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The Best Night of My Life ! Part 1

After a long day of cruising for Mopars I went home and cleaned up and decided to go for a beer. I can’t remember the last time I’d been to a bar or lounge for a beer and decided it sounded like the right thing to do . Little did i know just how right !!!

I drive by a nice looking bar that I hadn’t noticed before, a new building-business. And i notice several older cars in the parking lot… late 60’s early ’70’s… no Mopars though but I pull in anyway. Oh it’s kareoke night !!! Never been to one of those, might be neat.

I walk in and there’s a decent crowd, large enough to cause a little bit of SRO. I make my way to the bar and order my Bud and then start looking for somewhere to land. I don’t see anyone I recognize to sit with so I look for a spot along the wall.

Finally ! A decent spot ! As I settle in I start to scan the crowd looking for familiar faces again…not likely to happen since I don’t go to the bars much anymore but who knows. Not looking good, almost scanned the whole room and then… WHOA Baby!!!… the crowd seems to part in slow motion and there sits 3 pretty ladies! One in particular catches my eye. Even though she’s sitting I can tell she’s got long legs, shapely legs as they are clearly visible since she is sitting at an angle to the table. She has her head turned talking to one of the other girls but as my eyes move up her body she turns her head and our eyes meet ! She’s gorgeous!!!!!! She turns back and says something to her friends and they smile and nod their heads. I think, Ok what’s wrong? Why are they giggling? I start to check my zipper, did I forget to zip it? She turns back again and our eyes meet once more this time she smiles ! I smile back and once again she turns her head to talk to her friends. They smile. look at me, look at her, smile and nod their heads and giggle again. Those gigles are killing me!

Ok . No guts no glory !!!!!!! What’s the worst that could happen, besides her saying No if I asked her to dance. Well she could say “Hell No ! ” and I’d feel like an idiot ! Oh well, here I go !

The crowd starts to close behind me as I walk towards her. her back still to me and her friends smiling like the cat who just ate the canary! They keep looking at me then her, me then her, like they are giving her a play by play account of what I’m doing. It takes like what seems an eternity but finally I’m standing next to her. I put me hand on the back of her chair and hope for some words to find their way out of my mouth! ” Hi Ladies! ” They respond with smiles and a simple “Hi” . The lady of my dreams turns towards me and i ask her “would you like to dance?” She looks to her friends for approval and they urge her to go . “Sure ” she says. I pull her chair back for her and offer her my hand, she takes it and we walk towards the dance floor. i was right she is tall. Just the right height, with her heels she looks me straight in the eyes.

We get to the dance floor and as we’re dancing I introduce myself and she tells me her name is Elizabeth . Ahhh such a sweet name. We chit chat for awhile finding out things like where each is from , what we do for a living ,the usual stuff. When the dance is over I escort her back to her table and tell her “Thanks for the dance” i stand there for a second and she says “You’re welcome . I enjoyed it.” I s-l-o-w-l-y start to turn and go back to my spot along the wall and she reaches out and takes my hand. i stop and turn , look at her and she says ” Would you like to join us?” THUMP ! THUMP! THUMP ! goes my heart ! “Yes i would ”

I pull up a chair and everyone introduces them selves. More chit chat and sometime later I ask Elizabeth to dance again. This time its a little slower pace song and so I take her hand in mine and place my other hand on her waist and we dance, nothing real close but close enough to be able to talk in a low voice and still understand each other. While dancing I find out she likes to play pool. Great! So i suggest that after this song we play a game or two.

Well to be honest I have been so mesmerized by her eyes and voice it wasn’t until we started playing pool that i REALLY noticed how big her breast were! OMG !! How could I have not noticed! 36g ! Her eyes and voice were just that hypnotic ! Anyway we are in the middle of a game, I’m losing naturally , since someone is “distracting” me. and one of the other girls comes over ” Elizabeth it’s our turn !” I’m thinking “our turn?” She’s singing in the kareoke contest ! We put down our cues and they head for the stage and i return to my seat. They sing a song called “When i lie next to you “. It sounds incredible !! And the lyrics are so romantic ! When they finish everyone claps for them and they are so excited as they return to the table, So am I , so much so I give Elizabeth a big hug when she returns to sit down. She’s a little suprised at first but accepts it and hugs back. “That was fantastic ! ” I say . wow i can’t believe this. Me ! with the most beautiful woman in the place and she dances, plays pool and sings !!!!!!! I’ve died and gone to heaven and found an angel !!!!!!

After the excitement from the song dies down a little bit I ask her to dance again. we are dancing and talking and laughing and having a good time and the song ends. We start to go back to the table and the next song starts, it sounds familiar, oh yeah !! Swaying to the music by Johnny Rivers. I stop and turn to take her back on the dance floor. this time i hold her close and we “sway” to the music. She smells so good,it must be Shafali! And she feels so good in my arms, I can’t help myself!!!!! I kiss her neck!!!!! OMG !!!!!!!! Did I really just do that????? Fully expecting to get my face slapped I brace myself ! But she kisses my neck !!!!!!!!!!! Whew !! I kiss her neck again and she melts in my arms.

