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First Love (Part 1)

The first time is usually rushed and incomplete, but still a time that will be remembered through one’s life. Though those early steps are clumsy, they are also tantalizing and exciting, as a person takes the first steps into adulthood. They try new wings, and become their own person, dealing with emotions that will fill their lives.


Michele and Jeff had been friends for years, having grown up next door to one another. It was only natural that they explored this new world together, for as they matured physically tension came between them. Caused by emerging hormones, the tension made even daily conversation clumsy. Sexual curiosity filled their thoughts, becoming all that they could think about.

Michele was a stocky blonde, with shoulder length hair that was curled under at the ends. Carrying a layer of baby fat made her a little chubby, something that she was self-conscious about. Her round face was decorated with thin pink lips and bright blue eyes, all matching her pale alabaster skin.

She had started to develop slightly, but still did wear a bra most of the time. In the daily routine of play, they had gone completely unnoticed by Jeff until just recently. He simply didn’t look at her in those terms, but now hormones made him take a closer look at her curvy body. Her round hips, and pointy breasts appealed to him, and for the first time she had become more than just the girl next door.

The bus had just dropped them off, and she was standing before the mirror in her bedroom. Michele was changing out of her school clothes, before doing her homework. Standing there in only her white cotton panties, she gave a heavy sigh. She had wanted Jeff to kiss her for sometime, but he hadn’t even come close to her. Now she began to question her looks, after all she was overweight and felt unattractive.

Shaking her head, she pulled out a halter-top and shorts to put on. The shorts went on first, and then she finally covered her small pointy mounds with the thin top. The two breasts stood tall and firm, and were outlined clearly by the clingy fabric. Her mom wanted her to wear a bra, but after having it on at school all day, she was relieved to have it off.

She had almost finished her homework when there was a knock at the door.

“Honey, it’s Jeff,” came her mom’s shrill voice from downstairs.

“I’m coming,” she called back.

The chunky blonde stopped once more at the mirror with a sigh, on her way out of the door. Jeff was standing at the bottom the narrow stairs as his friend came bounding down. With each step her tiny tits jiggled slightly, and though he tried not to notice, he couldn’t take his eyes off them.

“I’m going out, mom,” she called back to the kitchen where her mom was busy with dinner.

“Is your homework done?” her mom asked.

“Yeah,” Jeff’s friend replied.

“Don’t stay gone too long,” she said, “Dinner will be ready in an hour or so.”

The two bounded off to the barn, where they sat on some bales of straw. Jeff had never felt uneasy around Michele until recently, but now found it hard to talk at all. As they sat, he thought of her coming down the stairs, and had to fight to keep from becoming totally erect. He wanted to kiss and hold her, but found a wall of shyness had come between them.

Michele stared at the wooden slats under her feet, and played with a piece of straw as she sat nervously thinking about kissing him. If he didn’t want to, she would be embarrassed and might scare him off, but it was clear that if she didn’t, he would never kiss her. She turned her head and looked at his profile staring blankly at the floor. With a brush of her tongue she wetted her lips, and gathered her courage. When at last he looked at her, she darted in and planted a peck on his lips. She cowered back to wait for the worst.

Now that he saw that she wanted it too, Jeff put an arm over her round shoulders and pulled close to her side. Without saying a thing, he tilted his head and kissed her with puckered lips. Slowly each relaxed their bodies and lips, and began a passionate kiss. Wet lips danced together as pent up curiosity finally found voice in a first taste of another.

When at last they sat back, an almost shocked stare was exchanged, and all attempts to curtail their arousal were in vain. Turning to face one another, their arms wrapped and they kissed again more passionate than the first. Jeff could feel her breast press against his chest, and her breath filling his open mouth. He had heard some of the kids at school talking about French kissing, and slowly pushed his tongue out. Hers soon joined in, and a fire filled each of them with lightheaded glee.

Suddenly the dog barked outside, and the two jerked back to their places. Her mom peeked in as they pretended to just be talking.

