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Britney and Justin

Sweat dripped down Justin’s face as he sat on the empty gas tank that was already half way rusty and probably unusable. It creaked under his weight. It was hot like in hell. He used to like summer, but here… this is not summer… this is an absolute inferno. Another drop of sweat rolled down his face and landed on the ground vaporizing almost immediately. He cursed himself for letting Chris talk him into driving to Las Vegas. Fucking desert! If he survives this… he’ll kill Chris.

Justin felt his throat becoming dry. Like he had eaten a handful of sand. God! He would kill for a cold beer right now. Yeah… A six pack of Bud. Heaven. And an air conditioner. And a pool. And some foxy chick to give him a… A massage? Yeah, he would love a nice back rub to relax him.

It would be easier if he could start the damn car and turn on the air conditioner. Why would things go the easy way if they can go the hard way? Son of a bitch! He was angry. No. He was beyond angry. He was so furious, steam was about to go out through his ears. He would be pounding on the car if it weren’t so damn expensive. He would trash it instantly. Fucking luxurious cars and their sophisticated technology. If he had a bicycle right now he would be happy enough. Then at least he would be moving and maybe he could get a breath of the fresh air.

Justin reached in his back pocket to pull out his mobile phone. He wanted to call JC and tell the guys not to expect him in town tonight because his car broke down half way to Vegas. He tried to dial a number but there was no signal in this god-forsaken place. Fuck! Well, that much for an all guy weekend of sex, gambling and alcohol in casino capital.

Since he had nothing better to do, Justin looked around himself. A little gas station with the car repair shop was squeezed inside a few square meters and placed in the middle of nowhere. It looked to him like a set from some road movie. A last chance gas station. He smiled to himself. How the hell did he end up here?

He was sitting on that gas tank for an hour now. His ass became sore. The guy inside the shop told him that the mechanic would be there in a few minutes. How many times a few minutes is an hour?! Goddamn it! He can’t sit here for another second.

“Can I help you?” A soft female voice interrupted his thoughts.

Justin looked up and came face to face with the young blonde. She was smiling at him, her hands stuffed inside the pockets of her jeans.

“Thank you, but I’m waiting for the mechanic.” Justin explained not breaking the eye contact.

The girl smiled widely and leaned a bit towards him.

“Yeah… I know.” She said. “How can I help you?”

Justin looked up and down at her with a puzzled expression on his face. She was wearing some bleached out jeans that were ripped on several places exposing her knees and a little of her upper thigh and a simple white t-shirt. Her hair was falling in long locks on her shoulders, framing her tanned face. Sexy, Justin thought.

“YOU are the mechanic?” Justin didn’t believe.

The girl nodded, a perfect line of pearl whites peeking behind slightly open lips.

“Oh, this is not happening.” Justin thought. First his car gives up on him and now a chick mechanic is here to fix it? He’s never gonna get to Vegas. How fucking unbelievable! What did he do to be punished like this?

“Look…” Justin stood up and took another look at the girl in front of him. “My car has broken down and I REALLY need a mechanic. I need to be somewhere, like yesterday.”

“O-kay.” The girl frowned for a second. “Just as I said… I’m the mechanic and if you would tell me what’s the problem with your car… Sooner you tell me, sooner I can start working on getting it fixed.”

“Jesus… She’s serious.” Justin felt hopeless. “Fine…” He shook his head and took her to his car, which was parked in front of the entrance of a small car shop.

“It just stopped and it won’t start.” Justin complained.

“Hmm… Could you please open the hood?” She asked and Justin reached inside the cockpit, under the wheel.

The front hood popped open. The girl slowly lifted it up. She sighed when she saw the powerful machine the lid was hiding.

“It’s a nice piece of machine you got there, sir.” She admired.

“Yeah… It would be even nicer if it would work.” Justin said sarcastically. “And, please… Don’t call me sir.” He smiled and extended his hand. “Justin.”

“Britney Jean.” She said sweetly, accepting his hand. She smiled for a second and then looked back at the car engine.

