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A True Story Mostly

A True Story Mostly (Only the names have been changed blah, blah, blah)

There were definitely better jobs than being a landscaper. Hell, working two jobs now and the part-time one I was pulling paid as much in two days that I got a week here. Still, I got up every morning around five and by six-fifteen garbage bag tied to a belt loop and picker in my hand. I’d go out onto the dark parking lot of the local mall. To police cans and crap till the sun comes up. Why did I do this?

“Hey darling, over here.” Peeking round the delivery door calling to me as I came round the curb. Michelle is blonde green eyed and to put it country simple trailer trash. Good looking well built as in well-stacked trailer trash mind you. With sexuality that only a few women would confess too, let alone over achieve at. That’s one thing about this woman she was a fucking over achiever.

I’d stash my picker and bag in the bushes and follow Michelle down the causeway. This was her hideaway as she called it. About half way down was a cul de sac. Where there were back entrances to two waiting to be leased storefronts. The one in the far back had an alcove that she led me too. Where she pressed my back against the wall and planted a kiss on me that had my dick hard the seconds our lips touched. She knew it too, the way her hands groped my crotch. “Damn you’re easy.” She teased. “And that’s a bad thing?” I asked as I reached under her blue mall shirt and then under her bra. Soon as I had her tits in my hands she began to moan. Michelle was one of those women who not only had a bountiful bosom, 38D. She also seemed to have a nerve that ran from her nipples to her pussy. The slightest touch tweak, or kiss on those pearl sized nips. Would have her shudder and flood her cunt with orgasm.

“Oh goddamn. How do you know how to touch me so good.” She’d groan and press her face into my chest. I didn’t have an answer except to touch her that way again. This time however I had already had undone her pants and slipped my hand into her pants. Fingering her soaking wet cooze. When I pinched her left nipple she clamped her hand over her own mouth. Still the tiny squeal reverberated in the alcove. And my hand was coated her juices. “Ok you.” she said in a second and began to undo my pants. My erection sprang out like a flick knife into her hand. She drops to her knees and I brush back her flaxen blonde hair and stare down. To watch as her lips parted and the head of my cock disappeared. Followed by nearly the rest of my shaft. Those lips fitting snuggly and dragging back over my throbbing flesh. Truth to tell I have had better head, but her damn enthusiasm and the fact we were where we were. Gave her major points for the effort.

Besides she also liked it when you grabbed her head and fucked her face. Literally holding her by her ears and hair. Thrusting, ramming my cock in and out of her mouth. The rush I’d get hearing her choke and moan at the same time. Whispering just loud enough for her to hear, “Yeah that’s it you love it cock sucker. So fucking hot, take it all slut, yeah love to fuck your pretty face.” She loved to be talked dirty too. How long would I last? Hell, I don’t know sometimes it seemed like half an hour, other times I would blow in under five minutes. And when I did she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed, like I was sustenance. Like a baby to a bottle, like a cum craving slut or all of the above. Holding my still rigid dick rubbing the head on her lips. “Does it show? Are they?” she always asked. Michelle was asking about her lips, were they swollen, did she have “Blow-job” lips as she quaintly called them. All I would do is smile and answer, “Oh no Michelle you look fine.” While wondering if that puffiness would last long enough for her to be the gossip of the rest of the crew? When we all met up again around seven for our break.

Our day ended at two. She would more often than not follow me back to my place. Usually stopping at the convenience store for a beer. Which she never finished once she was inside. A quick shower together, and even before we made it to my bed. In the hallway I would pin her against the wall and she’d guide my cock into her. I really liked to fuck her standing up. It seemed we were the perfect height. My cock would slide right up into her. My groin would grind against her clit as we humped and bumped against that paneled wall. Once in bed she’d be on all fours me on my knees behind her. We were vain enough to watch our reflection in the mirror on the dresser. “Damn we should be in porno’s.” She’d giggle. “Think so? Guess I’d better play with those hanging fruits then.” I’d laugh and reach down and grope her heavy tits and pinch the nipples. Feeling her cunt tighten up around my planted prick. We’d always climax the same way with Michelle on her back. Me straddling her waist and fucking her tits. Shooting my load all over them and wanting so much to lick them clean and dry. Instead she would just leave my seed there. Letting it dry on her skin. Knowing when she got home that evening, her husband would never suspect that he was eating my load. As he sucked on her breasts while they fucked. “It’s my little secret, and only fair. I know there another woman’s fucking juices all over his cock.” she’d say trying to sound jealous, and it coming out that it turned her on more than she cared to ‘fess up too.

The very next morning the scenario would play almost the same as yesterday. Except this morning I had a little surprise for Ms. Michelle. As we made out in the alcove I immediately drew down her pants and jerked her panties to her knees. From my pocket I pulled out the sleek pink vibrator, turning it on as I rubbed it against her clit. The cheap plastic cock rattled and roared louder than it should. But was quickly muffled by the walls of Michelle’s cunt as I rammed it up inside her. Her knees buckled slightly but only to give her enough spring to re-impale herself on it over and over. Matching the same intensity as my thrusts. “Oh god fuck me f-u-u-u-u-c-c-c-c-k me.” her voice was ragged and echoed. She’d grip my wrist when she came and I counted three. “That’s for yesterday.” I grinned as she redressed and caught her breath. “You know pay backs a bitch.” She reminds. “Better be.” I said and we kissed and went on about the day’s business. At the two ‘o’ clock break we met there again and fucked. It was a quickie we only had fifteen minutes. We were both ten minutes late from break and grinning wickedly as we apologized for making everyone wait.

To be continued.

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