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Finding the right number

I was at the bar late one night and decided it was time to go home I walked up to the bar and asked for my tab. The bartender turned around and when I looked down and in a womans hand writing theres a number. I had no idea who’s it was or anything. Just knew it had to be a woman because of the hand writing. I slipped it into my pocket paid my tab and walked out. When I was walking up to my truck I herd a girl saying that she cant believe she actually did that. When I turned to look at who it was to my surprise it was my new neighbor Tiffany.

She was fucking hot! That was an understatement. She was about 5 foot 6 medium length blond hair. Prefect body not fat not skinny but just perfect. Her tits had to be 34dd not the type to exactly need a bra but she had one on. Her ass was nice as well. She was wearing a smaller skirt couldn’t really tell from what she was wearing but all in all she was fuckin hot.

I didn’t think it was her number but I could only hope. I walked up to my truck and turned my alarm off. That must have gotten her attention She said hay your my neighbor john arent you? I said yeah I believe I am. Is everything alright? She said yeah but my girls are trying to go downtown and I’m not in the mood could you give me a ride home? I mean you are going home arent you? I said sure we only lived a few miles away from the bar and I figured why not.

We got into the truck and started off. She asked me if I was alright to drive I said I had a few beers but I’ll be fine. She said cool because I’m kindof drunk the. She said while laughing dont tey to take advantage of that now. I laughed back and said no worries. I asked her what was she talking about when she said she couldn’t believe she did that. She answered I left my number on the bar for a guy. I dont know if he grabbed it but my girl said it was gone when she came back from the bathroom. So hopefully he got it. I said it’s in their hands now. She asked me what I ment by that. I said well either he got it someone else got it or the bartender threw it away. I bartend my way through school and most of the time I just threw em away. We talked the rest of the way home about stupid shit where we went to school what do we do for a living the whole 9.

We pulled into the drive way I parked and she kept on talking. She started to say she couldn’t believe what she told that guy. I said what did you tell him. She said well…. I said …. no I cant its kind of embarrassing. I said not a problem it’s your business not mine. I could tell she felt bad about it. She said you wanna know what I said? I told her it was up to her. She said ok I told him about a fantasy I had since I was younger. I said and what’s that? She said I like to be watched. Like through a window or an slightly opened door. I asked what are you doing while your being watched. I knew what she meant but I wanted to clarify. She looked at me like she knew what I was doing. She said ok genius i like being watched while I’m naked or while I’m playing with myself. I’d love to get a phone call and have the guy tell me what to do over the phone while hes watching me. I was surprised as hell she was young bout 24 college girl but not like that. She seemed sheltered and I thought for sure she was saving herself for her husband.

I asked if she was still a virgin she laughed and said no. She started to really open up and say everything about her sex life. Favorite position how much she loves giving head love having her pussy sucked even loving anal. I was surprised by what I was hearing from her but I’ll have to admit I was really turned on and with what I was wearing I could not hide it if we stood up.

We got out of the truck and we both walked in to out separate apartments. I know she saw my hard on theres no way I could hide it in these basket ball shorts. I am close to 8 inches and i am thick so hiding that is next to impossible. Before I walked into my apartment I herd he say have a good night cutie. Then I paused and herd her door shut.

I walked in my apartment and turned off all the lights. Opened the blinds on the window facing her apartment.

I texted her saying hey you !

She replyed and said who’s this ?

I said it’s my rick you gave me your number at the bar tonight. This is Tiffany right?

She said oh hi rick what are you doing?

Oh nothing really just got home and hanging out watching tv emptied my pockets out and seen your number so I decided to text.

So what made you text me?

Well i thought about what you said about being watched and honestly I’m turned on to be honest

She said well what are you gonna do about that? I’m sitting at home in my jammies and just sitting by the window

At this point I could see everything she was doing. She was undressing in the mirror. Her bra and panties were black and white zebra striped. Panties were bikini cut but looked really silky and soft. She had a tattoo on her right butt cheek of mini mouse.

I said well maybe I should come over

She said sounds like a plan then sent her address and said the room shes in will be the only one with lights on.

I continued to watch as she gathered up some things made herself comfortable on the couch and waited. I went to the bathroom and while I was in there she texted me waiting for you.

I replied I’m here. I parked down the street and im out front in the shadows so I wont get caught being a peeping tom.

