The Competition

“I’ve always been a good person,” Robert lied. “I don’t think I’m able to be any different.”

“Aw, poor little Robbie,” Cassie was mocking him.  Then she puckering her lips and kissed him on the tip of his nose. She smiled, “Would you like me to show you how to be bad?”

Robert had found the conversation thus far quite arousing; Cassie was fascinating. He nodded, “Yes, please…teach me.”

Cassie slowly unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands over his chest.  She tugged gently at the hair there, then traced a finger slowly over his nipple, touching him the way she herself so enjoyed being touched.  She pulled him toward her for a passionate kiss, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Then she paused.

“Now touch me like I touched you.  You’ll get the hang of it quickly enough!”

She kissed him again.  Robert smiled to himself; this might be easier than he’d thought.  He squeezed her breast, almost perfunctorily.  Then Cassie caught his hand and directed it down between her legs. The fabric of her panties was soft and as he pressed his fingers there he felt her wetness. Robert dropped down on his knees, hooking his thumbs into the hem of her panties and slowly pulled them off.

Her pussy was bare, slick and moist and Cassie shivered as Robert placed his lips there. He licked the length of her slit, kissing, sucking, nibbling and probing with his tongue. He ran his hands up and down the back of her thighs.  He then caressed her buttocks; he grasped them tightly and pulled them apart.  He slowly pressed a fingertip into Cassie’s tight sphincter as he continued to feast on her wet, throbbing pussy.  Only moments passed before Cassie’s hips began to buck, and Robert had to firmly hold her in place, pressed against the wall.

Cassie began to slowly slide her back down the wall.  Her knees were weak, and she was having trouble supporting herself.  As Robert pulled away and looked up into her eyes, a  trail of her juices ran down his chin.  He slowly and gently helped her lower herself to the floor.

Cassie sat comfortably, with her back still resting against the wall. She pulled her loose skirt up around her waist.  And then, with her legs splayed open, she opened her blouse and pulled her bra down, below her breasts.  “Show me your cock,” she whispered.

Robert stood quickly, unbuckled his belt, unfastened his pants, and let them fall to the floor.  He was wearing no underpants; his turgid cock pointed directly at Cassie’s face.

“Splendid! Get back down on you knees,” she commanded.  “Face me and watch me and stroke your cock.”

Robert complied, and watched enthusiastically as Cassie pinched her nipples and tugged at her breasts.  Then she licked two of her fingers and traced them along the lips of her pussy, using her thumb to massage her clit.

“We’re going to do something so wicked,” Cassie breathed. “We are going to watch each other masturbate…just watch. You can’t touch me; I won’t touch you.  No talking either!  Understand?”

“I do,” Robert replied, as he continued slowly stroking.

“Your cock is lovely, but it’s so dry,” Cassie murmured.  She had a mischievous look in her eye.  “You’ll never win like that.  Hold out your hand.”

“Win what?” Robert said, extending his open hand.

“Win the race,” Cassie replied, as she launched an ample amount of her saliva directly onto Robert’s palm.

“Rub that into your cock, Robbie.  I want you to be competitive.” Cassie smiled. “Whichever of us cums first wins!”

“And what’s the prize?” Robert whispered, as he continued to stroke, reveling in and enjoying the feel of Cassie’s warm, wet lubricant.

“I’m the prize, Robbie.  If you win, you can have me.  You can do anything you want to me. Anything!  But if I win, I’ll be done for tonight and I’ll walk! Got it?”

Robert nodded.  “Got it!”

“Well, you have a lovely cock there Robbie, and I’d love to feel it inside of me…anywhere you want to put it,” Cassie whispered, her hand a blur between her open thighs, the other hand pinching, pulling and tormenting her nipples.  “But you better get moving…I am getting so close!”



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