Her small hand wondered inside it, exploring all the accessible corners with her fingers. She leaned down so she could get a better look. Justin couldn’t help but notice how her shirt rose up when she leaned forward exposing the skin on her back. He tilted his head to the side so he could get a better look of her jeans sliding down her hips a bit when she stretched out to reach the far corner of the engine.

His lips curved into a little smile when a tiny bit of a tattoo on the base of her spine peeked under the waistband of a blue underwear she had on. “A girl mechanic in a thong…” He thought and smirked. “Maybe this is not going to be bad. Not bad at all.”

“Are you hot?” Her voice startled him. She was standing up straight, looking him in the eyes.


“Are you hot?” She repeated.

“Um…yeah… I am… Hot.” He licked his lips and smiled devilishly.

“Well, there’s a fridge in my office…” She pointed with her finger. “Why don’t you get yourself a beer while you’re waiting?” She offered.

The smile from his face faded a bit. He had a different kind of hot in mind. But the beer sounded like a good idea so he took up on her offer. He walked by her slowly and opened the door that led to a small back room. A cool air brushed his face and he shivered. An air conditioner was working full speed in her office.

“Oh, heaven.” Justin thought.

Slowly, he walked through the room looking around, until there was a little fridge in front of him. He opened it and pulled out a bottle of Heineken. Justin opened the bottle and took a long swig from it. It felt so good how the liquid slid down his throat giving him an instant relief. Now he only needs a pool and a foxy chick, and he’s all set. Justin smiled at that thought.


“So… Did you find what’s wrong?” Justin was leaning against the doorframe looking at her. He left the door of her office open so he could feel the cool air on his back.

Britney stood up straight and wiped her hands into a piece of cloth to get rid of the motor oil on her fingers.

“Yeah, sort of.” She smiled at him. “But I can’t get it from this angle. I must go down, under the engine.” She said taking a board with a little wheels on it. She laid on the board and rolled herself under the car.

“Oh, now… This is a nice angle.” Justin grinned for himself. Her torso was mostly under the car but he could still see her toned abs glittering with sweat when her shirt went up. And her legs… peeking out from those ripped parts of her jeans… Very nice.

He could actually feel himself becoming hard just by thinking about the other parts of that girl’s body that he hadn’t seen yet. And sure enough, he would be extremely willing to see them.


“Um… Hello?” A voice startled him.


Britney laughed, “Heat must be getting to you.” She rolled out form under the car.

“Yeah, I guess,” Justin said back a little embarrassed. If she only knew where his mind really was… Right where his body wanted to be, all over hers.

He looked down; she was reaching up.

“So you gonna give me a hand?”

“Yeah,” he bit his bottom lip, “That’s not all I’d like to give you” he said beneath his breath.


“Huh? Oh nothing,” he reached down and took her hand in his, and pulled her up. Their eyes met and their lips were dangerously close. He felt a warm rush flood his body and settle in his crotch.

“Come on inside again, I’m gonna need to use the phone and you look hot.”

“So do you.” He had let it slip out without even thinking about it.

She smiled at him and blushed a little, “You definitely need to get inside.”

He followed her watching her hips sway, “Did she know how that sounded, is she teasing me?”, he thought, “Or am I just horny and reading into it.”

When they got to her office, she reached for the phone, “Damn phone chord, sorry,” she half smiled at him and then bent over the desk, letting him have another peek at the rim of her thong.

“This is too fuckin’ convenient,” Justin thought, “She has to know what she’s doing to me.”

“Dammit, it’s busy,” she said and started to turn around, but Justin was losing control and had grabbed her hips.

Maybe it was the heat and the beer, or just that she was so fucking hot and he needed some action, but he was not about to pass this up. The worst thing that could happen would be that she refused, then he wouldn’t push. She just gasped, and didn’t make any attempt to free herself. He reached around with one hand and cupped her breast through her shirt. She let out a deep breath and pressed her ass back against his crotch. He took his other hand, still holding the cold beer, and wrapped his arm around her waist resting the bottle against her abs. She shivered a little then pressed her ass against his crotch rubbing it a little.

He leaned in and said in a husky voice whisper, “You like that?” making sure she felt his hardness.

