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A Cyber Friend Comes To Visit Part 1

I knocked on the door in the code we had agreed on and I heard you quietly say “come in.” I pushed the door open and looked at you, exactly the way I told you I wanted you. Dressed in a short skirt that barely touched your knees, you wore a white peasant blouse with embroidery along the neckline. You’re hair pulled back in a ponytail and the blindfold covering your eyes, you were proud and erect on your knees in the middle of the floor, your hands cuffed behind you. Exactly as I told you I wanted you.
We had met on the Internet a few months ago and after the usual talk of hobbies and jobs we began exploring each other’s sexual desires and fantasies. One evening you revealed your desire to be used by a man you had never seen before and in an environment where you relinquished control completely. You had never seen me before. You still hadn’t.
I quietly walked towards you and placing my hand on your chin I lifted your face into the light and while you were trembling slightly there was a sly smile on your face. Walked around behind you I grasped your ponytail pulling your head down and off to one side so that you looked up at me. Leaning down I kissed you gently on the lips and withdrew slowly pulling your lower lip between my teeth. You leaned towards me perhaps to prolong contact. As I stood next to you with your shoulder against my hip I slowly caressed your face and hair. You melted at my touch.
I knelt behind you straddling your legs and smelled you, a strong earthy scent like the silt from a flooding river and a slight perfume smell I had told you to wash off but I didn’t mind. Mixing in with that was another wilder smell not yet as strong but a smell I had loved before, but never yours. Moving your ponytail to the front of your shoulder I kissed a spot on the back of your neck with my lips full and wet and continued the kissing out along the bones of your clavicle to the flesh of your shoulders and upper arms.
Running my hands along your shoulders and arms I felt your cuffed hands find me already pushing through my clothing. Cupping my balls in one hand and circling my shaft with the other you pulled me towards you pressing the head of my dick against you ass and arching your back towards me. I was no longer sure who was in charge.
Running my hands over you tits I felt your hard nipples as they snagged and caught on my calloused hands. Sliding down the cleft of your stomach I pushed your hips back against my dick and felt my head slipped between the globes of your ass with the tight constriction of your skirt the only thing disconnecting us. Moving further down your thighs I pulled your skirt to your waist with one hand and ran the fingernails of my other hand lengthwise thru your hair. Slowly I felt your nubbin rising until it was hard beneath my fingers and I twirled it between my thumb and forefinger. As hard as it was now I could encircle it with my forefinger and flick its hardness with my thumbnail. All of your weight lay against the forearm that circled you waist holding your skirt and your hands clasped me behind you in a tight embrace. I was very close now and I knew you were too so I lowered your skirt and set you upright over your knees stood and went to pour myself a drink.

The scotch was good stout single malt just like I told you, and while I generally prefer to drink it neat I had need of a few ice cubes so I added them to the glass. All this time you knelt quietly 10 feet from me. The scent I had mildly detected before was stronger now even from this distance. Without sipping my drink I came and knelt down before you and set my drink off to one side where it would not spill. I was anxious to taste you lips, the brief taste I had had what seemed hours before had only wet my appetite. Angling myself towards you so that only our lips touched I was enwrapped by your aroma. Dizzied by your fragrance I had to brace myself with my hands on your shoulders. Flicking my tongue across the outer edges of your lips I patiently probed and pushed and prodded your willing mouth wide until my tongue entered your mouth and I felt you pulled against sucking it in, deeper into you, retreating then probing again until that was all we were.
My fascination with your round ass slowly brought me around and I reached behind you moved my hands beneath your cuffed hands and pulled your skirt up, around you waist. Clasping your smooth globes in both hands and pulling your hips towards me I pushed your lower stomach hard against my dick. With a soft moan your lay your head on my shoulder and breathed warmly on my neck. Probing the cleft of your ass with my fingers I nibbled your earlobe and gently kissed the swell of your neck your ears and your shoulders anything I could reach. Letting go of your ass I took hold of your shoulders and reset you over your knees and once you were centered I drew your blouse down from your shoulders off of your tits and around your waist and arms. Twisting myself to one side I placed one hand at the small of your back and the other across the flat of your stomach. I leaned down and breathed warmly on one nipple, it was as stiff as your clit had been earlier and I took it in mouth. Alternately licking and sucking and gently teething your nipple caused you to arch between my hands and I was glad that I held you as I did. Changing my hands I turned and laved similar affections to your other nipple until it too resembled its mate.
This time when I set you upright you were less stable and I took a few minutes to secure you. Picking up my drink I took a sip and plucked a large piece of ice from the glass and laying on the rug in front of you I reached up and traced the outline of your lips and cheeks with it sliding down your neck and around and over your tits and nipples. You shuddered as I skated the ice down the center of your chest across your sternum and down your tight belly. When I reached the waistband of your skirt I followed it around to the small of your back and eased its melted shape in the cleft of your ass. With another chunk of ice I followed the hollow concave of your spine up to the nape of your neck around to your throat and into your mouth. Standing up I moved to one side and sipped my drink.
When I figured the ice was somewhat melted I unzipped my pants and stepped toward you. Holding you by your ponytail I brushed the head of my dick against your lips. Your mouth smiled open as your tongue flicked out along my shaft. Tightly clasping your ponytail I firmly pushed into your mouth to the hilt. In that initial stillness, I was amazed at the coldness of your mouth for you had waited and held the ice chunk between your tongue and the underside of my shaft. The feel of it was exquisite. In a moment you began to move your tongue finding the minute hole in the head and insisting your way in. As your mouth began to warm I stroked between your lips firmly holding your hair and arching upward against the roof of your mouth. The heat began to spread across my body and up thru my chest and I knew I could not hold out much longer. But I had other plans in mind so I quickly pulled out of your mouth. You followed so swiftly that if I hadn’t been holding your hair you would have fallen, as it was I had to catch you by your shoulders and lower you to the floor. With your cheek against the carpet and your knees firmly under you your lovely ass stuck provocatively in the air. I pulled your skirt up to your waist and poured another drink. To be continued!

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