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The Recording Session up at the old House

The Session up at the old House

I was full of energy one night, I had an afternoon gig and a session of recording on that same evening. I was tired, I had to head for the Old House Studio for a session of back up vocals on that same evening. It turned out that the producer ditched the session and wanted to record me making sexual sounds for a song he was working on. I don’t know why he asked me, but I said sure why not? He was thrilled and asked me to relax. He turned down the lights in the studio and lit a few candles. I was wearing a light blue dress with tiny white flowers, light blue gloves, black pointy shoes with laces that went up to my knees and a black hat. My electric guitar then was a light blue jazz guitar (custom made with light strings and a Fender pick up) and a light blue Fender classic 1973 guitar amp. I wore a light blue up lifting bras and matching panties. My panties barely covered my pussy, most of the time the elastic was stuck between my labia and made my pussy bulge on each side.
The producer came in and suddenly got kind of kinky. I was sort of afraid of him from then on. This is what he did. He came up to me and said “I bet you always think about sex”.. I wondered if he was giving me a come on. He looked evil in the semi darkness and all I could see were studio lights flicking on and off, his mixing board had a zillion lights on it, some green, some yellow, some blue and some red ones. He stopped taking for 20 minutes, just fumbled around with wires and tested the sound. He came back and asked me to make a few sounds in the microphone and I did.
oooh aww… oh yes, yah… testing testing… ect. ect. He then hit the record button and came in the vocal booth with me. I asked, “hey aren’t you suppose to be over there?..”(pointing to the producer’s console). He nodded and closed the door. My GOD! I thought, this is it, he’s going to rape me! My heart started to pump away, he seemed to have turned into a maniac with saliva dripping on his chin, tongue licking his lips, a giant erection through his pants. “Hey” I said, “I’m here to record”. He got angry and called me a slut, he seemed insane. He pulled on my dress top and pulled out my breasts from my blue bras and lifted them up in the air with two hands. I struggled to get away from him and slapped him one on the face. He began to laugh and his long 10 inch tongue (so it seemed) started to lick my bosom in long slow strokes. He was like some alien animal, grunting and licking. I had no where to hide, the door to the vocal booth was locked and it was recording the whole thing. He stuck his head under my dress and began licking my pussy. It felt intense. I thought, I might as well give up and live a little. I spread my legs wider for him to reach down in there and make me feel good. He noticed that I had spread my legs wide. He pushed me on the wall and pulled up my dress. He had such a gigantic erection through his pants. I then took off
my panties..and
spread open wide and he knew what I was asking.
I unzipped his zipper and there it was sticking out nice and hard. I got down on my knees and looked at him in the eyes, I
said “I’m going to suck you off till you come in my mouth” I was smiling by then, I knew this was going to be intense. I remember how good it tasted to have that magnificent large erect penile in my mouth. It was so thick that it pushed on each side of my lips. I moved slowly, sucking lightly on the tip of his penis. He kept moving up and down so I pushed him on to wall. I put my mouth over his penis, sucking on it like a dolly pop. Milking it and licking it all over.
It did not take long for him to start dripping. I put his penis between my breasts and pushed on it and rubbed on it. He started to breath harder and harder as I sucked hard.. up and down on his wonderful hardened shaft. I smiled and licked, sucked and sucked… within a few minutes, I knew he was about to come (I feel pre-ejaculatory spasms in my mouth) He looked at me suck him off and shot up into my mouth, filling it up to rim with warm semen. It tasted so good.
It feels good to have a man shoot up into my mouth. He then left the room and hit the off button. He had recorded 15 minutes of sex sounds, a perfect recording.
Each time I see this producer, he winks at me, grabs by ass and says “I owe you one”. He swore he’s going to fuck me some day.


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