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Business Retreat

The first month of the escort business started off slow, but in the end it picked up and was successful. So, Robert and I rented a big house at a beautiful lake for the weekend for a work retreat/party. We drove up there Friday morning wth the food and drinks for the weekend and the girls began to show up and all 6 were there by early afternoon. Each girl would select a bedroom and then change into swimsuits and catch sun rays on the beach. Cierra had been last to arrive and I was going room to room putting chocolate candy on each girls bed when I opened the door to a room and Cierra was naked putting on her bikini. She quickly covered herself and I shut the door apologizing. She softly said come in and she had on her bikini bottoms and a T-shirt. I once again apologized  for just barging in and was able to assure her it was so fast I hadn’t really seen anything which I hadn’t. Cierra walked out the door and I checked out her ass. She turned around and caught me looking and said “stare at my ass hard enough.” She chuckled before I could answer.  I responded  “you caught me. You have a nice ass and I admit I was staring.” She smiled and walked away.

I finished distributing the candies and went down stairs. Kristen had come in to get a drink and I tried not to stare at her boobs which were displayed nicely in her red bikini top. I opened a beer for her and poured myself a drink and we chatted briefly and she said “you should come outside it’s nice it and water feels great.” I nodded my head and watched her round butt walk out the door before I went and put on my trunks and joined the girls on the beach. It was quite a sight of the 6 girls on the beach in their bikinis. My eyes surveyed each one and I admired their awesome bodies. Taylor was almost busting out of her top, so it was hard not to stare. After a  couple hours I went back inside to see if Robert needed any help as he had started preparing dinner. He had started grilling steaks and told me he was good for now, so I went to my room to change.

After dinner and drinks some of the girls decided they were going to relax in the hot tub so, they went to change. Taylor asked me if her twin sister Emily could come up tomorrow and that Emily seemed interested in possibly applying. I said it was fine as long as she didn’t bring others as this was a retreat for a good first month and not a house party for people. She said ok and that she would relay that to her sister.

A little while later I went to sit on the deck with Robert to smoke a cigar and having a drink when I noticed Jessica, Chloe, Leah, and Taylor in the hot tub and I could see that all 4 of them were topless. The water covered all but the top of their boobs, but I had seen each girl’s boobs before. I sat with Robert to have my cigar and drink. After a few minutes we were beckoned by a few of the girls to join them in the hot tub, so we went inside to change.

I was in my room just pulling on my trunks when my door opened and Cierra stumbled inside. I hastily pulled up my trunks, but Cierra muttered too late already saw it. She shut the door and walked over and flopped down on  her back on my bed. She said “ fuck, I have a good buzz and when I do get like this I get horny.” Cierra slid her left hand down her bikini bottoms and began rubbing her pussy and with her right hand moved it in her top and began to squeeze her small left breast. I stood and watched her masturbate for a few minutes and her hand lowered the bottoms a little at a time till I had a very good view of her tiny, bald pussy. She looked up at me and said “are you going to just stand there and watch or are you going to take your cock out and fuck me.” I had stroked myself a little as I watched her so I was half stiff, so I yanked my trunks down and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Cierra  reached down and stroked my cock which got me hard as a rock in no time. I rolled her onto her tummy, spread her legs and guided my cock in her pussy and grabbed her hips and began thrusting. She moaned as I pounded and her pussy tightened and released on my cock several times. My hands gravitated toward her ass and I took a good hold of a cheek in each hand as I came inside her pussy.  I wiped my cock off with some tissues and pulled up my trunks and went out to the hot tub.

When I reached the hot tub Robert and Kristen had joined Chloe, Jessica, Leah and Taylor, and the latter four were still topless. I squeezed in a spot between Taylor and Kristen. We all talked, laughed and sipped a beer for awhile. Occasionally I would glance to my right at Taylor’s bare boobs or to my left at Kristen’s boobs which were held tight in her top. Robert was seated between Leah and Chloe and at one point the two of them leaned accross him and kissed. He moved out of their way and for a few minutes the rest of us watched while the two of them made out and rubbed one another’s boobs. Jessica whispered something to Taylor and they both giggled. Then, Jessica got up and stuck her boobs in Robert’s face and Taylor leaned over and stuck her large melons in my face briefly. Then, Jessica, Chloe, Leah, Robert, and Taylor got out of the hot tub as they were over heating leaving Kristen and I alone.

