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Alexis The Dark Fairy

Vanessa had just turned eighteen and still lived at her parents’ house. She was very beautiful and could have any man she wanted, but it seemed that her standards were high for someone of her age. Her fetishes were all of that of the supernatural. She could be interested in guys or girls but she wanted something magical and could not settle for less. One day she was walking in the park alone and saw these middle school boys mercilessly torturing what looked like a dragonfly, except oddly enough it glowed.

“Hey, stop that!!” Vanessa exclaimed.

“What? It’s a humongous firefly we just wanted to catch it.”

“By throwing rocks at it? Honestly…” she reached up in the nearby tree and cupped the creature in her hands.

“Hey, girl, what are you doing? We found it first!” One of the boys yelled, but she ignored them and kept walking. She made her way home and found a jar to put it in while she went online trying to figure out exactly what it was. She put the jar on her desk in her room and began surfing online when she heard a tiny but yet faint voice.

“Hey you…”

She looked around and tried to find the source of the voice and gasped when she saw her. In the jar was no longer a firefly but a humanoid winged female creature that stood 3 inches tall. She was more beautiful than any human woman she had ever seen. She had short black hair, blood red wings, what would be D cup breast if she was human sized, and a certain fiery red glow about her.

“Wha where’d you come from?” Vanessa asked sheepishly.

“Now that’s a silly question to ask isn’t it? You brought me here dummy.” She giggled.

“Wait…you’re the dragonfly?”

“Just a form I take to be inconspicuous among you humans. We fairies are not allowed to commune with humans.” She said.

“What makes me so special?” Vanessa asked in awe of the beautiful creature in front of her.

“Well technically nothing, but since I’ve not only been injured by a human child but now I’ve been captured by one, I’m as good as dead as far as my people are concerned. So I figured what the hell.”

“That’s terrible”, Vanessa stated as she unscrewed the jar lid. The fairy climbed out and walked across the desk facing her.

“My name’s Alexis human girl and I thank you for saving my life”, the fairy stated while taking a bow.

“Vanessa, and don’t mention it. So if you’re people exiled you, where will you go?” Vanessa inquired.

“You saved my life, so to show my gratitude I’m your lifetime companion.” Alexis grinned.

Vanessa looked her up and down in amazement and pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. “So, what does having you as a companion mean? Do you grant wishes, protect me, help me find love, or whatever?”

“All of the above and more if you like”, Alexis said with a sultry voice while biting her lip. Vanessa just stared dumbfounded.

“What kind of stuff can you do, is there a limit to your power?”

“Well I can’t raise the dead if that’s what you’re asking but I can increase your lifespan, enchant your body, enchant objects, etc. What does your little heart desire?” She asked.

Vanessa locked her door so no one would walk in and see the magical creature. “Can you give me a demonstration? What do you mean by enchanting?”

Alexis had a sarcastic look about her as if she asked a stupid question and then smiled as a sparkly beam flowed from her hand towards Vanessa.

“Wait, what the…” is all Vanessa got out before her skinny jeans unbuttoned and sailed to the floor. Her socks tickled her feet making her jump out of the jeans as they filled out to her shape.

“Hey…” Vanessa shrieked as she began to fall backwards, but Alexis zapped a pillow with her magic and it cushioned her fall.

“Something like that.” Alexis giggled.

A naughty grin smirked across Vanessa’s face.

“Oh, you dirty little blonde you.” Alexis laughed.

Suddenly Vanessa’s pink tank top began tickling her arm pits till she lifted her arms and it sailed over her head.

Now in her sexy pink panties and matching bra, Vanessa stood back up to face her living shirt, which filled out and floated away from her to join her living jeans.

“Can I keep going or should I stop right here?” Alexis said in a pouty voice.

“You’ve already stripped me this far.” Vanessa blushed.

“Honey, stripping is not the only thing I have in mind and I can tell in that little smirk of yours you’re hoping for a little more too.” Alexis licked her lips. Vanessa was so caught up in the moment her rational mind said goodbye. Her whole life she wanted to live in a world of magic and now she was in one, and this sexy creature was pulling her into it in full force. Alexis shot another magical beam at her and her bra began kneading and caressing her breast while her panties began tracing her clit as if a finger was running across the top of it. Vanessa gasped and fell back onto the bed as her nether regions began to moisten with the stimulation. Then as if just to tease her, her bra unsnapped and flew off, followed shortly by her panties.

“Oh come on…” Vanessa pouted.

“Now now, we’ll get back to that in a minute if you want but I just wanted to take a look at you.” She looked her up and down for a moment while Vanessa just stared. “Let’s see, maybe a size B? Nah I want more to play with”, Alexis said as she zapped Vanessa’s breasts making them grow to a DD size. “There we go much better haha. Just one question…”

“What?” Vanessa asked.

“Is your pussy naughty?” Alexis asked slyly.

“Actually, I’m a virgin.”

“That’s not what I asked silly. Hold on I’ll ask it directly.” Alexis giggled and flew down till she was eye-level with Vanessa’s pussy.

“Are you naughty?”

Vanessa gasped as she felt her pussy move.

“Yes”, it said.

“Wanna prove it?” Alexis said real sexy like.

Then without further warning blood rushed to Vanessa’s vagina as her clit began vibrating and rotating in circles. Then a tongue slithered out of her pussy and lapped at her clit.

Vanessa fell down to her knees and screamed as she came hard. Once she came all sensations stopped. She turned over and looked at this sexy fairy in stunned silence.

“So, I think I’ve demonstrated both object and body enchantment quiet well wouldn’t you?” Alexis giggled. “Wanna see more?”

My name is Alexis and I'm a novice erotica writer. My writing is typically that of a fantasy theme where magic or something supernatural is involved. Fairies, inanimate objects, magic spells, etc, are my typical themes. I tend to have a little bit of a bondage fetish so they may reflect in my writing a little <3

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