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My Hairdresser

It all started one night when I went in to get my haircut. My hairdresser is a beautiful brunette with short brown hair and a very hot looking little body! Her name is Michele and she is one fine looking lady with some very perky tits that I have often dreamed about putting my lips around. Michele is about 5 ft. 4 in. tall and has a very nice ass with a great set of legs.

On this particular night I went in to get my normal haircut, while thinking about what we could talk about I found that my cock was getting hard thinking about her. I walked and found to my delight that it was just Michele and I in the salon, she said hello, how is it hanging? I said to the right, and she just giggled.

Michele said have a seat, so I hopped in the chair and we started to exchange small talk while she washed my hair. While she was washing my hair I could feel her firm tits pressing against my shoulders, and this caught my attention right away, because she made no attempt to move back, but instead she increased the pressure on my shoulder with her tits which in turn increased the pressure in the crotch of my jeans.

Michele finished washing my hair and set my chair upright, and when she did this my cock had grown enough already that when I sat up my cock was kind of pinched in my jeans, so I reached down and adjusted my cock in my pants and Michele just looked at me and asked me what I was doing, so I told her that my cock was getting pinched and I had to adjust it! She asked if I needed a hand, I just looked at her and said any time! She reached under the cape and gave my cock a good rubbing, I looked up at her and reached out and gave her tight firm ass a nice rubbing. I told Michele not to start something that she didn’t know if she could handle it! She just said that she could handle just about anything!

With that in mind then I pulled her over onto my lap and started making out with her, pulling her shirt up out of her pants so I could reach into her shirt to play with those firm tits. To my delight she had no bra on which really turned me on. She started stroking my cock through my jeans, and I told her why don’t you just pull that thing out and really work it over, so she did just that.

Michelle managed to get my cock out and she said that she was very happy when she seen how big my cock actually was. She bent over and started running her tongue up and down and all around the head of my cock and then she stuck her tongue into the hole of my cock, what a turn on. My cock was dripping pre-come all over the place. Finally I pulled Michelle off of me and it was her turn for a little treatment of the same kind,

I had Michelle sit on her chair while I went down an her, her pussy was very wet and tasted very good. After licking her clit and pussy lips for awhile a had Michelle get up on her knees and lean over the back of the chair. This position made her ass stick out and I could still get to her hot little pussy with ease. I started kissing my way down Michelle’s back and when I got to the crack of her ass she giggled and said that she has never had anyone lick her down there. I told her that there is a first time for everything.

So without further ado I slid my tongue down the crack of her ass and soon I found her tight little asshole with my tongue. I started licking and probing that tight asshole with my tongue while with one of my free hands I reached around and started stroking Michelle’s clit and with the other hand I reached up and was pulling on her perky nipples, It wasn’t long and Michelle started squirming all over my tongue and she said she wanted me to stick my tongue up her asshole. So I made my tongue rigid and started going at it and Michelle started having multiple orgasms, one right after the other.

I decided it was time to start fucking this hot looking lady and pulled her to the edge of the seat while she was still on her knees, and I started fucking her doggystyle in a nice slow rythym and gradually picking up the pace until my balls were slapping against her cunt, I reached around and stroked her clit while I was fucking her to find that she beat me to it and was stroking her own clit. This really got my cock hard knowing that this babe was playing with her own pussy while I was fucking her.

I decided it was time for a different type of pleasure and pulled my cock out of her cunt and placed the head at her asshole. She looked back at me and said to go slow that her ass was still a virgin. I took my time and it wasn’t long and I was stroking my cock in and out of that asshole all the way to my balls, before long I was ready to blow my load and she said she wanted me to pull my cock out and cum all over her tits, so she turned around and I started jacking-off all over her tits and I really blew quite the load looking at her perfect body, I think that I am going to have to go jack-off now that all of this is fresh in my mind again!!!!!

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