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Soul Mates

There she was! I fought to keep from staring as she entered the room. I must not have done a very good job, because the brunette I was chatting with threw me a disgusted look and huffed away. I really didn’t care now that she was here!
She made a beeline for the drinks table, and then carried her wineglass as she strolled around the room mingling. I leaned back into the fringes of the crowd and tried to watch her surreptitiously. She was wearing a white silk blouse and short, dark green skirt that clung to all of her curves like old friends. Her calf-length boots were white with high heels that showed how slim and muscular her legs were. The white highlighted and accentuated her dark almond skin. As she drew closer across the room, I saw that the silk blouse was almost transparent whenever she turned in the right angle to the lights. Her nipples were long and stiff, about five shades darker than the surrounding mounds. I also noticed that the flesh highlighted by the short skirt and white boots was bare – no hose on those legs!
She was gradually working her way toward the corner I was trying to hide in and I kept seeing those brilliant green eyes searching the crowd around me. The slight epicanthic folds of her Asian ancestry lent her a mysterious air and made it difficult to be sure, but I thought she kept pausing every time her eyes caught mine. Wishful thinking ‘ I’d been running across her every time I came to one of these singles parties. I knew I’d never work up the nerve to actually introduce myself to such a gorgeous woman. I also knew that I had as much chance of ever leaving with her as I would of being accepted by NASA!
Suddenly, she turned to face me fully and I had trouble drawing my next breath. Her eyes caught mine from twenty feet away and dragged me forward like a magnet. I found myself taking slow, short steps as her eyes dragged me toward her. I stopped a couple of feet away and tried to stammer an introduction. ‘Hi… I’m… Uh, my name is… That is”
Her voice was soft and sweet, a nearly perfect contralto. ‘I’m Miko and you are Jason’ ‘I know’ ‘Why do you keep running when I come in”
The smile she flashed me now stopped my words as effectively as they froze the breath in my lungs.
‘You are shy, aren’t you” I nodded. ‘Will you walk in the garden with me. It’s stuffy in here”
I managed to take a deep breath and nod, and then I was suddenly beside her with my arm captured under hers as though I were walking her down an aisle. Her voice seemed to resonate deep inside me as she led me toward the double doors standing open on my right. ‘I have seen you many times here’ and twice at my restaurant. I have wondered why we never met’ So I asked about you”
The air carried the delicious scent of the many flowers growing beside the ambling, sandy paths. My eyes caught her breasts as she took in a deep breath of the sweet scent. I had to tear them away. ‘I’ I’ve been trying to work up my nerve’ But I knew I didn’t stand a chance”
Her giggle sent a thrill down into my pants. ‘Why would you think that” She squeezed my arm and I felt my manhood stir inside my tight slacks. ‘You are just the type I usually look for when I get” I almost tripped over my own feet as her arm released mine and slid down my side, then darted across to brush over the growing bulge in my slacks. ‘Hungry”
We strolled together silently under the moon with her picking the paths. Suddenly, I found us in a small cul de sac with a tinkling fountain lit only by the moon. The life-size nude woman standing on the pedestal with her arms and face up to the moon could have been Miko herself, and I told her that. Her teeth seemed to glow in the moonlight as she smiled. ‘Thank you, Jason. But her skin is too pale’ too milky’ See”
The blouse suddenly seemed to be blown open by the wind as her fingers trailed down the front. I realized there was an even more obvious difference between the statue and Miko. ‘You’re right’ Your breasts are much prettier than hers, too”
She stepped into my arms and her nipples burnt into my chest through my thin sport shirt. Our lips met and hers parted invitingly. As my tongue explored inside her mouth ‘ minty taste, soft wet warmth ‘ I felt her fingers at my zipper. I slid the thin blouse back off her shoulders and she moved her arms back just long enough to let it slide off, and then finished the task of releasing my slacks to let them slide down my legs. I stepped back out of them as I kicked off my loafers.
Her fingers wrapped around my rock hard six-inch cock as she stared down at it. She admired it like it was one of those monsters on a porn star. ‘Perfect’ It’s so beautiful’ May I kiss it” The question was moot as she was on her knees speaking into it when she finished the question. I almost dropped in a faint as her lips wrapped around the swollen head and her tongue began caressing it.
‘Oh, God’ Be careful, Miko’ I’ I haven’t been with a woman in a long time” I had to pause for a breath as she began stroking smoothly all the way onto my cock and back off. ‘I won’t have much control the first time”
Her tongue caressed the head every time she pulled back. I gasped and fought to keep from slamming my cock into the mouth that felt like she was trying to suck it off me. Then I felt the cool night air blowing across the head as she released it and her eyes glowed green as she stared up at me. ‘Fuck my mouth’ Let me taste this first cum from you” She kissed the head and I felt my cock try to lunge into her mouth. ‘Then we can do the rest right”
Her mouth slid onto me again and I felt her hands pulling at my asscheeks. I tried to let my cock slide forward slowly, but she pulled more insistently until I felt my nuts slam into her chin. I realized what she wanted and gave it to her, pumping my hips forward and back rapidly as she slid her fingers between my cheeks and probed my asshole. When her middle finger penetrated my ass and began caressing my prostate, I came harder than I ever had before in my life!
I wrapped my fingers in her hair and held her head tight as I pumped what felt like a gallon of cum deep behind her tonsils. She kept tugging my ass and stroking my prostate from the inside like she wanted even more. I felt my spasms ease and my cock began shrinking in her mouth and she still wasn’t satisfied. Her tongue wrapped around my hypersensitive head and I felt my cock start firming up again. I reached down and pulled her up by the armpits and kissed her passionately as I felt around the waistband of her skirt. She took pity on me and reached down to tug the skirt downward and I realized that the whole skirt was made of some stretchy material. I smiled at her as I released her lips and began sliding my mouth down. As I sucked and nibbled at her big breasts, I tugged her skirt down the rest of the way and she stepped out of it. I pulled away to admire the gorgeous Asian-American wearing nothing but a pair of white boots.
