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Getting to Know Him Better

Me and few friends from work are big *NSYNC fans. When they came to our area for a concert, we were the first to buy tickets. We got front row tickets, right in the middle. The best seats in the house. We went to the meet and greet before the show and when I met Lance, I was the happiest person ever. When I got to him, he looked up and our eyes met.
“Hi, how are you?”
“I’m doing great. And you?”
“I’m doing aight.”
His eyes were just as beautiful and deep as I always thought they’d be. They were the most magnificent shade of green. And his voice was soothing and deep. We had a little conversation the short time I was there with him. I could tell that we had obviously connected. He stood up to give me a hug and when we parted, a piece of my brown hair slid in front of my face. He took his fingers and moved it from my eyes. I smiled and he smiled back.
“Look, you seem like a nice person. How would you like to meet me backstage after the concert?”
“I’d love to.”
“Great.” He said reaching into his pocket. “Here’s you a backstage pass. And I see you are with some friends, but you are the only one I want to come backstage.”
“Alright. So I’ll see you after the show?”
I moved on down the line to meet the other guys and while I was meeting them, I’d glance down the table to Lance and catch him glancing at me too. Once me and my friends met all of them, we went back to our hotel room to get ready for the concert. My friends were happy that I’d get to go backstage after the show and meet them again. But they really wanted to go back there with me. We were all freshly out of college. I was 22, fixing to be 23 in a week. The concert was kinda like my birthday present from my friends. But we had all been planning to go anyway.
We got ready and went back to the arena and went to our seats. The concert soon started and it was amazing. Lance noticed me in the front row and winked, waved and even blew kisses at me during the show. After it was over, I told my friends that I’d see them later on that night and began to go backstage. There was a crowd there trying to get backstage. I just walked up to the guard and showed him my pass.
“Oh yeah, Lance told me that he was expecting you.” He told me and then escorted me to Lance’s dressing room. I thanked him as I knocked on the door and he left to go help the other guards with the other fans trying to get backstage. Lance came to the door and smiled when he saw it was me.
“Hey Gurl! I’m glad you came back here. You are alone right?”
“Yeah, just like you said.”
“Great, come on in. Make yourself comfortable.”
I walked in and took a seat on the small blue velvet love seat. He went to the mini fridge in the dressing room and opened it.
“Would you like something to drink? I have some wine coolers and water if you don’t want anything with alcohol in it.”
“A wine cooler is fine. Thanks.”
He got out two strawberry wine coolers and walked over to me and sat beside me. He took the top off mine and then handed it to me. I took a small sip of it as he did the same with his. Then we started talking. We got along very well and I even noticed him flirting with me. But then there was a knock at the door, it was Justin.
“Hey man, hurry up! Remember, we are all going to a club!”
“Ok, I’ll be right there!”
Justin left and Lance looked at me.
“Daisy, how would you like to go to a club with me and the guys?”
“Sure, I’d love to.”
“Alright then, lets go.”
“Oh, can I call my friends’ hotel room and tell them I’m gonna be in a little later than I thought?”
“Yeah, but you are gonna be in a lot later than you thought. We are staying out until about 3am.”
“Alright, that’s cool with me.”
“Here, you can use my cell phone.”
He handed his cell to me and I thanked him. I called my friends and told them. And then we all jumped into a limo and went to a nearby club. When we got there, Lance had his arm around my waist. I didn’t know why, but I didn’t mind it. We got inside and Lance immediately asked me if I wanted to dance. I was a bit nervous at first. I mean, here I was on the dance floor dancing with Lance Bass. But eventually, I was really comfortable dancing with him. So comfortable, I started to get a little dirty with my moves. I had him up against a wall and I was dancing very close to him. He began to put his hands all over me. Both of our bodies moving together to the beat of the music. I could tell he was enjoying it because I was so close to him that I could feel him get hard. Around 2 in the morning, he just couldn’t take it anymore. He leaned in close to my ear and whispered something.
