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~*A Fantasy*~

Imagine you are an 11 year old girl… not even a teen. Yet you have an immense crush on a guy….

I am 11 yrs old. My name is Chloe. Even only 11, I have big tits (4 my age) and hair covering my pussy. I already have my period. But one day, I met the guy of my dreams… About my height, slightly taller; Darryl had brown hair like mine and soulful brown eyes. The first time I saw him, I liked him. But the problem was, I’m FAT! Not really, just big-sized but I nearly cried when he called me a fatty. Yet still, I find he gazes at me when he thinks I don’t know. But I fantasize about him in my dreams…

I dream about him grabbing me and kissing me passionately, his tongue exploring my mouth. I want his hands to explore my body, ooh baby I do! I want him to suck on my tits, my nipples. My mouth on his cock is even better! But what I want is him inside me… I wish he would make love to me, slowly, pushing his cock gently into my throbbing pussy. I want him to finger my clit, orgasm inside of me! But what I want most is for him to love me wholly with his heart and soul, like I do.

I wish I could kiss him fully on the lips, massage his cock until it erects. I want him soooo much! I wish I knew whether he wants me too… But I wish my fantasy will come true… maybe sometime in the future…?

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