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From Dance To Lovely Obsession

The day after the dance, having made love all morning, they said goodbye at lunchtime. He couldn’t wait for the weekend.

When he came home from work on Friday, she’d let herself in and unpacked her two suitcases. She stood there, offering him wine, dressed in a light blue full-skirted sheer chiffon dress unbuttoned almost to the waist. Her hand touched the glistening white nylon of the full petticoats which frothed out.

“Oh darling, I want you so much!” she breathed. “Go and undress!”

Moments later, she walked into the bedroom. She held him and kissed him passionately. His hard erect penis nestled into the wonderful cool silkiness of her divine petticoats. She paused and whispered, “I’ve bought some divine new lacy lingerie to seduce you … petticoats and slips and knickers and nighties …”

She pulled off her dress, led him to his dressing-table chair and straddled him as he sat on it. He reflected on her cascades of silky sheer nylon which caressed him, and the glossy silkiness of her stockings; his hand rubbed the divine delicate lace of layers of petticoat over its silken surface. She lowered her nipple into his mouth and almost immediately shuddered with the intensity of her orgasm. Pulling back the layers of her petti, she guided his cock through the lacy slit at the front of her knickers and into her pussy.

“You love me in my nylon lingerie and all my lace,” she whispered – and it was too much.

As he gasped, “oh yea! aah!  aah!  aah! aah! Oh Candy, I love you! aah!” his semen pumped into her, and she came again. They crawled into bed and slept.

When he woke an hour later, she lay next to him in a calf-length very full-skirted full slip of two sheer white nylon layers, with cascades of lace at breast and hem.

“Darling,” she said, “sometimes I make love to my pussy by putting on sexy lingerie and divine silky nylon panties and passing a very silky sheer nylon chiffon scarf through the legs and over my pussy. I’d like to do it to you!”

Without another word, she produced French knickers made of the sheerest two layers of lace-encrusted nylon, and pulled them over his legs and his cock. She took the lace and nylon of her slip and passed it through the legs of the knickers and then gently massaged him. The feeling was so erotic and beautiful that he made it last – almost ten minutes, as he massaged her lovely open wet pussy. Finally, she pulled out her slip, pulled down his knickers and lowered herself onto him, his tongue seeking her left nipple. Moments later, they both exploded into orgasm.

The weekend had only just begun.

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