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It was late at night, and I very well know that my parents were fast asleep. I was also lying on the bed after watching a red-hot film in the video, and you can very well understand the situation of a lad in his mid 20s. My door half closed, shorts pulled out, thrown on the floor, thinking of the scenes and pulling at my eight inches and thinking of something naughty. One more person was there in the house, the housemaid Tina; she is 19 and looks like a budding flower of virginity.

She doesn’t have big boobs, but firm and small ones, with a tight ass and white skin and a lovely face. I was in a mood of fantasizing her, just when the door cracked a bit. But I was in no mood to pull up the cover, as I know who could it be. Actually my room is a forbidden land for Tina, my mum never allowed her to step in my room, especially when I am in my house. But it is quite obvious for a 19-year girl, to peep into a guy’s room and also knowing that the guy sleep full naked in his room. Especially when I found no one around the house, I deliberately tell Tina that she should not come over my room to wake me up as I am going for a nap. You must be knowing readers, that refraining increases anticipation. I went on with my game, as I lay spread eagle on my bed, naked to the skin, my manhood flagging at his highest peak, with my grip firm on its roots, the dim light was on, the door was opened and again closed and kept in its initial position. I was sweating a bit anticipating the situation.

After few minutes, I thought that this may be a signal only, so why not me return the favor to her.

I arose from my bed, took my shorts in my hand and simply in my naked skins walked towards the door of Tina’s room.

The door was half closed, and inside it was dark, but the light from the roadside post lamp had made the situation more exciting. I walked in and found Tina lying on the bed, on her back with her panties on, no top and nightie. Her firm small breasts are prominently moving up and down with her deep breaths.

I sat at the edge of the bed and started moving my hand on her breasts. To my surprise, she simply turned her back and moved away from me, as in she turned in her sleep, making a larger space for me to sit by her side. Again she turned on her back and kept her hand on my knee.

I slowly took her hand as if not to wake her up from her dream, and put it on my erect manhood, I took her fingers and wrapped it around the shaft which was by then as strong as a rod. She gripped it firmly but kept her eyes closed.

To ensure her indulgence in the game I tried to unloose her grip by pulling out my cock from her palm, but my failure proved her willingness in this pretending game.

I bent down, kissed her lips, pulled her lips with mine and sucked it for a while. My saliva went down inside her mouth and I saw her throat repulsing my action by gulping it down. Now as the climax is encroaching, I lift up her waist a bit a tugged off her panty down towards her knee, she unknowingly did as she was intended, and her panties are off. The pungent aroma from her pink and thin pussy lips filled the atmosphere and made it more erotic. All by this time as I was moving to and fro for these set of actions my cock was continuously massaged by her firm grip. No chance of leaving it! I started kissing at her inner thighs, and then went near her pussy, a small squeak sound, and to my surprise the gate of love is wide open in front of my mouth.

As I started licking inside her pussy, I found her legs going wider to give my head a space in between them. Her hips slightly raised and her pussy lips opened. By this time my cock started pulsating in her hand.

I turned into a 69 position with my tongue, sticking deep inside her pussy and relishing the sweet taste of her flesh. My erect cock was still in her grip but just above her mouth. Now to my next surprise I found something silky touching the tip of my cock, it was her tongue. I lowered my cock a bit towards her mouth to give her a better chance of what she was tasting.

As I carry on exploring her pussy with my tongue I found the small button inside her, and started sucking at it. My whole mouth was covering the love triangle of Tina and my tongue was licking at the button.

I think the pleasure was too much for the virgin and in a moment she deep throated my erect and hard cock. She started sucking it like a lollypop. Making a munching and swooping sound in her mouth, she was sucking at it just like the film I saw. I was enthused by her provocative action and went more deep inside her pussy.

Now I started exploring other areas with my finger, on her ass, and found it has increased her speed of sucking.

But actually we were both so hot that we started pulsating and shivering. She started to rise up her hips with each of my flicker of my tongue. I also started to sweat and my cock was at the verge of bursting out. I thought that she may not like my love juice spurting inside her mouth, so when it started pulsating and I could feel the urge of my seeds spurting out with full blast, I tried to pull out my cock from her mouth.

To my great astonishment and pleasure she hold on to the cock as if a candy bar, with her mouth fully enclosing my shaft, almost near the roots. And she wrapped her legs too around my head so that I should not move away my head from her pussy. I was bewildered for a while, to sense her action, but within a fraction of a time I found she was jerking and oozing out her love juice inside my mouth. First it touched my tongue and then my lips, and now I can feel the juice streaming down inside my throat. That final sensation gave me the ecstasy to burst out my seeds inside her throat. I don’t know how we both managed to quench our thirsts of our first love juices, but I can well remember the delicacies of a virgin juice, we both came and came and came? May be after few minutes, we regain ourselves. I pulled out my cock from her mouth, and sat up. She was still lying quiet as if in sleep, spread eagle, naked. I wiped my half erect cock on her tits and nips, kissed her on her navel, lifted her hips once again to put on her panty.

Before returning to my room, I whispered to her, that, if she had enjoyed it, then she should wake me up in the morning.

Next morning, as usual I was called up for the breakfast with a huge knock on the door and to my great delight it was Tina standing in front of the door near to my bed, in her nightie. She looked at me, smiled and left, keeping the door open. At last she was allowed to step in her forbidden land.

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