“Mmmhmmm.” She could barely speak.

“Well,” he licked her earlobe, “good, ’cause it’s all your fault.”

He could feel her breathing beginning to quicken as he squeezed her now hardened nipple through her shirt. He slipped his fingers beneath the band of her pants and checked to see that she was now wet. He slowly slipped just one finger inside as he pressed his body harder to hers, then slowly pulling it back out, stuck it in his mouth, sucking the wetness off his long finger, “Mmmm… I’m gonna have to have some more of that, too sweet.”

She was trembling in his arms as he took his hand and reached over to lock the office door.

Still hanging on tight to her body, Justin teased her a little, “Well, well miss Britney, seems we’ve got ourselves a problem here, what would you recommend we do about it?” He slid his hand beneath her shirt and felt her nipple straining against the lace on her bra.

“Anything you want.” She muttered breathing harder.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t quite understand you, come again,” he said with a grin spreading across his face as with his other hand he reached between her legs and gently rubbed his hand over her mound pulling her against him.

“Anything you want,” she almost screamed out.

“Mmmm,” He smiled wider as he grew even harder imagining the possibilities, “First, it’s too hot today for all these clothes,” as he reached up and slid her shirt over her head, Britney in an almost puppet-like action, raised her arms letting him.

“You are very sexy, miss Britney Jean,” he said and planted hot kisses against her neck and down her back, finding the clasp of her bra, which he snapped with his teeth, feeling her buck against him with a gasp when he did so. She let the straps slide over her bronze shoulders, which he traced with his tongue as he reached up touching her now bare breasts, feeling her quiver at his touch. She reached behind her tugging at Justin’s shirt.

“Ah, ambitious too, I like it.” He quickly pulled his shirt off and pressed his chest against her back.

The thought of her bent over this desk was too hot, still unsure if he was just hallucinating from the heat or if it was real. Who the hell cares, he thought, the fact is she was willing, he’d either have his best fantasy or best fuck, what did he really have to lose?

He reached with the hand that wasn’t working over her breasts, snaked it down and unbuttoned her jeans slowly while kissing her along the neck. She turned her head a little as he slid her pants past her hips and he met her lips with his. She kissed him hungrily, like she had been waiting here all her life for this, she was starved for it.

They kept their lips locked together, tongues exploring one another’s mouths. He rubbed her thong feeling how wet she was and she moaned into his mouth. Britney reached behind her, brushed her hand against his crotch and up towards his belt, slowly unbuckling it and trying to get the buttons. He pulled out of the kiss, ” I was wondering how much longer I’d have to wait to be free,” he laughed, “Let me help.”

“Please.” she bit her bottom lip as he slid his own jeans down to his ankles finally kicking out of them. She grabbed the desk and rubbed her ass against his crotch.

He had the biggest grin, no way was this shit happening, “Don’t be a jackass Timberlake,” he thought, ” Take it.”

“That means you’re ready?”

“Oooh, yes, give it to me.” she purred.

He almost laughed, not at her, he was just excited, and slid her thong down, followed by his own boxers. She reached behind her impatiently and grabbed his shaft and guided it into her. As he gave it a hard thrust she screamed out and dug her nails into the desk. He played with her breasts with one hand and with the other grabbed her hip steadying himself as he pumped her, in this position he could see a lot. It turned him on being able to see her rocking on his shaft, the ecstasy on her face and her tits in his hand. This was fucking amazing. She was screaming his name now and moaning. She somehow managed to reach back and dig her nails into the cheek of his ass a couple of times before having to cling to the desk again. She screamed that she wanted to come, but that wasn’t enough. Justin wanted to make her explode. He was ramming himself deep inside and slipped his hand from her tits, down and started playing with her, teasing and pumping her over the edge. Her body shook hard, which almost made him lose it.

“But not yet.” he thought, he didn’t want to come yet.

In one quick motion, he dropped to his knees and rammed his tongue inside of her, making her cry out. He slowly took it out and licked her dry. When he started to get up she turned around and pushed him back into a chair.

“You son of a bitch,” she said, “What the fuck?”

