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Growing up, I was always attracted to guys. Until college, I had many boyfriends. Then I went to an all women’s college and I was paired with Laura Weston. We quickly became best friends (my name is Melissa, but everyone calls me Mel). One saturday night, she was out and left me by myself. Since the beginning of the year the only thing on my mind was work. I laid there in my bed, I found my hands unzipping my pants. My left hand went up my shirt to my large breasts. My left hand went down my panties and into my virgin pussy. I’d pleasured myself many times, but I’d ever had sex. My body jumped as my finger brushed mi clit. My left breast was squeezed tight in my hand. My nipple pinched and rubbed till my mind forgot everything else. My fingers sank deep into my pussy, rubbing my pink skin. I ripped off all my cloths and quickly got back to pleasuring myself. Just then Laura entered the dorm room. Embarrassed and shocked, I leaned up against the wall, but couldn’t my cloths to cover myself. She giggled a little. “I could hear your moans outside the door,” she said, “Don’t embarrasssed. You know you’re very beautiful.” I mubbled a thank you still shocked. She moved closer to meand kissed my on the lips. She drew backwaiting for my approval. I smiled. She kissed me harder this time and slipped her tongue into my mouth. She leaned me down on my bed. Removed her pants and got on top of me. She folded her arms down and pulled off her t-shirt. Her heavy breasts bounced as the were uncovered. She leaned on my preessing our breasts against eachother. She moved herself up and down rubbed together. Our nipples pressed tight agaisnt one another’s. Laura moved her hand down into my pussy. She pressed her thumb against my clit and slidded two fingers into my pussy. I began to moan louder than I did when I was masterbating. She sat up and grabbed my breast with her free hand. My body was filled with uncontrolable pleasure. My breaths begame quicker every time she sank her fingers into my. My moans became louder everytime she pinched my nipples and rubbed my clit. Then she stopped. She got off of me and opened her desk. She pulled out two vibrators. She moved to the foot of my bed and spread my legs. She took the biggest vibrator and turned it on. She aimed carefully and shoved it as far as she could into my pussy. The feeliing was so incredible. The vibration wasn’t very strong. It was very gentle. This excited my body far beyond anything I had felt. Laura then turned my on my side. She took the smaller one and turned it on. She slowly but forcefully burrowed into my ass. The pain was paralyzing. But my body was already paralyzed bythe first vibrator. Laura pushed the vibrator into my ass. The pain seemed to vanish into the greatest feeling ever. The Laura flicked the switch on the second vibrator. The vibrations were far more powerful. I moaned louder and louder. Laura then turned me back onto my back and removed the first vibrator. She began to eat my pussy. Her tongue moved slowly through my pussy and massaged my swollen skin. She sucked on my clit and my juices just began to flow from my pussy. She pushed her fingers into my pussy. She removed them and they were covered in my juice. Laura pulled out the second vibrator and kissed my clit. She moved onto the bed, next to me. She kissed the fingers covered in my juice. Then kissed me. From then on I never thought about another guy and Laura and I always loved eachother.

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