for as long as she would invite my
tongue in her mouth. As I walked her backwards into my
room, I layed her down on the bed, and began to kiss
her body. I nibbled at her breasts, sucking each one
until I was interupted by the touch of Jennie’s hands
guiding my head to her wet pussy. I softly traced my
tongue around the lips that were swollen with
anticipation, entering my tongue inside and receiving
a gasp of delight from my lover. I continued to lap
her juices with my tongue just as I did in California
almost 2 months prior. I buried my face deep inside of
her, massaging her clit with my tongue and sloshing my
face around in her sweet wet privates. I went on until
she told me to stop and come to her, “Find my spot
Bary…please find my spot,” she whispered in my ear.
I climbed in between her legs and slid my cock into
her swollen lips and hot sweet hole, slowly fucking
her as she clenched my ass begging me not to stop. I
rose on to my arms and pounded her deep inside as she
rolled her eyes back and gaped her mouth open in sure
delight and love. I pounded her harder as she sighed
out loud and held her breath enjoying the feeling of
being stuffed with love for the first time in months.
I continued to slam her pussy as she blurted I was
going to find her spot and told me to “cum on it for
me baby!!” As Jennie climaxed and sent moans of
delight into the air, I released my seed deep inside
her filling her as she sighed and tried to catch her
breath, twittling her toes in the process.

I collapsed on top of her and she wrapped her arms
around me. I kissed Jennie passionatley whispering “I
love you, I love you.” Jennie and I snuggled closely,
listening to the beating rhythm of out hearts
together, and fell fast asleep.

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