“You came. Hard!” He smirked.

A smile slowly crossed her face as she looked down at his throbbing cock. She licked her lips seductively, looking at him through her bangs. “Yeah, but you didn’t and wasn’t that the problem we had to fix?”

“Yeah,” he smiled. “Holy shit,” he thought to himself. This shit doesn’t really happen.


Britney wrapped her fingers around his shaft, still a little slippery from being inside her, “Damn, I thought it felt big.” she grinned. “Looks good.” She knelt before him and licked the shaft tracing his balls with her fingers.

“Fuck,” he thought, “any minute now, I’m gonna wake up in Vegas with those other bastards. If it’s a dream, then I should at least get to come. What the hell is wrong with you Justin?”

Just then he felt a sharp sensation and shook back to reality, she just nibbled his head. “You don’t get off that easy, stay here.” Britney ran her hand up his chest. “You watch.” She grinned, “No daydreaming, right now I’m your fantasy.”

“Yes.” was all he could manage. She kissed his head and ran her other hand up his thigh as she took half of his length into her mouth, tracing the rest with her finger. She winked up at him, then took it all in. She bobbed her head for just a minute, then running her tongue up the bottom of his shaft licked across the head. She climbed into his lap and started kissing his neck rubbing her wet pussy along his shaft, but not letting him inside. He grabbed her head and guided it back to his and kissed her hard as she rocked against him starting to moan again. He wasn’t inside, but the friction was almost enough to make them come. Then the chair flipped backwards, startling them. Britney laughed. “You ok?”

“Yeah,” he winced a little. It would probably hurt worse later, but now she had been moved and was straddling his waist giving him a good view of her pussy. Justin remembered promising to get some more, so he licked his lips and grasped her hips, urging them forward. She gave him a confused look, but he just grinned widely, pulling her closer to his face. When she was close enough, he reached down with his tongue and flicked against her clit. Britney moaned and bucked her hips, positioning herself perfectly above his face. Justin smiled again and rammed his tongue inside her pussy. She let out a loud, “oooooooohhhh”. This turned him on even more, so he moved his thumb over and started stroking her clit, moving his tongue inside her the best he could. Then he slowly slipped it out and, grabbing her hips again, he began flicking his tongue against her clit. Whenever she felt close to coming, he slowed down and licked her hard but slow. She pressed herself against his tongue and he swirled it around and, with the lightest touch he could manage, he wrote his name with his tongue. But before he could cross the “T”, Britney bucked hard against him and screamed. Justin almost laughed at the thought of what he was doing, but had mercy on her and worked his tongue and let her come, again sucking her dry.

When she stopped shaking a little, she slid back down his body letting her pussy brush him all the way down. Britney kissed him and rubbed against his cock, letting the tip almost inside. Then kissing down his neck, she lightly bit his shoulder and laughed. Britney worked her way down his body, planting kisses and licking her way down. She helped him move to where he was no longer in the chair but still under her control, “Now,” she grinned, “I always fix what is brought in here, especially if I did it.” Britney winked as she took his entire length into her mouth, reaching down and rubbing his balls, then sucking them as she stroked his cock, keeping her eyes locked on his face. Watching him bordering on ecstasy was obviously turning her on, and she liked the way he was occasionally rubbing her body, just enough to show his appreciation, instead of forcing her head on his cock. He fought the urge to throw his head back, close his eyes and scream. He liked watching her tongue move all around his cock, and her lips around it as it disappeared and she took it all. This was so fucking hot. He couldn’t take it anymore, and screamed, “Britney! Oh fuck!!! I’m gonna come!”

She licked across his head, taking his shaft into her hand. “So come,” and then she took his shaft back in her mouth, bobbing faster. As he shot into her mouth, Britney moaned and he watched as she swallowed every bit of it. Britney licked the last drop of come from his head. ” There… all better.” she smirked.

Justin could barely move, he’d never come so fucking hard, especially not down somebody’s throat, let alone the hottest girl he’d ever seen.

“Justin?” Britney gave a little laugh, “Damn, you ok?”

