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BJ Pours It Out

“I wonder why BJ has been such a bitch for the last three weeks” thought Adam as he steered his car toward home after finishing another work day. Adam couldn’t remember ever being around BJ when she’s been so edgy. When he would patiently try and question her, she mumbles or ignores him all together. “I consider myself a patient man, but that girl is heading for a trip across my knee if things don’t change around our house” Adam silently decided. vbcrlfvbcrlf”What!” BJ snapped at the knock on her office door. Annie cautiously peeked her head in, hoping not to rile her friend. She, too, had noticed BJ’s bad moods lately. But BJ had remained silent as to the possible cause. vbcrlfvbcrlf”I’m heading for home and thought I’d wish you a good night,” Annie replied. “Are you sure you’re okay.” vbcrlfvbcrlf”Yes, I’m fine” BJ said, biting her tongue as best she could. “Good night, Annie, and I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” Annie felt as if she had just been dismissed, and quietly closed BJ’s office door as she left. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Damn, damn, damn, why can’t everyone just leave me alone,” BJ silently wondered. “I am so sick of everyone asking me how I feel. And I am so sick of this blasted heat!” Born in the Midwest where the weather changed frequently, BJ always had a difficult time when Arizona saw no rain or even clouds. And it was nearing the middle of July and Phoenix had not had any rain since early March. vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ continued to silently review her life of late while she started to pack things up to head home. “And that stupid doctor telling her what she could eat. Just because of a week in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer. Damn him anyway, and damn Adam for being so strict about it. No drinks, no Mexican food and worst of all, no cigarettes” she thought. “Life isn’t worth giving up everything!” vbcrlfvbcrlfThe only bright spot BJ could think about was her secret stash of cigarettes in her office at home. She kept a pack of Marlboro’s in a hollowed-out book, and would sneak one whenever it was possible. In fact, she had gone through a whole carton in just one week while Adam was out of town. Unfortunately, he had been home and hovering for the past three weeks, and the lack of nicotine was beginning to take its toll on her patience. These thoughts reminded her that she needed to pick up another carton of cigarettes on the way home. She only had one pack left. With her temper barely in check, she headed toward her car. vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam pulled up to the apartment complex and saw Annie’s car pull in. He walked over and called out, “Annie, can I see you a minute?” Annie was startled to see Adam, but immediately knew what he wanted. BJ’s lack of patience had been very evident at work, and all the employees tried to steer clear of her. Annie was no closer to finding an answer that Adam had been. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Sure, Adam. What’s up” Annie responded as Adam drew near. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Is there anything going on at work that might be the reason for BJ’s short temper lately?” Adam asked. “She’s been on edge so much and last night she said she felt like she was coming out of her skin. I can’t seem to get any kind of answer out her.” vbcrlfvbcrlf”I know what you mean, Adam, and believe me there’s nothing at work that I know of. said Annie, feeling somewhat guilty about sharing with Adam. Usually, it was BJ and Annie against Adam and Max. But something was terribly wrong with BJ and she decided that if anyone could help, it would be Adam. “In fact today, she jumped all over her boss, Steve. And Steve came up to ask me if anything was wrong. So I doubt if it’s anything at work.” vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam could tell that Annie was uncomfortable talking about BJ. So he decided to drop it, and find the truth directly from BJ. “Okay, thanks Annie. I’m going to try and get it out of BJ again tonight. See ya later.” vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam was in the kitchen starting dinner when he heard BJ come in the front door. “Hi sweetie, how was your day?” he called out. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Just fine” BJ snapped, unable to keep the sarcasm out of her tone of voice. She continued silently, “fine if you like to drink milk, that is.” She headed directly to her office to put away the carton of cigarettes she had just purchased and hid in her brief case. vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam could tell it was going to be a long night with BJ’s response. She’d probably end up spending all night in that damn office of hers again, ignoring him. The more he thought about it, the more his temper began to flare. “Enough is enough” he thought as he left the kitchen and headed toward her office. vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ had just slipped the cigarettes behind the books in her book case when she heard Adam “BJ, just what in the hell is the matter with you! You are wound up tighter than an old clock.” vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ was startled when she saw him storm in to her private sanctuary. “Nothing, not a God damn thing. Just leave me alone!” she yelled back, afraid that Adam may have seen what she was doing. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Listen here, young lady” Adam continued sternly, “I’ve had just about enough of your bad temper. If it doesn’t improve quickly and I mean now, I’m going to take you over my knee and give you something to really feel bad about. Is that perfectly clear?” vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ knew immediately that he meant business. She had to somehow calm down so he would leave her alone. “I’m sorry Adam, it’s just things at work. And do you realize that we haven’t seen a change in this hot and humid weather since March. I’m just sick of everything right now. I’ll try and be better, I promise.” vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam knew that BJ was just telling him what he wanted to hear. He decided on another tact, “Okay then. I’m going to take a quick shower before I make dinner. You’re right, the weather has everyone on edge.” With that, Adam left BJ’s office. vbcrlfvbcrlfAbout two minutes later, BJ heard the shower go on. “Finally” she sighed and grabbed her open pack of cigarettes from the hollowed out book. She opened the window in her office and lit up. “Ahhhh, now that’s what spells relief” she thought. She put her elbows on the window ledge and inhaled the wonderful smoke she had missed all day. BJ was careful to exhale so the smoke would go out the window and could not be smelled in her office. “This is heaven” she thought, enjoying every drag she took. vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam peered around the corner and was truly surprised at what he saw. BJ’s rear-end was sticking up, her elbows on the window ledge and smoking. Adam had decided to just turn on the shower and come back to see what BJ was up to. He got more than he bargained for. He remembered how terrorized BJ had looked when she began throwing up blood at his apartment and how frail she looked in the hospital. The more he thought about, the more upset he became that BJ would risk getting sick again over a stupid cigarette. But he thought she had quit months ago. vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam crept back to their bedroom and sat on the bed. He was so angry, he knew he had to calm down. Adam decided that a shower may be a good idea after all. He quickly undressed and got into the shower, turning up the cold water. By the time he finished, he did feel better, and was ready for a show down with BJ. After putting on his shorts, he picked up BJ’s antique hair brush that had been her Grandmama’s and headed for her office. vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ was already smoking her second cigarette. She had heard Adam’s shower go off, and figured she had another couple of minutes before he would be done. BJ was just making her move to put out the cigarette in her hand when she heard the swish and immediately felt the intense SPLAT on her behind. “Owwww,” she yelled as she stood straight up and turned around. There was Adam, dressed in shorts, holding Grandmama’s hair brush, looking extremely angry. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Now Adam….” was all that BJ could get out of her mouth before Adam grabbed the cigarette from her hand. Seeing the ashtray on the window ledge, he quickly put it out and took BJ’s wrist firmly in his hand. “Adam, pleeeeease, let me explain” BJ yelled, knowing her fate as Adam dragged her behind him toward the dining room. Wh
she began to fight back, Adam turned on her, put BJ’s head under his arm and planted five very hard spanks with the hairbrush on her backside. “Owwwww….Adam….that hurts” BJ cried. He so rarely used Grandmama’s hairbrush that BJ knew this was going to be bad. vbcrlfvbcrlfMotivated by Adam in the hallway, BJ began to rub her butt furiously as she tried to keep pace with his long-legged stride. She knew no words would possible deter Adam at this point as he sat on a dining room straight back chair and almost threw BJ over his lap. vbcrlfvbcrlf”You have deserved this spanking on your bare bottom for three weeks, little girl, and tonight you are going to feel the backside of Grandmama’s hair brush” Adam sternly said as he tossed up BJ’s skirt. “And believe me, you will get a spanking like this every time you even think about smoking.” BJ wiggled her fanny and tried to move off Adam’s lap. She felt the hairbrush smack on her panty-covered butt as Adam continued, “You just stay exactly where you are, or we will do this again after dinner.” BJ knew better than to test Adam’s patience and she tried her best to be still as he gripped the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her thighs. vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam saw the reddish, oval marks that the hairbrush had already made on BJ’s smooth, pale bottom. “Now when we get done, you are going to tell me why you’ve been such a bitch the past three weeks, young lady.” With that, Adam gripped onto BJ’s small waist and raised his arm and the hairbrush. It came down and made contact with BJ’s bottom with a resounding SPLAT. BJ yelled as if she had never been spanked before in her life. The hairbrush came down again and again, SPLAT!…..SPLAT!…..SPLAT!