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Dave Helps Anne Spread Her Wings

Friday morning Dave met with Anne at the cabin. Dave is half owner of a motel and has Anne staying at a cabin there. They meet there as it’s one place Dave’s Wife Joan doesn’t know about.

Anne was happy to see Dave. She loves him. Anne is 19 years old and beautiful. Dave is 67 years old and looks like an actor Clark Gable. He is handsome and loves Anne.

Anne is naked as she likes Dave to touch her body and French kiss her. Dave asked Anne, “how she felt after the 20 man gangbang she had last night with his fellow club members?”

Anne replied, “she felt good. She added that she appreciated what he and Bob did to arrange the party. She said the guys were loving, fun, and made love to her. She said she had guys wanting to marry her, date her or leave their wives.

Dave asked to look at her body as it is the morning after the gang bang. Anne slowly turned with her hands straight up in the air over her head. Her skin showed hickys and love bites. Her anus and pussy were very enlarged. Dave thought even so her beauty is more radiant since the gang bang. He will encourage her to be with young men. She needs5 their sperm to enhance her love pursuits. The semen contains protein and other natural beneficial chemicals. He notices she is becoming more beautiful from the love she is receiving.

Dave removed his clothes and joins Anne on the king size bed. They kiss and French kiss. Dave is a “pussy man.” He loves to eat her pussy while finger, hand fucking her. He loves to watch her orgasm and having her hum love sounds. He is her Master. She will have many lovers and maybe get married. However, Anne gave him her body for whatever, wherever, and whenever. She will always be his. He is her Master.

Dave and Anne continue making love. Dave loves fucking her ass. She takes all of his 10 inch cock with some lubrication. He likes to pull her up off of her hands as they remain on their knees on the bed. His cock is still in her ass. He kneads with his fingers her nipples and kisses her neck. She turns her head to kiss Dave.

After making love they shower together. Anne gets on her knees and stimulating Dave’s cock and balls with her tongue. Dave squirts her mouth full and Anne swallows all of his sperm. After showers Dave towel drys Anne. They get dressed.

Anne told Dave, “one of the members named Charlie wants his wife to be trained like she is. He wants her to teach his wife. Anne continued to say she can’t do that. But she can refer him to Randolph. He is the only Black businessman in town. He has a beauty and barber shop for Black customers. She said she has talked to Randolph and he is a nice man with knowledge of many things.

Dave said talk to Randolph and find out if he can help.

Anne called Randolph and asked if she could share something with him?

Randolph said, “ what is it Anne?”
Anne told him about Charlie’s interest in getting his wife trained.
Randolph said he needs to talk to him. Have Charlie call to make arrangements. He also told Anne he wants her to become an official Queen of Spades. He will train her free. Charlie will have to pay for his wife. He will train both of them at the samee time.
Anne said,”Will you be my Master?”
Randolph replied, “yes.”
“You and I are already connected because of the 20 man gang bang. Of course I will. I want to expand your love to men of color.
Anne replied,”I love you Randolph.”
Randolph said, “I love you too Anne. When you finish training you will be a beautiful flower in the garden of love.”

Anne called Charlie at his job and told him to call Randolph if he wants his wife Sharon to be trained. Anne said if he agrees she will be trained with his wife. She asked him to let her know what he decides to do.
Charlie said, “he will call her right back.”

Charlie called Randolph. Randolph gave Charlie the details of training and cost. He said to tell his wife Anne will be with her as a student. The training will be this Friday evening through Saturday afternoon.”

Charlie called Sharon and gave her the details. He also added that Anne will train with her. When she heard Anne is training with her she agreed.
Charlie called Randolph back and said, “Anne being there helped his wife to agree. He would be coming now to pay him.”
Randolph said, “ I will not charge you for training your wife. There will be times however I will need her help at the school or for special occasions. I need you both to agree in writing that you agree to the terms. Charlie your wife will change into a more loving wife.”

Charlie called Anne with the good news. She thanked him.

What Charlie doesn’t understand is BBC(Black Bull Cock) trained may change Sharon into loving black cock lover. Randolph will be Sharon’s and Anne’s Black Cock Master. The master has priority over the husband by them both agreeing in writing for Sharon to take the course. Anne doesn’t have to worry as she is single.

