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A Day on the Set

I had been at the set of a movie, watching the action alongside many others, when two men suddenly picked me up and carried me off to a trailer. Once there I was gagged, tied up, and partially naked when the opening of a door stopped the men. If what followed were a scene from a movie it would have been anticlimactic- another man (obviously the actor to whom the trailer belonged) opened the door rather slowly before he saw what was happening on his bed. He blinked a couple of times, then yelled loudly enough to scare the guys away. The actor did not chase them off, though. Instead he walked over to me, bent down and looked into my eyes. “Are you okay?” He was untying me. I nodded, and then started rubbing my wrists and ankles where they were sore from being tied up so tightly. As I was engaged in this activity one of my arms brushed up against a nipple, which hardened instantly from the touch. I reddened, having forgotten I was partially nude, and looked up at the man. He was staring unabashedly at my breasts. I cleared my throat. The direction of his gaze slowly moved up to my face before he addressed me. ” I don’t mean to be callous, but I can see why they chose you.”
Amazed at this, all I said was, “Why?”
In response to this he reached over and cupped my breast. I had no idea what to do in this situation. On one hand I had a total hard on for him, but on the other I had just nearly been raped. Back on the first hand, though, he had just saved me…

I did not have time to finish the thought before his lips were on mine, his tongue probing my mouth. I leaned back and we fell onto the bed together, kissing. His hands searched my body. I began undressing him as quickly as possible. By the time he was half naked I could feel his cock hardening under his pants. I knew it wanted to be free, but when I reached down to unzip his pants he stopped me. I looked up in response to his protest and saw a slightly pained expression on his face. “Don’t,” he muttered and was instantly back on top of me, groping me. Though this confused me slightly I did not let it slow down what was quickly growing hotter than anything else I had done before. Although feeling his tongue in my mouth and his fingers roaming around my vagina was wonderful, I was ready for the real thing before long. I reached down to touch his penis through his pants but he denied it to me again. At that, everything stopped. I was aggravated now.
“What is your deal?” I asked.
“I don’t know what to do,” he said sadly, “I don’t want to cheat on my wife.”
I paused for a moment, and then reached over for his hand. His fingers were wet from having been inside of me. I looked into his eyes, and then slid my lips down over the tip of his index finger. Tasting myself made me hotter than ever and I flicked the tip of his finger with my tongue a few times before sliding it the rest of the way into my mouth, my tongue ring tracing a path along the underside. After that I stopped, looking back into his eyes for an answer.

In less than a second I had one.

I was on my back and he was on top of me pumping hard like a real man. The force of his repeated thrusts pushed me backward until I was half on and half off the bed. This new angle coupled with the precariousness of this position brought me to the verge of climax, but he stopped just in time, picking me up and lowering me the rest of the way onto the floor. He gave me a look that said he would not stop until he was finished and plunged back into me. The ferocity of this sex drove me over the edge and I came, not being able to take anymore. Seconds later he pulled out and came on my stomach, yelling like a madman. By this time I was a little intimidated. I just lay there staring up at him, admiring his heaving hulk, his heavy breathing. Neither of us knew what to do for a moment, but finally I got up and went to take a shower. I listened to him getting ready to go back to the set and enjoyed the feeling of the cool water running in sheets down my body.
As I was pondering the recently past events, my mind went back to the would-be rapists. They had not actually tried to do anything sexual before they were run off. Also, tying people up and gagging them is not time effective. It was also odd how the actor had come to my rescue at the perfect moment. I had been standing in the same place for hours before I was kidnapped. Why had the kidnappers chosen to take me right before lunch? All questions and oddities led to the same answer, that I had been had by an actor with a hero complex.

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