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Servicing Headlington Hall

Well fancy that! Me, little Molly Meekly living with the toffs in Royal Berkshire. I was a bit frightened when I first come to Headlington Hall, I knows a girl of my class and background was lucky to even be considered, scullery maid for a family as important as Lord and Lady Nasalbray was a job not to be sniffed at! I was so overwhelmed by the splendour of the huge stately mansion set in acres of rolling English countryside, it did fair turn my head for a while, complete culture shock for a girl used to a cramped terraced housed, crammed into a grimy, dirty city where the air was grey and the furthest you could see was the end of the street.

As it happened, I needn’t have bothered my head as everyone made me feel quickly at home, the master and the mistress were a very nice couple in their late thirties while below stairs Mrs Beeton the cook and Mr Henry the Butler were only in their early thirties, the oldest person in the house was old Ferris the driver, probably in his seventies whilst I was the youngest in the household. Despite the differences in our ages, I seemed to fit in quite well with the others and I was keen to get on with everyone.

“You do as you’re told, keep your nose clean and you’ll be all right” Mr Henry the butler told me on my first morning, himself looking very dapper in his grey, fish tailed jacket, black trousers, crisp white shirt, dark tie and shiny black shoes, he was a distinguished looking man, a little over 6ft, a full head of black hair, cut short, slicked back fashionably, his handsome face perfectly shaved was set with a stern expression as he inspected my new uniform, black smock dress over snow white blouse and long layered petticoats, “I’ll do my best sir.” I gasped earnestly, “I’m sure you will.” Added Mr Henry, winking and patting my behind in a friendly manner.

I tried hard to keep my promise but in the end it was my keen desire to work hard that got me into trouble. All morning I’d been working with the cook, helping in the kitchen preparing lunch, Mrs Beeton, still a young woman was short, a bit stocky but very attractive in her own way with a wicked grin and an enormous chest barely concealed by her wrap around apron. “Now Molly, you finish peeling them potatoes then glaze the ham, I’ve just got to, erm, see her ladyship, wait here till I get back.” Ordered Mrs Beeton removing her apron to reveal her plum coloured blouse and smart grey skirt which she smoothed down, fixing her brunette hair, that was held in a rather severe bun, as she exited the kitchen.

Eager as I was, I quickly dealt with the spuds, hurrying to get on with the ham, but no matter where I searched I couldn’t find the honey, now I didn’t know what to do, I had been told to stay in the kitchen but didn’t want to waste time, so I decided to look for Mrs Beeton, starting upstairs, in the direction I’d heard her footsteps heading earlier. As I wandered nervously around the second storey hallways I was too shy to call out, hoping instead that I would hear some noise that would indicate which door I should knock on to find the cook, turning a corner I heard two women’s voices and approached the room they seemed to be coming from, but before I could knock, the lock that had not been properly fastened, softly clicked and the door swung open several inches. I gasped with shock at the sight that met my eyes, quickly stepping away from the door so I couldn’t be seen, I crouched in the shadows, there before me was her ladyships boudoir, the first time I had seen it and there in the centre of the room, lying on top of the huge bed were two figures.

I had to look twice before I realised what I was watching although instinctively I didn’t interrupt, Mrs Beeton, naked now, her long hair no longer tied back, fell softly onto her shoulders as she sat astride the other woman who was also completely bare and I now realised was her ladyship. I stood, my jaw dropping open as I peeped at the two women before me coupled in lust, Lady Nasalbray, a tall, slim woman of 38 lay on her back, her blonde hair was fanned across her pillow, her knees were slightly raised and her thighs were parted, above her was the shorter, chubbier figure of Mrs Beeton lowering herself down onto the other woman’s face as she began to rub her clearly excited pussy.

“That’s good, finger me whilst I taste your slit” I heard her ladyship command, shuffling her arse as she slid her tongue over the cooks bushy, black mound and hairy arse. I knew at this point I should have discreetly withdrawn but I was transfixed, I had never seen two women making love before and I was curious. “Ooh gosh, that’s gorgeous, now suck on my clit” Continued the older woman, her voice muffled by the pussy in her mouth. I was close enough to hear each woman’s little groans, see the clear liquid beginning to trickle down their thighs and spread across their faces, both of the lovers were oblivious to my presence.

