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A Screw in the Park Turns More Exciting

It was Saturday night, or Sunday morning actually, at about 3am. Amber and Craig were walking back to Amber’s house. They had just left a party that was only four blocks away from her house. They took a detour through the park and ended up stopping to sit on one of the picnic tables for a while. Amber was not ready to go home yet and neither was Craig. They sat on top of the table and Craig began rubbing Amber’s shoulders and back. It felt so good to her. He was rubbing hard but being gentle as well. Amber was really relaxed by now. She leaned up against Craig and rested her head on his shoulder. He rubbed his hand up and down her back as she closed her eyes. They sat like that for about 20 minutes before Amber finally raised her head. They talked about the party and about how Amber would be starting college in the fall. Amber said that she wanted to go get on the merry go round. They both ran over and she jumped on. Craig grabbed the bar, held tight, and began running around in circles trying to make the thing go as fast as possible. He jumped on with Amber and they spun around in circles. They were both lying on their backs staring up at the star lit sky. The merry go round slowed down and they continued to lay there. Amber was thinking to herself about how much she wanted Craig right then and there. Little did she know, Craig was thinking the exact same thing about her.

Before he had a chance to do anything, Amber crawled on top of Craig and began kissing him. Their sweet lips touched and their tongues probed the other’s. Craig grabbed on to Amber’s ass and pulled her closer to him. Amber reached her hand up under his shirt and ran her fingers along his chest and stomach. She reached her other hand down his pants and began rubbing on the outside of his boxers against his hard member. Craig began tugging at her black mini skirt, eventually pulling it off and tossing it aside. He took off his shirt and laid it down on the merry go round and laid Amber down on top of it. She removed her shirt to reveal her hard nippled D cup breasts. Craig leaned down and used his teeth to bite on and remove her black thong panties that he also threw aside. Now he had this goddess like creature laying naked in front of him waiting for him to do whatever he wanted to her. He bent down and started kissing her stomach, then up to her breasts and nipples, then up her neck and behind her ears. Then he kissed a straight line down her body to her already wet pussy. He moved his tongue quickly against her hard clit then shoved it deep inside her wet pussy hole. His finger massaged her hard button as he fucked her with his tongue. Amber grabbed on to the poles on both side of her and started moving her hips with his tongue. He removed it and licked from the top of her ass crack to her sensitive clit and then shove his tongue deep inside her once more.

This drove Amber wild. She started moaning louder. Craig brushed his tongue against her clit once more and sent her cumming into his mouth. He licked up her pussy juices and kissed her clit, then licked his lips and stood up. Amber sat up slowly and reached her hands around Craig. She put one on his back and the other on his ass and pulled him towards her. They started kissing again and Amber undid his pants. They fell to the ground. Craig threw them on top of the pile of her clothes and then did the same with his boxers. His hard cock started Amber in the face begging to be played with. Amber, being very agile, stood up on the merry go round. She turned her back towards Craig, bent down all the way and put her head between her legs. Her pussy was once more in Craig’s face and he could not resist. He began licking and tongue fucking her again. Amber, still with her head between her legs, began sucking on his hard dick. Craig grabbed on to her ass and pounded it against his face while he ate her up. Amber sucked hard on his cock. Her tongue ring rubbed against his shaft and head. The soft skin of his cock caressed her lips and tongue. Craig could not resist and slid two fingers inside her pussy hole and put another finger inside her ass. Now, he was actually fucking her in three different holes. His cock still slid in and out of her mouth, his fingers fucked both her pussy and ass holes. Amber came again on Craig’s face and he licked it up once more. Craig could feel his cum about to bust. Amber sat down on the merry go round and Craig stood in front of her. She shoved hid dick back inside her mouth again and gave it a few more good licks and sucks before he shot his hot load of tangy cum in her mouth. Amber licked up every drop of it making sure to get his cock clean for pussy entry. This is what she had been waiting for. Amber laid back on the merry go round. Craig positioned himself in front of her. He opened her hole with his fingers and slid his cock inside. His massiveness ripped through my pussy. He fucked me hard and fast. His cock rubbed against the inside of my pussy and I was in heaven.

