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cyber sex turns into more on frist meeting

I have met this gal on line about a year ago and we hit it off right away and became very good friends in all the aspects we can talk about anything that is going on in our life’s we are both married and both love our spouses to death but have connected in a way that we both had not imagined.
We both talked and had fun playing cards and then it moved into more with the two of us we started having cyber sex on line. We both have cams and got to see each other on the computer and we both saw a lot of each other. She is a very sexy women she is around 5’5 or so and around 135 and has red hair just past her shoulders. She has a perfect set of tits 36c and one of the best looking pussy’s I have seen and bold at that.
One day as we was talking we found out that we lived in the same area of the big city and we decided to meet but not with out our spouses felt it was safer that way for both of us so we decided to meet but were the spouses didn’t have no idea that we was going to meet for the first time. There is this adult movie theater that my wife and me go to once in a while to have fun and watch other couples mess around so we decided to meet there. She was going to bring up the idea of going to this place for the first time to her husband.
IT was set we all decided to go even though the spouses didn’t know anything was going on. Me and my wife showed up first going up to the theater and getting a seat I made sure that we had good seats so that when she showed up I could see her, they was about 20 minutes behind us as she walked into the room my mouth dropped as she was wearing a very nice red miniskirt with a cream color blouse. She looked stunning as she walked in with her hubby as they sat down just a seat down from us. As they sat down and the wife and I had been there for a bit my wife already had my hard cock in her hand stroking me as we watched the movie. As they sat down her next to me and her husband on the right of her. She glanced over and smiled at me as the movie. We on I glanced over to see. That she had his hard cock in her hand he was around the same size as me a little over 7 inch’s
I Leaned over to my wife and asked her what she thought of the couple next to me as she glanced over and saw them she told me that they was very nice and wouldn’t mind getting together with them that he was a good looking man and she was a very attractive women. He I would say around 5’8, and not to big I would of guessed about 160 or 170 with light brown hair and a beard which my wife finds attractive anyway. My wife is 5’5 and about 180 or so and reddish brown hair and really big tits and I am 6’2 210 black hair so we all found ourselves attractive to each other as me and my wife decided to go out for a brake in the lounge area outside the theater. We had to scoot past them as he tried to hide himself from us as we pasted. As the wife and me got outside the theater she told me he was turning her on in a bad way and wanted him. She asked me what I thought about his wife and I told her hell yes.
As we sat in the lounge they came walking out and sat next to us and introduced them self’s to us his name was Steve and hers who I already knew was Lisa as they sat next to us. Steve spoke right up and said that this was the first time they have ever been there and was wanting to know what all went on there and what all the rooms was for. I told him it was for couples or more to go into and have sex or just watch other movies if they wanted to. Then I suggested we all go in and watch something else instead of that boring movie in the theater Lisa spoke right up saying she would like that as did my wife sandy both looking right at each other Steve said he didn’t mind if Lisa didn’t. We all got up and walked down the hall to the last booth in the hallway as we all got in there Steve said only one couch guess well will be a bit cramped there as we let Lisa and Steve have the couch and the wife and I stood up as the movie started out better then the other one I saw that Steve already had his cock out and hard again ready to go as Lisa was stroking him off I leaned over to the wife and told her to go suck his cock for him as she moved around the couch touching his shoulder he quickly glanced up and noticed her coming around as she got on her knees and took his cock into her hand and leaning her mouth down right on to it in one mutation as Lisa broke her grip on his cock watching my wife sucking her husbands cock we had talked about it on line and all but she didn’t know if she could handle it or not but once it was there she sat back and watched my wife bobbing up and down on Steve’s cock as I walked up behind Lisa and moved my hands down her blouse unbuttoning them as I went but she couldn’t take her eyes off my wife sucking Steve’s cock watching Steve as he took his hands and guided her head up and down is shaft as I got Lisa blouse unbuttoned and messaging her great tits like we had talked about. My wife leaned up and pulled her shirt off and took off her bra letting her tits fall out and rub up against Steve’s legs as he pulled his pants off. I moved around Lisa and got down on my knees and lifted her skirt up past her waist as I found that she had just a tiny red lacy thong on under them and they was soaked from watching my wife sucking her husband’s hard cock as I moved my mouth between her legs licking around her thong sliding my tongue around the slit of her thong. When all of a sudden I felt my pants being tugged at I didn’t even bother looking as I knew it had to be my wife cause Lisa’s hands was on my head keeping it tight into her wet pussy as I felt my cock come out and a hand stroking me off as I was burning my face deep into Lisa’s pussy that tasted just like I had thought it would as we had cyber sex on line together. I came up for just a second to see what was going on next to us as I did I saw that both ladies was stroking Steve off as he was getting ready to cum all over the place when he pulled back and had them both stop so he wouldn’t cum just yet as I went back to work on Lisa’s pussy licking on it working her up to a climax as I glanced up to see that my wife’s hands was now on Lisa’s great tits as I felt her come over me and start sucking on them her on one and Steve on the other one now Lisa was getting the whole treatment from all of us which was something we didn’t imagine happening as my wife butted in and moved me away from Lisa’s pussy and moving into my place as she started licking on Lisa’s bold pussy I moved around behind her and took her slacks off as Steve reached down and started rubbing her ass and sucking on Lisa’s tit at the same time I moved around to Lisa and let her take me into her mouth as Sandy licked on her pussy I reached down and played with her tit as I watched as Steve moved around behind Sandy playing with her pussy with his finger I watched as he moved up and took his cock in his hand and looked up at me as asked if it was ok I just shook my head and he took his hard cock and slid it into my wife’s wet soaked pussy grabbing her hips as the thirsted his cock deep inside her as Lisa watched Sandy felt it and moved up arching so that it could go deeper she moved away from Lisa and put her hands on the floor and her ass in the air. As he fucked my wife I moved back between his wife’s legs this time with my cock sliding my cock into her pussy pumping her hard and fast as he was with my wife as I heard my wife cum as she let out a moan and then him arching back and thrusting forward letting his cum go deep inside my wife’s pussy seeing all this made Lisa cum as I felt Lisa cum I couldn’t hold back anymore and I exploded deep into her. Steve got off my wife as I got off Lisa and we moved to our own wife’s and placed our soaked cocks into there mouths letting them suck us clean from the other women we both just fucked.
As we said our good bye and left it was the next day that Lisa and I talked on the net again and told each other that was great and we should keep it up

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