‘You are so fucking beautiful” I kissed her navel, then pulled away and stared up into her green eyes. ‘Why me”
She smiled and sat back on the edge of the pool surrounding the statue. ‘Because I like you” Her legs came up and her ankles tugged my head forward. ‘And because those fucking Adonis types spend too much time worrying about how they look” My face was close enough that I could smell the slightly musky aroma of her wet pussy. ‘I want someone who worships me and my pussy’ not themselves”
I showed her that I knew how to pay the proper respect to a Goddess’s pussy. I planted a big kiss right on the point of her pubic mound, then let my tongue slide forward to part the top of her lips. I found her swollen clitoris easily and drew a moan from her with my first stroke. When I flicked across it the fourth time, I heard a splash and glanced up to see that her shoulders were below the rim of the bowl surrounding the statue and her legs spread wider as she wrapped them around my shoulders. I smiled as I stared into her gorgeous, dripping pussy.
‘Ooh’ Baby, I want to cum in your mouth’ Then I want you to fuck my brains out” Her strong legs pulled me tighter again. ‘And if you do it right’ You can take me home and do it all over again’ maybe even in my ass”
Her words, the soft silver glow of everything in the moonlight, the warmth of our flesh in the cool breezes of the night all combined to set my body and mind on fire. I wanted to please her. I wanted to do it right. But more than anything I had ever wanted in all my twenty-three years of life, I wanted to be allowed to take her home and do it again’ and again’ and yet again’ forever!
I let my mouth take her pussy. My tongue explored every inch of her swollen, delicious lips. My lips wrapped around the tiny mound that failed to hide her swollen, throbbing clit while I sucked it gently. I felt her excitement mount inside my own body. Her moans echoed in my chest as I built our passion to a level that could only crash us both back down into the earth. Then I held her there’ For what felt like hours, I switched back and forth between her clit, her lips and her tiny puckered asshole. (Her words about wanting me to fuck her ass had been a clue ‘ I could only spend a few seconds there each time or she would have exploded before I was ready for her.) Her moans and panting breath turned to muttered pleas for release between gasps. Then they turned to low, guttural threats. I kept on holding her skillfully right on the edge until I heard the sound I had been waiting for.
‘Oh’ my’ God! Please’ fuck’ me!’
I pulled my mouth away from her hot pussy and rose to stand between her widespread, quivering legs. I tore my shirt open and threw it off as I looked down and saw her shoulders and neck lying in four or five inches of water with the fountain spewing right onto her heaving tits. I watched her eyes as I rubbed the hot, swollen head of my cock up and down her dripping lips to get it coated with her juices. Her eyes opened wide in the moonlight and locked onto mine as I pressed against the gates of heaven and paused. Then her feet pushed into my ass as she tried to pull me deep inside and I gave in. My first stroke went all the way, letting my balls bounce hard against her sensitive asshole. Her eyes opened as wide as they could and I immediately pulled back out to slide in again. By my fifth firm stroke, her eyes were trying to close. I stopped buried deep inside her and waited until they snapped back open and sought mine. ‘No’ I want to see your passion in your eyes’ Don’t close them, keep our souls locked as we climb to heaven”
I saw her understanding as I felt her feet move up my ass to twine together in the small of my back. I smiled and reached forward to fondle her breasts as she nodded her agreement. Then I pulled her up to sit perched on the rim of the bowl as I kissed her mouth and let her taste the juices that were soaking into my moustache and dripping down my chin. She gasped into my mouth as I began stroking slowly again. When she finally released my mouth and pulled away far enough to lock eyes with me, I let my body take control. My strokes became faster as I pounded in and out of her. When I felt her ass slide backward to force the top of my cock into firmer contact with her clitoris, I knew where we were and smiled as I finally began to finish it.
Our eyes remained locked together. I felt her passion mount as I willed her to feel my own rising urgency. I held myself right at the point of release as I felt the muscles of her vagina begin squeezing my cock in little rhythmic spasms with each quick plunge. Then her eyes suddenly opened wide and our souls meshed as her body began quivering. I let my strokes become the fast, hard hammering that her eyes begged me for, and we suddenly exploded together. Her spasms and screams drew the cum out of me as I held the cheeks of her ass up off the concrete of the bowl. We kept each other screaming and cumming for what felt like days. Then she suddenly fell forward and wrapped her arms tighter around my chest as we both began to wind down. When my slick, limp cock popped out of her dripping pussy, we both jumped and she made a slight giggling sound like a young girl. ‘Let’s get dressed and go home’ My roommate is going to love you”
I smiled as we carefully disengaged. It took a long time to pull our ruined clothes into a semblance of legality because we kept pausing to kiss and caress each other. We ignored all the knowing stares and envious looks as we strolled through the crowded hall to the front door. We laughed as we slipped out with a roaring round of applause echoing through the building. When we reached the parking lot, I discovered that she had parked her ‘Vette just one space away from my pickup. ‘Which car” she asked.
‘I can follow you”
Her hand slipped inside my slacks as she shook her head. ‘No way’ I’m not going to let you get away until morning’ You can drive my Vette’ I’ll bring you back tomorrow for your truck”
Before I got the car out of the lot, her face was in my lap. It was definitely going to be a long night! Then her words finally registered ‘ her roommate’ Maybe it was going to be even longer than I thought’

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