After only a few minutes of rough fucking, Amber noticed a shadowy figure approaching them. She didn’t say anything to Craig because she was so into it. She thought it was just a passerby. Well, she was wrong. A flashlight was staring them in the face, and attached to the flashlight was a police officer! Craig still inside her, he leaned down to try and cover as much of Amber as he could with his body. “May I ask what you think you two are doing?” The officer said. “It looks like you are breaking a couple of laws to me. This park is closed from 11pm to 6am. It is almost 4:30 right now. Now correct me if I am wrong, but screwing in a public place is against the law, right?” he said. Craig and Amber looked at each other. The officer approached them and shined the flash light down towards Amber’s pussy but was unable to see it due to Craig’s body being in the way. The officer ordered Craig to pull out and move. He did and the officer shine the light on Amber’s wet pulsating pussy. He reached his hand down and slipped a finger inside Amber. Then pulled it out and licked it. “Looks like you were hitting some good pussy right here,” he said. “I suppose I would be able to let you go, under two conditions that is. The first, you have to let me watch you finish fucking. The second, I can join in and do whatever I want. In return, I won’t write you up or take you to jail.” Amber and Craig quickly agreed. The last thing they needed were problems with the law. It was a little weird getting restarted since the officer was there staring at them, but once they got started it was on.

Craig lay on his back on the merry go round and Amber climbed on top of him. He sat down and his hard cock rammed inside her tight hole once more. Amber bounced up and down on top of Craig, his dick slipping in and out of her several times. Her large hard breasts bounced up and down. The officer watched in amazement. Never had he seen someone so knowledgeable and experienced and only being 18. He was rock hard by now watching the two of them go at it like rabbits. He dropped his pants and boxers and started rubbing his hard 7 inches. He wanted inside her too. He approached Amber and Craig. She was still on top riding Craig. “I’m coming in,” he said. He slid his hard cock inside Amber’s ass hole. She got goose bumps all over her body. He started fucking her ass hard, but it was not enough. He wanted inside her pussy. He demanded to get inside. Craig pulled out once more and started stroking himself. The officer rammed his hard cock inside Amber’s wet pussy and fucked her hard. He slammed her ass against his body to get in further. Craig was strangely aroused by watching this cop fuck his girl. Amber pulled Craig towards her. She started sucking on his cock while she got fucked by the officer. The officer slapped her ass cheek a couple times before letting a huge load go. He shot his hot sticky load of cum deep into her pussy as she came all over his cock. His cock and her pussy were covered in stickiness. He pulled his cock out and demanded that she lick it off. Craig once more entered Amber’s pussy and started fucking her. She began sucking on the officer’s dick. his hot rod slid I and out of her mouth. Her lips pressed against the shaft and his head caressed the back of her throat. He had never been with anyone that had a tongue ring before and it drove him crazy. The officer wildly fucked her mouth and shot another hot load of cum out, this time letting it go in her mouth. She licked up his cum, swallowed it and smiled. Her and Craig, on the other hand, were both about to come and this was going to be big. Craig fucked Amber faster and faster. he was unable to stop himself even if her wanted to. Amber started moaning loudly. Her moans then turned into screams as she had the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Her cum dripped down onto Craig’s cock as he shot his cum load deep inside her pussy. Craig moaned loudly and then shot another load inside her once more. Amber and Craig collapsed next to each other unable to move. They were breathing heavily, trying their hardest to catch their breaths. The officer approached them and simply said, “Thanks.” Then he walked to his cruiser and drove away. Amber and Craig calmed themselves down and got dressed. Then he walked her home. It was a quite walk home. This was definitely an experience they would never forget.

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