“Gurl, I can’t take it anymore. Let’s leave early and go back to my hotel room. I promise I won’t hurt you… unless you want me too.”
I smiled as I felt his warm breath on my ear. He slowly licked the outside of my ear and that really did it.
“Yeah, let’s go.” I said with a smile. On our way out the door, we ran into Chris and told him that we were leaving early. We got back to his room and locked the door behind us. We looked into each other’s eyes devilishly. We then began to kiss passionately. He started to kiss and nibble my neck.
“God Lance, I just wanna rip your clothes off right now.”
He smiled.
“What’s holding you back?”
I smiled back. We quickly got each other’s clothes off and I looked deep into his eyes. Both of us were standing there, me in my bra and panties, him in his boxers. I slowly pushed him on the bed and got on top of him. We started kissing and out of no where he grabbed me and got on top of me. He held my arms down and sat on my legs so I couldn’t move.
“What’s all this about?” I demanded.
“Be quiet or I’ll tie you to the bed!”
I was beginning to get a little scared. I didn’t know what was going on. So I asked again.
“Lance, what are you doing?”
He just smiled a devilish smile and reached under the bed and out of no where pulled out handcuffs. Before I knew it, my hands were handcuffed together above my head and attached to one of the bars on the headboard of the bed. Lance kissed down my body and put his hands around me to unhook my bra. I soon figured out that he wasn’t going to hurt me and that he was just trying to be kinky. He removed my bra and dropped it on the floor beside the bed. He then removed my baby blue silk g-string. He smiled at the thought that I was completely naked and handcuffed to his bed. He could do anything to me and I couldn’t do anything about it. He started to slowly rub my clit. His touch made me tense up and he sensed it.
“Relax baby. Don’t get so tense.”
“Sorry. I may be 22, but I’m still a virgin. I’ve never really done anything like this before.”
“Really? Well, then there are many things I can show you and do to you. Mark my words, by the end of the night, I guarantee you will be screaming my name.”
He gave me a devilish look and I smiled back. He slid down to my pussy and spread my lips apart. He rubbed my clit again and I once again tensed up.
“If you think that feels good, wait until you feel my tongue inside you.”
He then stuck his tongue as deep inside as he could. He moved it around in circles rapidly. I arched my back and tried to close my legs, but his strong arms held them open in place. While his tongue was deep in my pussy, he repeatedly rubbed my clit. I began to moan. Then he started to suck my already stimulated clit hard. It felt so good, I softly bit my bottom lip. He soon stopped and unhandcuffed me. But then he slid my body so that my legs and feet were hanging off of the bed. He spread my legs open and put them in the air. Before I knew it, he quickly stuck his dick in me. I tried to scream, but no sound came from my mouth. He didn’t start off slow, he just went as fast and hard as he could. I was going crazy. He could tell I wanted to scream, but even though I wanted to, I wasn’t.
“Come on Daisy. Scream my name. You know you want to, so just do it.”
I still didn’t scream. I didn’t even say a word. The only sounds I made were a few small moans from both the pleasure and the pain of his huge 8inch hard dick. It soon got to be too much for me to bare.
“Daisy, just scream my name.”
I couldn’t help it anymore.
“Oh my God! Lance!”
He smiled.
“That’s it baby. Keep going.”
I went on saying his name. But then before I knew it he pulled out his dick and came all over my stomach. I was so tired, but yet happy. He picked up a nearby rag and wiped his cum off my body and then kissed my body up to my lips.
“How was that?”
I smiled.
“It was everything I’d always thought it would be.”
He smiled back and we both got dressed so he could take me back to my hotel. I went into the room me and my friends were in and they were all up waiting for me.
“Your late Daisy. Where were you?”
I smiled at the thought of were I was and what I had done with Lance. I had decided not to tell them of my night out with him.
“Oh, I was just out with Lance. Just… getting to know him better.”

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