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DayDreaming Part I

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning, As Allison woke-up thinking about the day, she headed to the bathroom to clean-up, and get ready for her plans’ today with LaTel. They had been good friends’ since she was in the 9th grade, and they always’ stayed in touch, whenever he came down to visit. Besides being “Good Friends'”, they always would have sex, before he left for college, all through Allison’s High School year, she never had sex with anyone else, besides LaTel, she knew she wasn’t the only person that he had sex with, but she didn’t care as long as he was there for her.

The first time that LaTel and Allison met was when, they shared a class together in her 9th grade and his 12th grade year. She remember how he would come from behind her and rub her breast, underneath her jacket, and get her wet for the whole day, Boy did she love those special moments’.

But back to the story Allison was planned to have LaTel over her house around 2:00, But she didn’t know that he was far ahead of her. Around 12:30, as Allison was taking a shower the phone ranged. Turning off the shower she quickly answered the phone.

“Hello” said Allison

“Hey, its’ me LaTel, what you doing?”

“Taking a shower.”

“Can I join?”


“Well, you know how to take the fun out of everything.”

“Whatever! So are you still coming over today?”

“Yeah, i’ll be over in a second.”

“Ok, just give me 10 minutes, Ok?”

“Aight, i’ll be over in a little while.”



Allison quickly jumped out of the shower, and toweled herself down. She quickly found something to slip on and off, for she knew it, the doorbell ranged. Making last minute adjustment’s to herself she answered the door. It was no suprised to who it was, of course, it was LaTel.

“Hey, come on in.” said Allison, as she quickly put on some slow music.

“Man, Allison you lookin’ good, its’ been awhile since I seen you, What you been up to?”

“Nothing same old stuff, just trying to get finish school.”

“Well, you know what I want so let me have.”

Before Allison could react, he quickly picked her up and threw her on her bed as he stepped into her room. With sex in her eyes’, he closed her door and locked (just in case someone came home.) it, Then turning back to her, he laid a kiss on her that sent her over the edge.

“So whose on top me or you?” said Allison

With no response, LaTel, quickly pushed his body on top of her as he laid her down while still kissing her. With her legs spread apart, she could fill LaTel dick, against her pussy everytime he moved up, with this, she was already going wild. As he sat up, Allison took his shirt off and massged his ribs and chest, then lifting her up, he quickly slid off her dress/shirt.

“Damn, Allison, your body is lookin’ so right, I knew I did a good job the last time.”

With all this going on, he was easily slipping his pants’ and boxers’ off while sliding her panties down with them, making it very easy for him to already go ahead and fuck her. In the back of LaTel’s mind he knew that she was very tight due to the fact that they hadn’t had sex in awhile. So he started kissing her to make things’ easier and slower. Once he pushed in, Allison quickly let out a soft moan mixed with a cry. After several pushes’ he was finally inside of her. As he felt her relax and get use to the rhymthm, he slowly kissed her neck all the way down to her breast, slowly rubbing her right breast, as he sucked the left breast. Allison was in another world, and couldn’t control her outbursts’.

“LaTel, go faster and harder” said Allison

Wanting to please Allison, LaTel, did as he was told, and with no hesitation quickly went faster, and harder than he did before. LaTel knew she was coming soon, with all the scratching she was doing. So he slowed it down and started back kissing her neck and sucking on her breast. Before LaTel knew it, Allison was wrapping her legs around his waist and pushing him in further. LaTel was just about to go faster when he heard Allison scream out. “OHHHH,MY GOSH, LATEL, I’M ABOUT TO CUM.” With that in his mind, LaTel and Allison both let out screams’, and came together. While resting on top of Allison, LaTel told her that he cared for and was there for her. Allison looked up at LaTel and wiped his face of sweat and kissed his forehead.

Allison dream was then disturbed by the ringing of the phone. She looked around to notice that LaTel was nowhere around her. And that it was pitch black outside, with the T.V. on she realized that she fell asleep watching a boring movie. But could it have been that she had a daydream or was it real?

To Be Continued………………….

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