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Darcy is woken up by…

Darcy was sleeping over at her best friends house. She had slept over a few other times, but this time, she was going to have an unexpected visit.
Now Darcy’s best friends name was Cammie. They had been best friends scince Preschool. Cammie had one older brother, names Aaron. Aaron was a tall fourteen year old blonde, who secretly had a thing for Darcy. So one night at eleven o’ clock, Cammie and Darcy fell asleep.
Darcy was half asleep, when she felt this amazing sensation of someones lips. She opened her eyes to see Aaron with his clothes off, on top of her, he had opened her shirt, and was licking and sucking on her 38- D sized tits. Darcy had no idea of what to make of this, scince she thought that she was dreaming, so she gave in and began to moan. Loader, and louder, and Louder, until Aaron realized what she was doing, and took his dick and shoved into her mouth. She have in and make a little noise, and said sexy things like, ” This is so tasty.” and “Harder, Harder!.” Until he said to her, Darcy do exactly what I say or I’ll show the tape I am making right now, with the camcorder, to everyone!” Right then Darcy knew she wasn’t dreaming.

To be continued…

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