…..SPLAT! BJ’s bottom turned rosy red as her yelling turned to sobs of tears. vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam began to scold BJ as he spanked, not really caring if she heard him or not. He had enough of BJ acting like a spoiled two-year old. “BJ, you have been acting” SPLAT! SPLAT! “like a baby” SPLAT! SPLAT! “and I won’t put up with it” SPLAT! SPLAT! “any more. I have a good mind” SPLAT! SPLAT! “to spank you every night for a week” SPLAT! SPLAT! “If you are going to act like a baby” SPLAT! SPLAT! “then I’ll be more than happy “SPLAT! SPLAT! “to treat you like one.” vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ’s bottom flattened and bounced each time the hair brush made contact. She was now bawling like a baby and her rear-end felt like it was on fire. She knew that Adam was scolding her, but could not make out any of the words. She couldn’t remember Adam ever spanking so hard. SPLAT! SPLAT! The pain coursed from her bottom through her entire body. She could hardly tell when Adam stopped the bombardment to her extremely sore backside. vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ had barely caught her breath when Adam got up off the chair and lifted her to her feet. He put the hairbrush on the table, and placed his hands on BJ’s shoulders. He turned her around and firmly pushed her down to sit in the same chair he had just been in. BJ’s sobs increased again as the hard wood came into contact with her reddened bottom. vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ tried to put her hands under her backside, but Adam took both of her hands, held them and kneeled down in front of her. “Now you tell me just what is going on. And I’m warning you, BJ, I’m in no mood for back talk. If I don’t get some straight answers, we can always try washing your mouth out with soap!” vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ sat huddled in the chair, her hands firmly held in place with Adam peering at her almost nose to nose. She tried to control her sobs and looked down at the floor. “I …..just…hate….my…,” BJ began between the hiccups of tears. After getting more control, she continued, “I can’t go out drinking any more…and….and….I can’t smoke anymore… won’t make any of my favorite Mexican food…..and the God damn sun just keeps shining and shining.” Just thinking about it made BJ more unhappy and she began to cry harder again. vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam tried his best to suppress a smile as he listened to BJ’s gripes. “Baby, you know that the smoking and drinking and spicy food aren’t good for you. Besides, from the look of things, you haven’t given up smoking all together. And so help me, if I ever see you smoking again, you will think this spanking was a piece of cake. But I just don’t know what I can do to change the weather, sweetie. Remember, we live in the desert!” vbcrlfvbcrlf”I know, I know, I know” BJ almost yelled. “Don’t you think I don’t know all of that. I just feel so rotten about it all.” vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam was surprised by BJ’s outburst. “BJ, I want you to tell me the truth. How much have you been smoking?” vbcrlfvbcrlf”A lot, okay. Are you satisfied. I never quit. Only now I have to sneak them like a little kid. It’s disgusting and I hate it! I even hide it from Annie because I know she’ll squeal,” BJ snapped. vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam was surprised by this news, “well little girl, that’s why you are so on edge. You are going through nicotine withdrawal. Why don’t we run down to the drugstore and get some of that gum to help you quit. Because Barbara Jo, you are going to quit.” vbcrlfvbcrlf”Well damn it, Adam, I don’t want to quit. So what do you think of that!” BJ snapped back, knowing full well that she’d undoubtedly get more of the hairbrush, but she didn’t even care. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Here’s what I think of that, young lady.” And with that, he pulled BJ up by her waist and carried her into the kitchen. Adam stood behind her as he positioned her up against the sink. Then taking one hand and pinching BJ’s nose shut, he took the liquid soap dispenser and squirted the white cream into her mouth. Unable to breath through her nose, BJ’s mouth remained opened. Then without hardly a struggle, Adam put down the dispenser, held his hand over BJ’s mouth and released her pinched nose. vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ could taste the disgusting liquid slosh around in her mouth and fresh tears sprang from her eyes as she choked and gagged. Adam kept her mouth covered as she was slowly forced to swallow. After what seemed like an eternity, Adam removed his hand and allowed BJ to spit out the remaining traces of soap. She reached for silver knob to turn on the water, but was stopped by Adam. Instead, he again picked BJ by the waist and carried her back in to the dining room and placed her over his knees. Adam picked up the hair brush, tossed up BJ’s skirt and resumed the assault on her still sore bare bottom. vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam continued to scold BJ as he firmly spanked her, SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! “If you want disgusting things” SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT “in your mouth, little girl,” SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT “then I will be happy to accommodate you” SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ sobbed and cried, not knowing what was worse, the horrible taste in her mouth or the nonstop burning on her rear-end. She completely lost any fight and was resigned to her helpless situation. BJ’s crying became extremely infantile as Adam landed the last four strokes to the area just where BJ’s thighs met her buttocks. vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam again put the hairbrush down and looked at the resigned figure sobbing on his lap. BJ’s bottom was a bright red and he could still hear her occasionally spit the now nonexistent soap from her mouth. He gently lifted and turned BJ around so her head was on his chest and her bottom between his masculine thighs. “Baby, you are just going to have to learn that we don’t always get to do the things we want to do.” Adam gently hugged BJ as he spoke softly, “We are all helpless in some situations.” vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ’s sobs became harder as Adam’s words registered. “But it’s so hard, Adam” she cried, putting her arms around his neck. vbcrlfvbcrlf”I know, Baby, I know it’s hard. But you can do anything you put your mind to” Adam replied. “Now come on, sweetie, we can help each other. Just let me help you now. You have a lot to be thankful for. I love you with all my heart, BJ. I don’t want you to ever forget that fact.” vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ silently knew that everything Adam said was true. She would surely end up in the hospital again, maybe the next time it would be worse. Besides, Adam was also right when he said that she could do

