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Girlfriend Has A Crush On Your Big Brother Part I: Rock Star Big Brother Takes Your Girlfriend Home To Rock Her World

Introduction to the characters: Myself, My girlfriend, and My big brother

I hated my older brother. He always had the upper hand. Life was never fair and he always succeeded and won over peoples attention. I always had to sit in shame and humiliation and watch as he was praised and as we got older, got some action from a smokin’ hot dame. He graduated High School before me and didn’t go to college afterwards. I was smug and arrogantly hopeful that this would be his downfall. Sure, he was a popular sports jock who got all the hot girls and had rich and popular friends in school up to age 18 but afterwards he’d be a loser living in a basement or an apartment. I graduated finally and went to school which didn’t workout for me because it cost me so much money and put me into debt. This can be avoided or even be resolved for most people but my brother would always play these manipulative mind games and plant terrible ideas in my head which made me doubt myself but moreover utterly compromise my ability to focus.

I failed many classes but JT formed a band with some of his other friends from High School. They all no ambitions or aims aside from “get pussy”, being selfish losers just like him. No one perceived them as losers though. Quickly after forming in the winter of a recent year, they were picked up by a small record label within the next summer. His band was named something douchey and subliminally sexual – Steel To The Max. Stupid right? but people thought it was awesome. My brother always finds a way out, always an out for him to get by, never having the same struggles as the rest of us.

I met a girl named Katrina Jackman in the Fall of 2018. She was so beautiful and sexy, and she looked A LOT like Katy Perry – seriously, same eyes and smile. People made jokes about the resemblance which is why I can’t see an image of the famous singer now without thinking about Katrina. She didn’t mind it though, especially because “KATRINA” is close to “KATY”.

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She was one year older than me, my brother is two years older than me. I was 21, She was 22, and my Brother – 23. I looked like an admittedly nerdy version of this guy

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While my brother looked almost exactly like this guy except his blonde hair is parted more down the middle.

Now, my brother had stolen all of my girlfriends from me before, and I never wanted it to happen nor did I carelessly allow it to happen without me cautiously try to prevent it like a paranoid maniac. But Katrina was different. When I first started dating her, she was so perfect, so womanly, witty, confident, and sexy, full-bodied, big boobs and butt, thick dark black hair, smooth white skin, and the biggest prettiest crystal blue eyes you can imagine – I completely suppressed the thought of my older brother cuckolding me and taking her from me. I’ll admit on occasion the nightmarish idea crossed my mind but not enough to care.

The Problem Arises: She has a crush on my older brother!?

One day when I came home to Katrina’s apartment, (I couldn’t afford one but she let me stay there most nights because we were dating and things were going so well) I had invited Katrina to go to one of the concerts for my brother’s band not anticipating her reaction while also thinking it might be okay.

“Oh my God, you mean you’ve got tickets to Steel To The Max!!!”

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A little bit confused, “Uh..Yeah..You know them?…”

With super wide eyes and so much excitement “OH MY GOD are you fucking kidding me!? I love Steel To The Max! The lead singer, JT from the band, is so hot, God how can someone be so sexy talented and popular!?”

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Upon hearing those words come out of my girlfriends gorgeous mouth drowned me in a tidal wave of overwhelming nervousness, anxiety, embarrassment,  arousal and intimidation by my brother’s hypothetical presence.

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“What is it?…”

“Well…” I didn’t know if I should tell her


“Well…the only reasons I have the tickets for Friday night is because JT Bradstone, is my brother….”

Katrina, upon hearing this had a very conflicted look on her face. It looked like a mixture between her trying not to laugh at the absurdity of her boyfriend and her heartthrob rockstar crush being related (because my brother was talented and charming) while also trying to accommodate to the fact that this news made things awkward given what she had just said. 

“Oh…………so he’s your brother?…He’s your older brother I take it?”

“Yeah…wait why did you assume that?” Inquizitive look on my face

“Nothing…it’s just that -” 

“What? You’re not saying you – “

“Brody you’re overthinking this – ” 

“No you’re right, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have even mentioned the possibility..”

“The possibility that I’d cheat on you with your big brother?”

“What!!!???” Dramatic and squeamish tone and pathetic look of panic and worry on my face, “Wait, so you were thinking about doing that!?”

“What no, that’s your older brother. I mean he is JT Steel from Steel to the Max but -”

“WHAT!!?? Katrina you gotta listen to me -” I started to beg and plead

“What!? What are getting all squeamish about? You’re coming off as really insecure…”

“Katrina, all throughout High School because my brother was older, every time I would get a hot girlfriend, usually one a year older than me but younger than him like you, he would try and -” 

“Like me…He used to steal girls like me away from you – being the older brother?”

I could tell she was getting ideas, that a potential future scenario concerning my douche bag brother and I, was forming in her thoughts.

“Katrina you’re not actually contemplating the sound of this are you? You realize he made my life hell and that JT is the kind of person who always does the wrong thing!?”

Nervous and desperate to ruin her already stunning perfect image of my brother in her head.

“That’s awfully unfair to say about your big brother – he’s so charming and cares so much about his fans…”

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“No! What you don’t know is that back in high school he only he would publically humiliate me, emasculate me in front of my girlfriends because he wanted to be liked by people and had to use my pain to win their approval and vice versa!”

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“Brody, I don’t think your brother would need to do that. People adore him no matter what. I think he only did those things to you because he knew that he could do it and you wouldn’t do anything back. You just took it from what it sounds like” 

Slight chuckle and smile on her face.