Friday evening Charlie drives Sharon and Anne to the training place in an old industrial area outside of town. New businesses like Randolph’s are renovating large spaces there. They arrive and the girls bring their toiletries. They push the door bell and are greeted by Randolph. Charlie is not permitted to enter. He kisses Sharon. Randolph told Charlie he would call him when the girls are ready to leave.

Randolph hugs the girls welcoming them. He takes them to the locker room to undress. Randolph then takes them naked to a large room with a stage. The room is dark except for two king size beds on the stage with dimmed overhead lighting.
The girls are seated on theater seating in the dark. As Anne adjusts her eyes to the darkness, she can see other people seated. She will find out they are new young trained BBC masters to participate in her and Sharon’s passage to becoming Queen of Spades. Anne estimated 18 men.

Randolph steps up to the microphone and welcomes Anne and Sharon. He also welcomes the graduating class of BBC Masters who will be participating in tonights training of two beautiful women to become Queen of Spades. Everyone applauded.

Randolph gives a history lesson on how BBC was started in the 1800’s. Special Black men were selected as slaves to breed slave women to have children to work in the cotton fields in the South. To carry the tradition to the present time the function of breeding has expanded for other races.

After the lecture Anne and Sharon are led to the stage by two new masters. They put dog collars on their necks with leashes. This symbolizes the women slaves being controlled by their masters of the 1800’s. The two young men had the girls get on their hands and knees and walked the girls around the stage. The audience applauded, shouting,”Anne” and “Sharon.” The girls were brought back to the beds. They were told to get on a bed.

The girls layed acrossed the beds on their backs with their heads slightly over the edge of the mattress. The 6 guys of team “A” came on stage. They watched the girls position themselves with their heads over the edge of the mattress. The girls opened their mouths to receive their masters cocks. The young masters had never had done deep throat fucking on a woman. Tonight they will. As the young masters fucked the girls mouths the guys in the audience shouted and applauded.
The three masters to each girl squirted copious sperm as they are young. The girls swallowed all of it. As the guys finished squirting they proceeded to stimulate the girls clit and pussy. Another master would lick, suck their breasts and nipples. Another master would kiss and French kiss them. Would whisper how beautiful they are. He would knead their nipples with his fingers. He made hickys on her neck, chest and breasts.

There was a lot of attention given to Sharon as she is married. The masters do a lot of stimulating her,bringing her to orgasm as they ask her questions about if she likes what their doing for her and if they are better than her husband?
They ask her if their cocks are bigger than “Charlie’s?” As she is being fucked and orgasming Sharon answers panting,”OMG YES. MY GOD I LOVE YOUR COCKS. PLEASE FUCK ME. DEEP FUCK ME. BREED ME.” One of the masters asks her about the size of Charlie’s cock? She said, “What cock? She said you guys have a man’s cock.

Team “A” would fuck the girls pussys, ass and mouths. The leashes attached to to the dog collars were used to pull the girls head up to suck cocks as their ass and pussy were being fucked. There was also an occasional striking of the leash on their ass to get them to orgasm. When they finished they left the stage. The girls figured they were finished. Wrong. Team “B” is next.

Team “B” were again young, hung and potent. Again the girls would be fucked bareback. BBC Masters do not use condoms as their mission is breeding.

It would be another two hours of team B and C. The guys kept the girls continuously stimulated. The girl’s holes were continuously fucked. The girls necks were constantly held by the leash and dog collar to keep their heads up to keep sucking the guys cocks stimulating them. The guys would continuously fuck the girls.

At 11:30 the girls were taken to shower and other necessities. Two masters were assigned to each girl, They guys bathed them. The girls gave themselves to the masters in the shower and were ass fucked. After showers the guys towel dried them and brought them back to the stage. The girls were served cola. The sugar would pep them up.

The sheets on the bed had been changed. The evening would wind down with guys taking a break. The situation was more relaxed. Randolph told the girls and guys to relax and feel welcome to make love. The lights were dimmed more and love songs were played(1970’s) the rest of the night. The girls were being romantically loved with hugs, kisses, kissing, French kissing and whispered words of love. Sharon was especially more stimulated to become a black cock whore. The extra attention was given to her to stop her husband Charlie from fucking her and she would serve the masters.

At 3AM everyone was sleeping. Sharon was sleeping on the biggest Bull Master. Big Thomas weighs 350 pounds and is the best breeder for deep penetration. He had his arm around her and was snoring. Anne was sandwiched between masters and they were sleeping. Randolph sent two of his best masters to get Anne, bathe her and bring her to him. He wants her to sleep with him and fuck her in the morning. The masters bathed her. They had her suck their cocks in the shower then towel dried her.

