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More than just a game of cards

One warm summer evening while her cousin Steve was at his girlfriends house and Harry “newly found friend” was at work, Kori Jay decided to call a couple of her friends over to hang out. Again she figured that Harry was just being “friendly” last week and wouldn’t want to play with her again. Although she really enjoys his company whenever they are together, and most of all likes his gentle touch, she still figures Steve is right about how she will never have a b/f until she overcomes her fear of “letting go” and not being so shy. She figures her shyness has worked for 19 years, why should she try something different. Anyway, Kori Jay calls up her friends, Jackson, Lacey and Mark to come over and hang out. Lacey and Mark have been dating for several years now and Jackson has a crush on Kori Jay and they have known each other for a couple years although Jackson doesn’t know how to come out and ask Kori Jay out. Since Lacey and Mark are 21, before they came over to the house they decided to go out and buy a couple cases of beer, mostly Blue Skyy, but some Smirnoff as well.

After a couple of hours of playing games like Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, Jackson, who was a bit buzzed, suggested playing strip poker. Lacey thought a moment then with a big smile said yes. They all got into it, ready to go. Before the first hand was dealt though, dear ol’ Harry came walking in from work. Mark told him to grab a seat, for it would be quite the game for another person to play. Before sitting down Harry caught Kori Jay’s eye and winked at her. “What’s shakin’ kids?” he asked everybody, sitting back in his chair with one leg straight out in front of him. Kori couldn’t stop looking at him, his black hair, those muscles outlined from his shirt and his bright white smile with those braces. He was gorgeous, she thought. Finally, the game started and the loser was Lacey the first time around. She happened to be wearing the most amount of clothes that day though, so she started with her socks, since shoes don’t count. After a few more hands and Lacey losing most of them, somebody laughed, “Too bad we didn’t start with a rule of the amount of CLOTHES somebody could have. Geez Lace, you must of shed about two layers of clothing off, what’s with that.” everybody joined in laughing. “Hey guys, sorry to cut this game short, but Lacey and I have to go soon, Jacky, you should come with us since your OBSCENELY drunk, man” Mark said as he laid down his winning hand. “Fuck you, dawg” slurred Jackson as he glared at Mark, then from underneath the table tried feeling for Kori Jays upper thigh, smirking at her. “Yo Jack, that’s my fucking leg!” cried Lacey in shock. Mark came to her defense and started yelling at Jackson, a verbal spat ensued. Although Harry was amused by the whole thing, he still tried to stop the both of them since Jackson was more drunk than Mark. Jackson calmed down, but before he sat back down he paused. Lowering his head and licking his lips with an evil grin, he rushed Kori

Jay, pinned her against the wall and roughly kissed her, groping her. Lacey was pushed out of the way in that process and hit her back against the table, making her wince. Kori Jay was trying to fight off Jackson, crying at the same time because he was hurting her! Harry and Mark both yanked Jackson off of Kori Jay before he could get his hand down her pants. Jackson fell backwards, hitting the card table as Mark was hitting and swearing at him. Before attending to Kori Jay, Harry had to help Mark get Jackson under control. Lacey ran over to Kori Jay and they both went into the other room until somebody said it was safe to come out. After they did, Lacey and Mark help the almost unconscious Jackson to his feet and out the door.

Mark giving Kori Jay a peck on the cheek and a squeeze of the hand before they left, trying to smile. Kori Jay noticed the cut above his right eye before the door shut behind him. Wiping the last of the tears away from her eyes, she looked over at Harry and noticed his lip was bleeding before he wiped it away with his sleeve. He reached for her hand and asked if she was okay since that was a scary moment for everybody. She nodded and tried to smile but couldn’t, instead tears filled her eyes again ,but she tried not to show it. He embraced her and hugged her gently as if to say, its okay, I’m here now. He let go and went to the bathroom to clean up his lip. Kori Jay went into her bedroom and sat on the floor, her back against the bed and knees up to her chest. Not too long afterwards Harry was sitting beside her, trying to comfort her. “Jackson really scared me, I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do. Mark needed help to get him off of me, what would he have done if you weren’t here?” she panicked. “Shh, shhh, shh, Jay, its alright now, nobody is going to hurt you…I, I wont let them, I swear.” Harry promised trying to catch Jay’s eyes. “that frightened me…to see you crying and not being able to do anything…” Harry put his arm over her shoulders, then stole a kiss. Much to his surprise though, Kori Jay didn’t object, instead she grabbed him and hungrily kissed him.