I myself was beginning to feel an almost unfamiliar tingle in-between my legs, the more I watched, the hotter and hornier I became, I could hear my own breathing, it seemed to be thickening in the air, without taking my eyes off the action I struggled to get my hands up my skirt, desperately fighting with my petticoats I finally managed to get my fingers inside my bloomers, biting my lip to stifle the groan that might of betrayed me, as I stood hidden behind the door, my hand feverishly stroking my aching cunt, strumming my swollen clit. I was totally engrossed in the sight of the cook and her ladyship frigging, licking and sucking each other to a mutual noisy orgasm, I never noticed Mr Henry until it was too late.

“Now, now, come away from there” Hissed the good looking butler touching me on the shoulder from behind, I whirled round dropping my arm from my snatch but without conviction, I knew from the grin on his face, he had seen everything, I blushed crimson, fearful of the trouble I might have got myself into. “I think you’d better come with me young lady, you can explain yourself in my private quarters.” Whispered Mr Henry discreetly, leading me by the arm as I shuffled behind, head bowed like a guilty schoolgirl, I had no idea what to expect as the tone of the butlers voice was quite stern even though the hint of a smile still played full on his lips.

Once inside his quarters, a room I had never before entered, Mr Henry pulled a straight back chair from behind his desk and setting it in the middle of the floor sat down facing me, “Well? What have you got to say for yourself?” Demanded Mr Henry, looking me up and down, “I know you were enjoying what you saw but staring like that was quite naughty, now what am I going to do with you.” I stood looking at the floor, my hands clasped in front of me, I knew I should be feeling sorry but all I could think of was how wet and sticky I was becoming. “The only punishment I can think of that fits the crime is a sound spanking on your bare behind, do you submit?”

Looking up I saw the dirty look on Mr Henry’s handsome face and noted the growing bulge in his trousers as he pointed to his lap, “Oh sir, I know I’ve been naughty, do what you will with me.” I said returning his look with a wicked smile of my own. “I shall but you must do exactly as I tell you, pull up your skirt, lift your petticoats and bend over my knee.” Commanded the butler. With trembling hands I did as I was told, hitching my clothes high above my waist, exposing my white cotton bloomers that were beginning to cling damply to my throbbing sex.

“Now come over here, hurry, don’t try my patience” Continued the good looking man, making no effort to hide the huge erection forming a tent in his trousers, feigning anger though really the only tension in the room was sexual. Standing next to the seated figure I bent over his lap making sure to rub myself hard against his groin, without any further notice I felt his big hands take hold of the hem of my panties, sharply tugging them downwards until I felt the rush of cold air on my hot snatch, I couldn’t help let out a little moan of delight and anticipation.

“Part your legs, lift your pretty little bum and prepare yourself.” Mr Henry told me as I squirmed about, I squealed, his hands slapped my arse, I felt the sting and then the glow mingled with the heat rising from my aching cunt. I opened my legs even wider, longing for what I knew must soon happen, at last, tentative fingers began unashamedly stroking my dripping quim, probing even deeper as I begun to gape widely, I thrust backwards, he slipped inside me further making me moan loudly, “Oh god that feels so good, please don’t stop.” I cried through gritted teeth, I needn’t have worried as the butler frigged me faster and faster, expertly tossing me off until with a scream I came in his hand.

If I was satisfied, Mr Henry wasn’t, “Now it’s my turn, stand up and touch your toes.” He ordered, quickly undoing his trousers as once again I did as I was told. Looking upwards from between my legs I could see the butler shuffling forwards his big purple headed prick held tightly in his fist, m hot sticky love juice was dribbling down my thighs, he wasted no further time on foreplay, grabbing my hips he rammed himself fully into my gooey hole, fucking me harder and harder until with a loud sigh he unleashed a torrent of steaming cum over my still rosy arse.

As I left Mr Henry’s room that afternoon I unexpectedly bumped into his lordship. “I saw everything, I think you’d better explain yourself in my room.” He told me with a saucy glint in his eyes. To be honest I had no idea how tiring my job would be.”

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