“Oh yeah,” he managed to get out and smiled, “that was…incredible.”

Britney moved up to meet his lips. Her tongue brushed softly across his mouth and Justin felt another heat wave storming through his body. This girl was just too good to be true. If he was dreaming, he never wanted to wake up again. Britney rolled off him and lay on the floor next to his sweaty body. Justin turned his head and met her eyes.

“Hey.” His voice was husky.

“Hi.” She smiled.

“You know, I was thinking…” Justin reached over and moved a strand of damp hair from her face. “You wouldn’t happen to have a pool somewhere around here, would you?”

“No. Why?” She looked at him confused.

“Oh, nevermind.” Justin smiled and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.


Justin was buckling up the belt of his pants when he noticed Britney looking at him.


“Um, nothing.” She shook her blond head and pulled her t-shirt back on.

“Oh, come on.” Justin smiled. “You can tell me.”

Britney leaned against the desk and bit her lip. “Do you always do this?” She asked shyly. “Get stranded in the desert and then seduce your mechanic?”

Justin laughed. “No. Not always. Only the ones with a cute little tattoo peeking from under their panties.” He moved closer and sat on the desk next to her. “And how about you?” His fingertips brushed the smooth skin on her arm. “Do you always let yourself get seduced by your stranded customers?”

“No. Only by the young, curly and desperate ones.” She said.

“Really? You get a lot of those around here?” Justin teased.

“Actually… There has been only one so far.” Britney smiled devilishly. “But I’m not complaining.”

Justin nodded sympathetically and they both laughed

“You know, your car hasn’t been fixed yet.” Britney said when they got back out into the heat.

“Oh, that’s all right.” Justin nudged her with his elbow. “I’m sure you’re gonna handle that. I heard somewhere you’re very good at fixing things.” He smirked.

“Oh, I wonder from whom you heard that.” She gave him an innocent look. “I better get down to work then.”

“Yeah…” Justin gave her a small grin.

Britney disappeared in the small back room and was back a few minutes later with a toolbox. She opened the hood and leaned over the engine once again so she could reach to the other side. A little smile curved Justin’s lips as he saw a familiar sight of her jeans sliding down her hips when she stretched out. He leaned against the wall and decided to just enjoy the view. It took her almost three quarters of an hour of snooping around oily parts of Justin’s car engine until she finally stood up straight.

“Why don’t you get in and start the car?” She pointed with her finger, using the other arm to brush the sweat from her forehead.

Justin nodded and climbed in the cockpit, behind the steering wheel. He bit on his lip while turning the key. The car shook furiously and than started purring like a cat. Britney sent him a victorious look. “Told you I can fix anything.” She smiled widely.

“And I believed you… All along.” He smiled getting out of the car. They stood there for a moment, just looking at each other until Justin broke the silence. “So, how much do I owe you?” He asked.

“Um…” Britney shut her eyes, doing some math. “220 dollars.” She said.

“Whoa!” Justin shrieked. “You’re expensive.”

“Well, what do you expect? You already got the full service…” She paused, than smirked. “With the beer and all.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Justin nodded smiling and pulling out his wallet. “Do you take credit cards?”

“Of course.” Britney snatched his Visa from his hand and marched inside her office. Justin could see her slide the card through the little machine and then scribble something on the receipt. When she got out, Britney handed him back his Visa and then waved a little piece of paper in front of his face.

“If your car breaks down in the middle of the desert sometime again…” She said sweetly. “You have my phone number here. Don’t hesitate to call. I just may give you a little discount the next time.”

“It’s a deal.” Justin agreed and shook her hand.

He sat back inside the car and started the engine. Just before he was about to take off, Justin rolled the window down and smiled at her. “It was real nice meeting you, Britney Jean.”

“Same here.” She smiled back.

“Well… Bye then. Thank you… For everything.”

“Good bye, Justin.” She flashed him those pearl whites for the last time. “Drive safely.”

With that, the window went back up and Justin stepped on the gas and the car rolled down the dirty desert road.

“Las Vegas, here I come!” Justin yelled out for himself and reached over to adjust the temperature on the air conditioner in the car.

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