anything she made up her mind to do. Her strong will, while sometimes getting her in trouble, had also helped her achieve things beyond everyone’s expectations. As more positive thoughts ran through her mind, BJ began to calm down. The nervousness she had felt for the past three weeks seemed to drain away with her tears. “Sweetie, would you do something for me?” BJ sniffled, raising her head and seeking out Adam’s understanding eyes. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Anything, baby, what do you want?” Adam said, looking down at the tear stained face before him. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Would you make it rain, tonight?” BJ replied, a weak smile spreading over her face. vbcrlfvbcrlf”If it was within my power, I would make a gully washer for you, Baby,” chuckled Adam as he hugged BJ tighter. vbcrlfvbcrlfAn hour later, BJ handed Adam the cigarettes she had stored away in her hollowed-out book and the carton she had just bought that afternoon. Adam withstood his strong desire to turn BJ over his knee again. Instead, they drove to Walgreens and picked up a box of Nicorette gum. “This is the only way you are to get nicotine from now on, young lady,” Adam whispered as they waited in the check-out line. He gently patted her still sore bottom to make his point. vbcrlfvbcrlfAs soon as they got home, BJ went to her office and computer to read the latest stories from the A.S.S. newsgroup. Sitting on two pillows as she turned on her computer, she knew she could always count on her Assville friends to lighten her mood with their wonderful senses of humor. Thirty minutes later, Adam called out that dinner was on the table. vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ was thrilled when she walked into the dining room and saw her favorite TexMex meal, ‘Enchiladas ala Adam’ at her place setting. A frown of questioning was on her face when she looked at Adam. “Sweetie, don’t worry.” Adam answered her look, “You can have this. I just put less spice in it. There’s nothing wrong with eating your favorites as long as I can make it so that it won’t upset your ulcer.” vbcrlfvbcrlfBJ ran over to Adam and jumped into his arms. “Oh thank you, honey.” BJ said, wrapping her arms around his neck. “This means so much to me.” Adam felt a twinge of guilt that he had not thought of this before. But he never realized how much she had missed her Mexican food. vbcrlfvbcrlfThe meal was delicious and BJ didn’t even mind sitting on pillows as she devoured her entree. Later that evening, as they were getting ready for bed, BJ held back the curtains in their bedroom and sighed. “What’s that heavy sigh for, sweetie” Adam asked, guessing what it was. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Well, there’s clouds up there, but no sign of rain. But maybe tomorrow, huh!” BJ said, turning to Adam and smiling. “Yeah, maybe tomorrow” she thought silently. vbcrlfvbcrlfAt 3:30 am, BJ was startled awake by a loud clap of thunder. She jumped out of bed, “Adam, Adam wake up, did you hear that,” screamed BJ as she ran to her closet for something to put on. She had gone to bed in the nude and was now silently cursing herself for it.. vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam, who had not heard the thunder, was instantly awake at the sound of BJ’s voice, “BJ, Are you okay?” he said, feeling around her side of the bed. “BJ, where are you. BJ!” a tremor of fear could be heard in his voice as he flipped on the light next to the bed. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Adam, that was thunder. Did you hear it?” BJ yelled, as she hurriedly threw on a thin robe and headed down the hallway toward the front door. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Where in the hell is she going” Adam thought as he recovered enough to get out of bed, grab his own robe and follow BJ. By the time he reached the living room, he saw the front door wide open and could now hear new claps of thunder and the distinct sound of rain drops outside. While he was used to BJ’s sometimes unusual behavior, the view Adam saw as he stepped through the front door surprised even him. He began to laugh out loud as he watched BJ, laughing and twirling around in the downpour of rain. Every inch of her was getting soaked, and the thin material of her robe began to stick to every inch of her body. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Isn’t it wonderful, Adam. Just look at it pour. It feels so good” BJ chirped, like a small child who had never seen the rain. She continued to dance and twirl, her face looking up to the heavens and allowing the rain to caress her face. vbcrlfvbcrlfAdam could tell that she didn’t care at all if anyone in the world could see her at this moment. And he would be damned if he would stop BJ from having such a wonderful time. He just continued to laugh and enjoy the sight of her slender body perfectly outlined in wet material. “Yes, baby, it’s wonderful” he thought, “and you are one in a million.”

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