Kristen and I talked for a bit then I don’t know if it was the alcohol buzz or the heat from the hot tub or combination of both, but I leaned over and kissed her lips. To my surprise she did not pull away but instead kissed me back. Next, she sat on my lap, wrapped her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my waist and we began to open mouth kiss. We made out for quite awhile and heard some loud chatting from inside the house which caused us to stop kissing, get out of the tub and go see what was taking place.

When Kristen  and I entered the house we saw Chloe and Leah on the floor in the middle of the living room bodies intertwined fingering eachother and everyone else standing around watching. They moaned, licked, caressed, rubbed, and fingered one another for quite awhile. When the show ended everyone dispersed to their respective bedrooms for the night. As I got to my door Taylor notified me that she spoke with her sister and that Emily would be up to visit sometime after 10am. I nodded in agreement and took along look at her bare boobs before going in my room and shutting the door. As I laid on my bed falling asleep I thought about Taylor’s tits, how hot Kristen looked in her bikini, and making out with Kristen.

The next morning I woke up and heard voices downstairs in the kitchen and smelled fresh coffee, but went to take a shower before going downstairs. I started the water and pulled off my boxers to get in the shower when I heard the bathroom door open. As I looked at the door I  noticed Cierra had come in the bathroom. She looked at my and said “oops, I am sorry I thought Chloe was in here and I was going toin shower when she had finished.” I smiled and answered “well you can go before me if you would like.” Cierra smiled and said “no, go ahead you were here before me.” She turned to leave and I looked at her butt in her purple booty shorts and said “are you sure?” Cierra turned back around and said “well, I wouldn’t be opposed to showering together. We have already seen eachother’s bodies when we fucked.” I laughed and said “ok, lock the door so there is no more visitors and we can shower”. Then, I got in the shower and 30 seconds later Cierra joined me. As she rinsed uder the water I gazed at her ass and caught a glinpse of het pussy lips. I placed a hand on the small of her back and slowly ran it down her ass. She didn’t make a noise or move. When I reached the base of her ass I slowly nudged her pussy with my middle finger. Cierra spread her legs apart a little bit and I began to finger her pussy and simultaneously rubbed her butt hole entrance with my thumb. She began to softly moan. After a few minutes of this I was very turned and, she had  moved forward a little bit and bent over to wash her feet. I couldnt help myself and as she was bent over I guided my cock into her ass. Cierra almost jumped at the feeling of it, and then turned her head back at me and smiled. I proceeded to pump her round ass for several minutes till I came. We both finished showering and got out of the shower and dried off. I got dressed and went down stairs.

Once, I was downstairs I poured myself a cup of coffee and made a plate of food and went out to the deck to eat. Kristin sat down next to me with a cup of coffee and we chatted while I ate and she sipped her coffee. When I finished and went inside to wash my dishes and get more coffee I saw Robert standing with both his hands flat on the counter and a focused yet relaxed look on his face. As I reached the edge of the  kitchen counter I got a glimpse off Jessica on her knees infront of Robert and her head moving. I quickly side stepped so her giving him a blow job was out of my site and i filled up my coffee cup and briskly walked back outside.

I continued to sit and talk with Kristin and sip coffee. Taylor came out to the deck amd laid down on her stomach on a chair. She chatted with us as she sun bathed. After some time Taylor got up and said Emily had arrived and she was going to go let her in. A couple minutes later Emily and Taylor came onto the deck carrying a pitcher of margaritas and some glasses. Emily and Taylor being twins had similar features, except that Emily’s hair was dirty blonde and she wasn’t a little thinner. She did possess the huge natural  breasts like Taylor. After, some drinking and chatting we all had lunch and more drinking.

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