We dance now not even paying attention to the music or the surroundings! I kiss her cheek and then her lips . We are now in a pasionate lip-lock and just barely dancing when someone yells “GET A ROOM !!!!!” OOPS ! Back to the real world! We both laugh and blush as we leave the dance floor and return to the table. It’s getting a little late and her freinds decide they are ready to go but she tells them she thinks she’ll stay awhile longer. they say their good byes and share a few last minute smiles and giggles and then they leave and Elizabeth sits down beside me . Real close !!!!!!! I look her in the eyes and start to kiss her again . This time there is a little tongue involved . as we sit there staring into each others eyes and talking and touching each others hands /arms we decide to go somewhere else , somewhere a little quieter.

When we get to the parking lot she heads for her car, it’s one of the classics I saw when i pulled in !!! This girl gets more and more perfect as the night goes on. Sure it’s a chebbie but we can work on that later ! LOL “You can ride with me if you’d like” I say. “This is mine” I’m in the convertible. “It’s a nice night for a drive in a convertible don’t you think?” “Sure” she says. I walk her to the passenger side and open her door and watch as she lowers her perfect body into the seat. i close her door and go around to get in . “How about something to eat?” I say. “Okay” she replies. I start the car and put it in gear and away we go. We find a nice little mom and pop restaraunt and pull in . i help her out of the car and we go inside and find a seat. The waitress takes our order and we spend the time sitting there holding hands across the table and talking. We are talking and i jokingly suggest that “We get a room !!! like the guy at the bar suggested when we were dancing. She looks up and sees the waitress coming so she replies by running her foot up my leg and rubs my crotch with her foot !!!! SCHWINNNG !!!!!!!!

We inhale our food and head for the door. It turns out to be a good thing we ate something. We will need our strength in a short while ! We jump into the car and i do mean jump and head for my place. As i drive I put my hand on her leg and rub her thigh and she does the same to me ! I push her short skirt up , making it even shorter, exposing her purple panties ! I rub her soft mound, quickly making a wet spot in her panties and she reaches for my crotch and rubs me , making me hard. I reach to pull her panties down and she lifts herself up off the seat and pulls them off for me. i resume rubbing her pussy as I drive , she reclines back in the seat and pulls her top up over your huge breasts, exposing them to the night air, making her nipples hard and erect. She fondles her breasts as I rub her clit. Sweet moans of pleasure are coming from the passenger side of my car! Her breathing becomes more rapid and shallow and soon her back arches and falls and her hips come up off the seat and she reaches down to stop me from rubbing her anymore as the waves of pleasure flow through her body.

After she “recovers” from the tidal waves that have just overcome her, she pulls her top back down and her skirt. We are not but halfway to my house and she wants me bad !! She unzips my pants and unleashes my growing manhood. She caresses it until it is fully erect , erect as it can be while still partly confined. “Slow down Elizabeth, there’ s a road side park up ahead. We can pull in there !”

The minute we pull into the park she undoes her seat belt and bends over and takes me in her mouth. Sucking and kissing it, making it glisten in the moon light ! She stops, gets out of the car, and walks around to the back of the car. I turn off the car and get out to join her. My stiff cock leading the way!

Once I get back there with her she throws her arms around me and kisses me deeply , passionately. I pull her top up and off and toss it in the backseat. She undoes her bra releasing her breast to the night air! I caress her breasts and kiss each nipple and then kiss my way back up to her sensuous neck. Once again she melts into my arms !!!

I lean back and take my shirt off as she reaches between our bodies and undoes my belt and pushes my pants and underwear down around my ankles, stopping on her way back up to kiss my dick once more and and fondle my balls. She continues kissing her way up my body making me quivver as the cool night air evaporates her kisses from my body. She runs her fingers thru the hair on my chest and kisses my nipples ! i can’t wait any longer , I need to be inside her !

I turn us around so she is up against the car and I help her up onto the trunk lid. Nice low sports car that it is puts her at just the right height for me to enter her without any problems. I push her skirt up to her waist and she lets out a short squeal as her perfect ass comes into contact with the cold metal of the trunk lid. I slide myself slowly all the way in her as she lets out a low moam of approval . As i start to stroke her breasts and my rock hard cock starts to go in and out of her wet pussy she reaches down to rub her clit. The moonlight, the cool night air, the sight of her fantastic body! Only one thing could make this any better than it is !!!!!!! Once again I sense the change in her breathing and the rythymn of her body. She is about to cum , again ! Her clit is sooooo sensitive by now and she starts to cum, the sensation is just too much, her body starts to convulse and i start to pump her harder and faster. The sound of her cumming and the look of pure satisfaction on your face is all I need to push me over the edge . I start to shoot my load deep inside her and normally i would just bury my dick deep inside and feel each spasm of cum being sent deep inside but the feeling of moving in and out of her is so perfect that i just keep pumping as I cum . Pumping her until i have nothing more to give and then i collapse on top of her.

Our hearts pounding like a race engine, each of us short of breath, not saying a word ! We can’t !

Finally we recoup enough to kiss. i stroke her face tenderly and kiss her passionately! Still no words! they are not needed !!! A car drives by and we are brought back to reality once more. We laugh as we scurry to pull our clothes on and get back into the car.

We kiss once more ! I start the car and head for home. there we are once more hand in hand in the night. I can’t wait to get this woman home !!!!!!!

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