Quickly desperate, angry and confused I said,

“Katrina, it’s sounds like you have a crush on my brother!? Tell me you’re joking right now!….You’re joking right!?……”

I asked briefly calmed for a moment thinking she was playing with me. This soon fleeted as her hesitant look was indicative that she had a crush on my brother that she didn’t want to tell me about.

“No I…I don’t…Well, I mean yes, a little….”

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“No I…I don’t…Well, I mean yes, a little….”


“Well, I mean…can you really blame me? He naturally has an ability to win and succeed. I mean have you ever seen the music video ‘Engines Read -”

Katy Perry GIF

“Katrina that’s all fake, part of his persona that he creates.” Pathetic and jealous look on my face.

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Katrina still smug and sure

“No Brody…That’s all him…”

Angry I questioned her,

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“Katrina, you just said you weren’t thinking about leaving me for my brother – that you wouldn’t do that given that he is my fucking brother!” I yelped loud and insecure like my brother always made me sound.

“No, of course not. Look I’m sorry, he’s just a celebrity that I’ve been into for a while. (I hated when people referred to my brother as a celebrity)

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I’m sure it will pass. I used to be into the whole hot macho, go-getter stud while a massive package, big chest and broad shoulders…” She said spacing out in a daze.

Katy Perry Roar GIF

I sat in suspense until she broke the trance of daydreams

“ – But now I’m with you Brody. I’m no longer into that lifestyle of choosing the big cruel jerk because he would boss around weak men. You’re nice and responsible and we have a safe sweet relationship.”

She kissed me on the cheek and walked past me with an innocent smile believing she didn’t really desire my brother, even though I knew…all women desired my brother.

I inform my hot girlfriend that my brother has cuckolded me in the past

The next day came and she came home from work around 4:00 pm. It was a Friday and Katrina came rushing through the door and sat next to me on the couch, first smiling but then trying to bottle her excitement that had no explanation.

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Katrina with her huge, beautiful, gorgeous oceanic green blue eyes and glowing supple skin looked me straight in the eyes and asked, 

“Brody…I know you didn’t really want to talk about it last night, but because I am your girlfriend, you can trust me and I won’t make fun of you or what happened. Tell me what exactly your brother would do to you in High School that would make you so miserable.”

Wow, it really seemed like she was being warm and sensitive on the issue. It wasn’t until the middle to end of the story that I realized she was using the retelling of events as a vicarious fantasy to which she got off.

“I mean I’m sure your brother’s impressive but I’m sure he’s also done some bad things. What exactly, from your side of the story, could have led to those events?”

“There was no reason why!! No matter how intellectual I proved myself to be and how higher minded, JT would always walk in flexing his muscles, scoring goals, swishin’ hoops, throwin’ touchdown passes and winning the game. Then after every sports game, there would be a party where the whole school would cheer his name. (Katrina looked at me as I told this part of the story hypnotically as though JT’s charisma was controlling her mind right there, agreeing with the premise of everyone cheering him on)

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I continued, “There would be a crucial public moment where in the center of a room, my brother would make out with my girlfriend. I would remain on the floor and watch with teary eyes and balls trembling/shaking between my legs. Then she would tell him to do what my brother always does to me in those situations, string me up by back legs, split my ankles, dunk my head in the toilet, and use his Alpha Psi Jefferson High Fraternity paddle to spank my balls effectively emasculating my manhood in front of everyone including my smoking hot sexy gorgeous girlfriend.

(Katrina began to breathe heavily lightly perspire) Then for the finale of the Friday night ritual, the three of us would go upstairs to the master bedroom while all the kids shouted my brother’s name. There was a horrible device which JT would put me in. Seniors on the football team at some point got a hold of it from a fraternity’s garage sale off campus of the local university. It was like a weird wooden weight rack with the frame of a baby crib but a bit larger, ” I explained. “My brother aggressively man-handled me, carrying me in the air with a wedgie. It looked like a BDSM spanking harness. Once I was strapped in, suspended in the air with my girlfriend watching, my big brother would bring the whoop-down on my balls, smackin’ my tater’s good and dealing crotch shots from behind. I would squeal and holler as he beat them into submission to his bigger balls.”

(I knew at this point my Katrina was getting off to it, showing her teeth and slowly shaking her head, which only made the story harder to tell) Usually at this point my girlfriends would push him onto the bed and they would…ya know…”

Katrina almost looked satisfied at the conclusion of the story so I got defensive and smeared it the best I could.

“But things have changed now!

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I’m not the same little bitch he used to make me be! My brother can’t tell me what to do!” 

“I kind of think he can…” Katrina smiling.

Katy Perry GIF

“No he can’t! I hate this whole idea! Katrina how about we just don’t go tomorrow night?” I said sounding desperate and whiny.

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“Are you serious!? You’re going to ruin this for me!?

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…You know they’re my favorite band and you’re so insecure about your older brother and jealous of his success that you can’t even man up enough to take your girlfriend to one of his concerts!? Damn if you’re gonna -”

I cut her off seeing how much I had fucked up under her judgement

“No no no…Katrina I will take you to MetroDome tomorrow to go to the show at 7:30 sharp! I promise!”

Her face changed, she was less angry and more approving.

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“Thanks sweetie. There’s the man I was wanting from you.”

To Be Continued Part II….

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