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Road trip of a life time part II

part II
I wanted to cry because it seemed whatever I tried he didnt advance. Just the sweat glistening off his stomach, his back, neck, made me want to shiver and jump him! I was getting frustrated so I went up to our room…the one with two beds no doubt. He followed me and asked me what was wrong. I tripped over the duffel bag before I answered. “SHIT!! GOD, Jonathan, what ever I do you dont respond! I talk to you but you barely talk back, I ask you who you call but you dont answer me! This was supposed to be an awesome weekend, just spending time together, getting to know each other! I want you to kiss me or even hug me or touch my hand but you dont even do that!!” I shake my head and touch my forehead “forget it, Im going for a walk”. The door slammed behind me.
How could I be so stupid! We’re just friends, he’s more catholic then the frikken pope, who am I kidding! I shouldnt even expect anything, its just a weekend away with a gorgeous male movie star. We’ve been on a date before, but that was late last year and he barely spoke to me then! Yeah, I met him for the first time through a friend of mine who knew his sister. Whatever I thought. With that I lowered my head and walked for a couple hours before returning to the room.
When I opened the door I was half expecting him not to be there, but when my eyes danced across the room there were more white lit candles then I could count! He was standing before me, he had showered and had on a black mesh, sleeveless shirt with his nice pair of bluejeans. His shaggy hair was nicely combed but still a bit damp. Jonathan kneeled down and touched my hand “Kori Im sorry for the way I have been treating you for the past couple days. Its just….Well….Its just that I do have feelings for you and I dont know how to handle it.” He pauses and stands up “Jensen was the person I had been calling…she was helping me out with how I should seduce you and all. I was too afraid to plan it on my own” he shoved his hair back behind his ears and shook his head before he kissed me deeply and passionately. A tear came to my eye as he lead me to the bedroom and gently guided me on the bed. We undressed each other as we kissed.
Finally, Jonathan tenderly spread my legs and eased himself between my thighs. We both moaned in ecstacy. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back “make love to me Jonathan, please…I want you not because of you who are, but because of how you make me feel” he kissed me gently as I helped guide him inside me. I could tell he was a bit nervous so I kissed him and caressed his back and along his ribcage and told him it was okay. His rythym was slow at first, but kept gaining momentum as time went by. I couldnt stop kissing him, I moaned in his mouth, caressing his lips, his tongue, his throat, his whole mouth with my tongue. I didnt want this to end, I didnt want him to stop. He rolled me over and I was on top of him, now I was working him, giving him pleasure.
Long into the night we made love, his sexy hot, sweaty body with his shaggy brown hair made me want him even more. We tried all different positions and different methods. It was all worth while! our bodies touchings through-out the night. Pure ecstacy, nothing could make me want to trade this night.
We got back to the campus on the 7th at noon. Everybody was waiting for us, his rep, the cameras, my friends, they all wanted to know what happened. Before Jonathan left me to go with his rep, he kissed my softly on the cheek and squeezed my hand and gazed into my eyes without speaking. From then on I knew that we would be keeping in touch more often then not. Sometimes when he gets breaks from shooting his movies, he will fly down to come see me and we will have a “fantasy getaway” or other times he will fly me up to see him. Just being with him makes me happy, nothing else exists or matters….

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