Still kissing they helped each other out of their clothes. Harry laid down on the bed and placed Kori Jay on top of him, purposely placing her pussy on his rock-hard cock. Kori felt the bulge underneath Harry’s boxers, it surprised her at first, but then she started a motion. Slowly humping him, still kissing him, working her rhythm into a faster motion, moaning with pleasure. He could feel her moisten up with each hump, it felt soo good! He grabbed her ass, pushed her down still and helped her rhythm. “Oh my god!” Harry cried as he came not too long after. Still riding him, one last huff and puff for Kori Jay and she came too. Both lying there from exhaustion. After Harry put Kori Jay on her back, he straddled her, took off her bra and started nibbling, licking, teasing her breasts as she lay back in ecstasy. Finally he slid on top of Kori, removing every piece of fabric that laid between him and this forbidden fruit. He paused though, touched his upper lip, left the room and then came back 10 seconds later. This time Kori Jay was looking at a 7 inch, fat, rubbery vibrator–peach flavor. He slid back on top of her, licking her body as he reached her mouth, slipped his tongue in as he handed the vibrator to Kori Jay. She protested, unlocked from his kiss and placed the vibrator on the night stand next to her bed…Looking at Harry as if to say…I want the real thing…Before she could say anything though, Harry asked, “are you sure, Jay?” before he could say another word or even protest, Kori Jay grabbed the back of his head and pulled his ear close to her mouth. She licked it then whispered…”Fuck me, please just fuck me now Har! I need you inside me.”

“I’m 9 inches Kori, we haven’t stretched you enough yet, you can only take 6 inches!?!? Maybe 7 without it hurting a whole lot. Plus I’m huge around, 9 inches in length but 4 inches in width! You’ve only take 6 inches length and 2and a half inches wide…I..” he started, “I don’t want to hurt you”. “stop with the penis talk, fuck me now Harry, I need you inside me, I want to feel you inside me! Talk dirty to me if you have too, oh god I want you now!” With that, Harry pulled out his fat cock and let it stand to attention as Kori Jay admired it. Touching his bottom lip, Harry looked around the room and thought for a moment. Finally he stood up and asked Kori Jay to lay on the floor. She did as she was told. Harry kneeled down, softly, tenderly spread her legs apart until he could see every inch of her hot pink pussy, drenched with her juices. He put his index finger inside of her and felt his way around, then put two fingers in, then three until she winced. Taking his fingers out of her cunt, he licked two of his fingers clean, then proceeded to extend his third finger to Kori Jay. At first she protested, then with a little more coaxing, she finally opened her mouth and seductively licked and sucked his finger clean. Finally he slid on top of her with grace and guided his car into the opening of her garage. He was right, it was so big he could barely fit the head of his cock into her. Although she was wincing in pain and he was trying oh so hard to bury it inside her, he finally gave up. Kori Jay had a plan though, she hungered for this piece of meat and wanted it inside of her, so she sat up, gently pushed Harry by his shoulders to the floor and straddled him. Fondling her tits as she decided to “help out”. With no warning at all Kori Jay somewhat Jumped and fell on top of his cock, she cried out in Pain but attempted it again. Harry’s eyes were closed and he was moaning with pleasure. “Ahh, ooooh, fuuuck meee” he would moan. This time Kori Jay had about 6 inches up inside of her so she started moving around to see if she could get all of him deep inside of her. “Oh my fucking god this feels awwwwwesome!!!! Oh my god, fuck me Harry, FUCK ME!!” she cried. Finally with one more final move, Harry thrust his hips up and as he did Kori Jay cried out in pain and pleasure! She came as all of Harry’s cock was eaten up by Kori Jay’s cunt. Although they were having the best time of their lives, Harry could see little spits of blood coming from her pussy, but he figured not to say anything and ruin his fun—it turned him on more cuz no girl has ever wanted to bleed for him. Faster and faster Kori Jay was riding Harry like a bull until she came three more times, all in a row. Harry wanted to get in on some action so he rolled over onto Kori Jay and started fucking her hard and fast. He grabbed her arms and lifted them above her head and held them there, now she was helpless, she couldn’t do anything, which made Harry even more turned on! It started getting easier for his cock to ride in and out of her hot stretched pussy. Kori Jay felt like she could feel his dick up in her stomach! She tossed her head side to side and wriggled her body, trying to get in a better position under him, but couldn’t since he was bearing all of his weight on top of her and holding her arms above her head. She thought she was going to pass out from the pain whenever he slammed harder into her! Feeling his balls slap against her ass with each hit, it felt so good but it started to hurt as Harry’s rhythm got harder and faster, but mostly harder. Finally, as Kori Jay came for the last time, her whole body arched, Harry kissed her neck before he came with her! He collapsed on top of her, holding her, not moving until Kori asked him to let go of her arms. he kinda laughed because he didn’t realize he was still holding onto her. When he sat up he touched his bottom lip. Looking to his right he said “next time Jay…How about….Uh…How about Bondage! It fuckin’ turns me on like you wouldn’t believe.” “Whatever Har, we’ll see. But I do like it when you take control, maybe we can try it.” she smiled slyly at him as they kissed passionately before Kori headed off for the shower.

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