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Amethyst – Part I


It was her duty to be Princess Gwendolyn’s caretaker now that Amethysts’ mother was no longer living. Up until now, it was her duty to simply be a playmate and companion to the princess. They had grown up in the castle together and had become very close friends. As children, they had spent their days playing in the forest that surrounded the castle grounds. They pretended that the forest was enchanted and would return to the castle to tell her mother, the little princess’ maidservant and nanny, of their exploits and conversations with the fairies and many other enchanted beings that lived in the forest.
The two girls had grown quite fond of each other and were inseparable, given the choice. But alas, Gwendolyn was the princess and Amethyst just a servant girl. In the evenings, Amethyst and her mother would retire to the servants quarters while Gwendolyn was expected to be an ornament at banquets held to entertain the royalty in the land her family ruled. Gwendolyn was not to be seen with Amethyst by royal guests.
The day after her 16th birthday, Amethysts’ mother suddenly took ill and passed away. Both girls were extremely upset, for the woman had been a mother to Gwendolyn as well. Upon her mother’s death, Amethyst was given charge of Princess Gwendolyn in her mother’s stead. Gwendolyn was only a couple of month’s younger than Amethyst and would soon be turning 16 as well. The two young girls were relieved that they would not be separated and could face this tragedy together.
Now Amethyst was responsible for cleaning up after the princess, serving her meals, bathing her, helping her get dressed and styling her long golden hair. Amethysts’ own brown hair was required to be kept short and tucked into a bonnet. She was required to wear uncolorful smocks and was not allowed any adornment whatsoever. Servants were expected to appear plain and unattractive, so as not to be confused with someone of royalty and therefore, be easily ignored. Her mother had named her Amethyst because she had eyes the color of violets. A pair of jewels set in contrast to the dull visage she was expected to maintain.
One day, as Amethyst was laying out a gown for Princess Gwendolyn, she held it up to herself in the mirror and tried to imagine what it would be like to wear it to a royal banquet. To have everyone admiring how beautiful she was, as she knew they must admire her princess. As she was doing so, Gwendolyn burst into the dressing room in a panic. ” My birthday is in two days! I will be 16 years old and have just learned that I am to choose a prince to be my husband at a banquet being held in my honor on my birthday. Oh Amethyst, I do not want to get married yet, but they say it is required of me! What am I to do?” Gwendolyn burst into tears and collapsed into her arms. She eased the princess to a seated position on the edge of the bed. Amethyst had no answer for her princess. She was fighting back her own tears. She had just lost her mother and could not stand the thought of losing Gwendolyn as well. Especially not to a prince, a husband! For she loved Gwendolyn, had always loved her. She now understood the depth of that love.
She looked into Gwendolyn’s eyes and said, “You are so beautiful! Please do not cry.” She traced her lips down the lines of tears on Gwendolyn’s cheeks with soft kisses. Then their lips met. Amethyst had dreamed of this moment for so long. She had been so sure that it would never happen. But Gwendolyn was kissing her back. Her tongue pushing inside Amethysts’ mouth. Gwendolyn removed Amethysts’ bonnet and ran her fingers through the servant girls’ short, brown hair. As they continued to explore each other’s mouths, Gwendolyn unbuttoned Amethysts’ smock, then clumsily undid her own stays. Gwendolyn pulled away from the kiss. Both girls were bare-breasted now. She took Amethysts’ hands, placed one on each of her breasts, and said, “Kiss me here.” Amethyst hesitantly bent her head to taste an upturned nipple. Gwendolyn flinched as she felt Amethysts’ tongue on the hardened bud. Amethyst brushed a thumb across the nipple of Gwendolyn’s other breast, and proceeded to suckle ever so gently on the one in her mouth. As the heat spread through her body, Gwendolyn felt a fire begin to burn between her legs. She needed to be touched there so badly. She usually touched herself when she felt the burning down there, but the flame had never been this bright before, the need this strong. She needed Amethyst to touch her there, to quench the flames. She laid back on the bed and raised her skirts above her waist. She slipped off her undergarment and opened her legs. “Please, Amethyst. Kiss me here.” This time Amethyst didn’t hesitate to service her princess. She pressed her lips to the puffy little vagina lips and pushed her tongue inside just as if she was kissing her princess’ mouth. Gwendolyn’s hips began to buck involuntarily, pushing Amethysts’ tongue deeper and deeper. Amethyst sucked on the swollen nub between Gwendolyn’s legs as she thrust her tongue into the wet little hole. After a minute, the little vagina began to spasm into orgasm. Sweet juice flowed down Amethysts’ tongue into her waiting mouth.
As Gwendolyn began to relax, Amethyst raised up beside her on the bed and pulled the body of her sweet princess close to her own. This was how she had dreamed it could be between them. And now, as quick as it had come, it could be taken away from them. No! She could not let anyone take her beautiful princess away. This was just the beginning for them. She would not let anyone destroy it! She would do anything to keep her beloved by her side. Anything!

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