Maré’s Sexy Nurse

On a sunny Thursday morning, I am at the hospital for a physical. Getting comfortable in the chair, this is the most excited I have been in all my years at a hospital. The reason is my new hot nurse. She is the epitome of every man’s sexual fantasy because she is young, radiant, and the best thing to happen to modern medicine.

Finally, the examination room door opens and “The World’s Sexiest Nurse” walks in. Her name is Kai. She is a short, olive-skinned hottie with long black wavy hair and dark alluring eyes. The powder-blue medical uniform she wears accentuates her curvy physique. As she closes the door, I glance at her ass before she turns to face me with her perfect smile.

“Good afternoon! How is my favorite patient doing?” she asks.

“I’m doing well, Sexy! How is your day so far?”

“Good; I cannot complain. What are you seeing me for today?”

“I’m here for a check-up. It has been a minute since I last had one!”

“Well, you know I’m here to take special care of you,” Kai continues. “I heard your blood test came out negative, which is awesome! So undress and put this hospital gown on and I’ll be back with you in a few minutes. Okay!”

“Cool,” I tell her.

Kai leaves the room and I begin undressing. I take off my Air Jordan VI Retro Low ‘Insignia Blue’ sneakers, matching blue long shorts, and white King T-shirt. The excitement has me aroused as I put on the white johnny gown and sit on top of the examination table. The room is well air-conditioned and I can feel my nipples getting erect.

Kai reenters the room and saunters over to the table. She grabs the stethoscope, places the small disc-shaped resonator on my back, and begins to listen. The perfume she is wearing smells great. It has a nice peach/watermelon aroma.

“Well, you are taking great care of yourself, Maré!” Kai confirms as she looks at my chest and biceps. “Now let me take another listen. Just breathe normally.”

“Sure,” I say.

I begin to breathe normally. Kai slides her soft hand up my chiseled chest and she listens with the stethoscope. I love the feeling of her touches. The physical contact has my dick twitching with excitement. I am trying my best not to expose my erection.

“Hmm, your heart rate seems to be elevated at the moment. Is there anything that might be causing that?”

“Your natural beauty and that lovely perfume you’re wearing,” I tell her.

“You’re too, sweet!” She murmurs. “There is no need to be nervous, Nature Boy! Relax. Let’s test your reflexes, shall we?”

Kai reaches for a small medical hammer and taps my knees with the tool. My leg kicks in response, which amazes her. I cannot stop staring at her eyes.

“Great, that is all good. Now comes the fun part before we move on,” She hints.

Kai put plastic gloves on and place her hand on my thigh. There is no way to hide my excitement now. My dick is fully erect before my sexy nurse. Kai giggles as she sees the embarrassment on my face.

“Do you see the effect you have on the King of New York?” I said softly.

“No, no, you’re just horny all the time,” Kai jests. “Don’t worry, this is all very normal. I’m a professional. I’ll be gentle and naughty!” She winks.

“Oh, I’ll love that!” I reply.

Kai cups my balls with her smooth cool hands.

“Are my hands too cold?” she asks. “I’m sorry. Now could you please cough for me?”

I oblige and cough. Then she begins caressing my shaved balls. Coughing, I am getting turned on more than ever. There is nothing like a sexy-ass woman massaging a boss player’s balls.

She smiles again and moves her hand to my hard shaft.

“Good. You seem to be responding well. The blood flows to your penis nicely!” She shares with me.

She is stroking me harder. Looking up at her pretty face, I see her biting her lower lip, which indicates my sexy nurse is as horny as I am. After a few more strokes, she releases my dick so I can breathe and not cum all over her hand. I love the sultry smile she is flashing at me.

“You love teasing me don’t you, girl?” I ask with a smile.

“The girls must love your big dick, eh?”

“Yes, they often bragged that I’m their best lover!” I express. “They love the way my dick feels inside them, hits their hot spot, and stretches their pussies to the max!”

The sexual attraction is definitely strong in the room. After a few seconds of staring at each other, we begin kissing. Her lips are full and soft. Kai is once again stroking my cock with her hand.

“I shouldn’t being this, Maré, but you have me so horny,” She whispers in my ear. “I am all charged up and need some dick. Can the King of New York help me out?”

I feel my dick growing a few inches. A moment like this usually occurs in erotic dreams or classic porn movies. This is just another indication that I am the luckiest man on God’s colorful planet.

“You know I can do the job, baby!” I answer.

“Have you got a condom on you?”

“Yes, check my wallet.”

Kai bends down and reaches in my short’s pocket. She takes out a Trojan Magnum condom from my wallet and tosses it at me. As I am unwrapping the package, Kai is standing there rubbing her cunt. After rolling the condom on, Kai locks the door to make sure there are no intrusions.

“Please lie down on the table.” She demands.

“You got it, pretty face!”

I lie on the table with my dick standing upright like a vertically fixed post and begin watching Kai strip out of her uniform. I feel like I am at an exclusive Manhattan Gentlemen’s Club as Kai puts on a show for me. She has an incredible body. Her tits are round and firm, and her nipples appear erect and pointy. Kai’s belly is flat and toned, and she is blessed with the perfect pair of legs. She turns around slowly to show me her ass, which is a work of art. The sight of her ass and perfectly shaved pussy has me ready for action!

“I am ready to ride that big bad boy!” Kai murmurs. “I want to know if the legend is true about the King of New York!”

She walks over to the table and pulls herself up. Helping her, Kai straddles me and slowly lowers herself on me. Her pussy engulfed my throbbing dick as it slides into her smoothly.

“Oh, shit!” I moan.

Placing her hands on my chest, Kai begins bouncing at a smooth pace on my shaft. I am groaning and moaning with delight, watching her tits swing with her movements. Kai’s pussy grips tightly around my dick as she rides me faster. Cupping her tits, I am enjoying every second of this wild ride.

Kai moans and then covers her mouth to keep from screaming her pleasure. She pushes down hard on my dick. The heat is effusing from her dripping pussy and coating my cock. Kai’s soft moans of passion are turning into whimpers. I am nearing an orgasm. I know I cannot hold my sexual eruption much longer.

“I’m going to cum!” Kai declares. “I’m going to cum all over your dick, Maré!”

Simultaneously, we have an intense orgasm that has us trembling on the table. Kai continues riding me and cumming with ardor. Her chest heaves as she captures my lips with a wet kiss.

“That was awesome, my sexy nurse!” I utter.

“The legend about the King of New York is true,” Kai says with a smile. “You are the best!”

“And you’re the greatest, my sexy nurse!” I add.

She walks over to her clothes and begins putting them on. Then she leaves the room, waving goodbye.


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