The masters took her to Randolph’s room. Anne layed with Randolph as she was exhausted. She fell asleep immediately. He told Ronald and Thomas to return at 9AM and join him to fuck Anne. He told them he wants this gangbang memorable with lots of whispers of love, constant stimulations and deep penetration. They understood that Randolph was working on Anne to become his personal Queen. She would do anything he wants. Sharon was already to serve her master and masters.

At 9AM Ronald and Thomas entered Randolph’s bedroom. Randolph had already started stimulating Anne. He had the guys lick, suck, finger, hand fuck, her clit and pussy. Randolph kisses and French kisses Anne. He kisses and sucks her neck. She is moaning softly as the two guys keep her pussy stimulated with their tongues, fingers and hands. He has the guys suck her breasts and nipples. Randolph whispers in Anne’s ears he loves her as she is being stimulated to orgasms. As she is going to orgasm he asked her if she will be his Queen of Spades? He repeats the question. Anne’s body goes into convulsions as she orgasms. She is panting and squeals out the words, “Yes. OMG yes. I will be your Queen.”

When she replied “yes”, Randolph said it’s time to officially make her my Queen.

He told Ronald and Thomas, “to prepare her for him.” He told Anne, “the two guys would prepare her to become his Queen. They will open wider her pussy and ass for his cock.” When they’re finished he and Anne will consummate their relationship. He will be her Master and she will be his Queen of Spades.

When Ronald and Thomas are done with Anne, they kiss her and leave the room.

Randolph has Anne on her hands and knees. He does DP in her pussy bareback. After he squirts her pussy he has her suck his 12 inch thick cock to another erection. Anne’s holes were prelubricated by the guys cum. Randolph slides his cock into her anus and it went in so smoothly Anne moaned from the stimulations. Once again he Deep Penetrates her ass and Anne loves the feelings and stimulations. Anne is so stimulated from her ass fucking she orgasms when he squirts her ass. He body convulses from the orgasms and she says, “Master please keep fucking my ass,” Randolph fulfilled her request. Anne orgasmed again.

Anne and Randolph layed together after sex. Anne licked, sucked his cock and balls of cum. She had a cup and spoon. She asked him, “if when she pushes the sperm from her pussy he would spoon it into the cup?” He said, “yes.” He also spooned from her thighs as 3 potent men had flooded her pussy. When finished she asked him, “if he would feed her his, Ronald and Thomas’s sperm in her mouth?” He was happy to. The small cup was almost full. He filled her mouth. Anne smiled and swallowed the spoonful. Anne licked her lips saying, “please Master more of the essence.”

Randolph called Ronald and Thomas to come back to his bedroom. They came back to his room looking worried. Randolph said, “look at this cup full of yours and my semen from Anne’s body. She is eating it because she loves us Black men.” Ronald and Thomas said, “she is truly a Queen of Spades. She is ours.” The guys hugged and kissed Anne. After Anne finished she showed Randolph her mouth empty of cum. She had swallowed all of it. Randolph took Anne to shower. She gave herself in the shower. Randolph fucked her ass while she is on her hands and knees in the shower. Afterwards on her knees she turned, putting her arms around his legs hugging him. This Jamaican born man was surprised at her love for men of color. Anne will be a great asset in his business endeavors.

Randolph escorted Anne to the long breakfast table. Although it was a breakfast buffet he had service for Anne, Sharon and himself.

After breakfast the girls received their tatooed Queen of Spade on their mounds by a tattoo artist. Randolph’s initials were added at the bottom of the Spades as he is the training master. The girls bodies belong to him.

The girls receive their Queen of Spade diploma and Queen of Spade jewelry including a velvet choker with QofS gold medallion, matching earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet.

The 18 BBC Masters stood, applauded and cheered the girls. They gathered around the girls hugging them and were photographed for a group photo. The girls didn’t know that they had been photographed for the entire session. This included video taping day and night.

A special photo album was being completed for all participants in the training session.

The Class was over. Anne and Sharon’s relationship as friends would continue as their relationship with the school would continue. Randolph is their master. Their bodies are his. The biggest obstacle will be Sharon’s husband Charlie. But after all he signed an agreement for Sharon’s free training.

Charlie Is Upset With Randolph. Anne and Sharon Are Okay…to be cont’d

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