“Dinner’s ready,” she called up to the hayloft.

“Be right in,” Michele answered.

Her mom walks away slowly, almost acting like she knew something was different between them.

“Well I had better go,” she said.

“Yeah, I suppose you should,” he said with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

“I can’t wait to do that again,” she offered.

“Next time we’ll have to find a more secure spot,” he started. “How ’bout the tree house tomorrow?”

“I’d like that,” she commented.

Michele pecked him on the lips, and started down the ladder. He watched as she bounded off for the house, and he went home to his own. All that night he couldn’t sleep for thinking of her. He was fully aroused, and pictured what she might look like as he stared into the blackness.

It was too much to endure, and he moved his hand to his briefs and pushed it inside. Cupping his fingers over the swollen shaft, it felt good to stroke the aching away. The feeling was like scratching a deep itch, that once couldn’t be reached, and he ran his fingers lightly along the tender underside of his erection. He knew the mechanics well, but had never done anything like that before. It felt wrong somehow, against some moral instilled by his parents, so he stopped. Jeff wanted to masturbate, but hadn’t come to grips with that side of his sexuality yet.

Around noon the next day, Michele came walking up their drive, and the two made their escape into the nearby woods. They walked quickly through the brush, until they came to the old tree fort that they had found some years before. It had been built by kids now to old to enjoy it, and made a private retreat for them. The leaves and twigs on the ground announced anyone’s approach, and made it feel safe and secure for their exploring.

They were on edge with anticipation, as they finally reached their love nest, and nervously fidgeted with energy. Dim streams of light filtered through the trees and walls to give a little light to the fort, and a layer of dust coated the floor. Except for their occasional visits, no one used it anymore, and in all the years they had been going there, they had never seen anyone else.

“You know, Michele,” Jeff started. “I had been wanting to kiss you for a long time, but couldn’t get up the nerve. I’m glad you did.”

He stepped to her, and placed his arms on her hips, and pulled the stocky girl to him. Standing face to face, pressing close, the two once more surrendered to lust and kissed heavily. Their arms wrapped one another, and pulled their bodies tight. Jeff could feel her firm mounds pushing to him, and she could feel his hard member pressing against her stomach.

Jeff had seen women in some of a boyfriend’s magazine, so he knew basically what to expect. Michele on the other hand, had been raised by her mom, and had no idea what a boy looked like. She could feel his thing pushing against her now, and wanted to see what he looked like. Inside, she knew that she would soon enough, but still fought to push her fears aside. Jeff was one that she trusted totally, knowing he would never hurt her of force anything to happen. Yet, long instilled morals nipped at her conscience while she entertained taking things much further.

Kissing was fresh and new that for the moment it gave Jeff all the high he wanted. He too thought to the near future, when he might feel and taste her for the first time. The thoughts made him ache for being so hard and aroused. Longing for relief filled every fiber of his being, but fear of the unknown dampened him.

She had taken the first step, and now he must. He let his hand drift around her back, to where one of her small breasts hid. Cupping it with his hand, he gave it a very gently squeeze. She reacted with a relaxed sigh, and leaned her chest into his exploring hand. Encouraged, he began fondling her through the thin halter-top, and fill with awe as her nipple swelled from the attention.

Her hand drifted to take a turn exploring, and she pressed her palm into his crotch. She felt the hard meat, and explored its outline. It was much larger than she had pictured, and she wondered how it was ever to fit in such a small hole. Then it occurred to her that it would hurt to go that far, and she set a limit in her mind. She would do anything else, but that was strictly off limits. Little did she know, Jeff had placed the same limit in his mind for he feared making her pregnant.

Now she broke from the embrace, and took a step back. He watched with wide eyes as she gently lifted her shirt off. Events went into slow motion as her upper abdomen showed, then the beginning swells of her breasts, and the image of her nipples would forever burn in his mind. The two mysterious hills danced and swayed as she worked to remove the top.

To be continued…

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