She stood up and started to so a little strip tease. First the bra came off and she played with her tits pulling them up to her mouth and sucking and biting on the nipples I texted her and said maybe I should just call. She picked her phone up and called me. I answered the phone and said good girl. I could see her smile and say you like this. Yeah I do I’d really like to see what else you have up there. She pulled her zebra panties to the side and showed ne her pussy. It was fat and juicy with a little line of hair on top. Yummy I said now I want to watch you cum. She pulled up 2 dildos and said what one pink or the green. They were both normal in size but i chose the green one. She started to fuck herself violently. She was screaming in pleasure saying I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum ooooohhhh fuuuuck! I was watching her tremble and shake as she came witch seemed to be over and over.

I told her that was super hot she smiled and said thank you. Now what are we gonna do about you? I didnt care really about myself all I could think about is eating her pussy and licking all over her body. She was fuckin hot I would lick her ass I would do just about anything she asked me to do. So while we were talking I didnt realize but she called me john and I replied. Kept on talking and then it hit me. I said you called me john. She said I know I knew it was you all the time. When i got in my apartment i watched you turn off all your lights and i seen the blinds open up. I said not I’m embarrassed. She said dont be your hot and I really wanna feel your beard in between my legs. Well then unlock your door and I’ll be right over I said.

So i got up and walked over to her door and walked in. The whole house was dark except her bed room. I walked up and looked through the crack of the door she was laying back kn her bed is a red silk robe and had on her white silky panties on no bra. Her tits were so fuckin nice. Her nipples were like dots and her areolas were a shade or two darker then her smooth soft skin. I stood there and watched for a bit then she said are you gonna come in and taste me or what. I liked how spunky she was so I walked in and got right on my knees. Rubbing my face all around in between her legs. The panties were already wet from cumming on the phone before. I pulled them down a little bit to her thighs. I lifted her legs up and started to lick her pussy. Spreading her bitt cheeks and licking her ass. When I’d go back to her pussy she would wrap her legs around my head and fuck my face.

She came a few times and I felt like she was really enjoying my mouth. She pushed me away made me stand up. She got on her knees and pulled my cock out of my basketball shorts. She looked at it like it was the biggest shes ever had. I am 8 and a half very thick. I honestly thing its the size of her forearm. She licked it all over it was glazed with her spit when she took it as far as she could into her mouth. She gagged on it but kept on going. Pooping it in and out of her mouth slapping it on her tongue rubbing it all over her tits she was just going to town. She would look me in the eyes and ask you like how I suck your cock? You wanna stuff it in my pussy? What can I do for you? I said yes and yes and told her to bend over. She got up bent over the bed and poked her ass out. It drove me nuts that her panties and robe were still on when she bent over. I put the tip of my cock on her pussy lips. Teased her a little bit wiggling it around up and down in between her pussy lips and to her hole. Her legs were trembling and she started to beg me to fuck her. I shoved it all the way in. She let out a tremendous sigh aaaaaahhhh! I said you like that as I started to pull it out. Right as she started to say yes I shoved it back in and he voice went up 10 octaves. I grabbed on to her hips and started to fuck her like I wanted to. Soft and slow to begin with then building up our rythm to start fucking her hard. I loved how she was taking it how her pussy felt how it gripped my cock in and out. Her pussy was soft warm and super wet from everything.

I looked down at my cock and she had came all over it. My cock had her thick white cum all over it. I loved it. I pulled my cock out and flipped her over on her back. Dove right it and licked her from her ass to her clit. I had some of her cum in my beard that she pointed out. She wiped it and put her fingers in my mouth. I loved how freeky she was. My cock was just resting on her clit I kept on flexing it and pushing on her clit. She said that feels good. I reached down and started to rub my cock from her hole to her clit in between her lips. She said if you keep doing that I’m gonna cum. So I did it faster and harder. Her legs were up in the air and they were shaking. I felt something splash out onto me. I looked down to see she came all over me again. I asked her if she wanted me to clean that up and before she could answer I was already cheek deep sucking it up.

I scooted her to the corner of her bed and put my cock in. She gasped for air and covered her face with a pillow as I started to slide my dick in and out faster and harder with each stroak. I could feel my cum build up and I know I wasn’t gonna last much longer. Watching her pussy take my cock. Her lips gripping my cock. Her pubic hair was soaked in her cum and my spit curly and darker then it was when I first saw it. All this going on next thing i knew i was telling her i was gonna cum she said she wanted it on her face and tits. She rolled up and got into position. I was jacking off onto her face when the first one shot off it was a direct hit across her face. Then the rest shot out all over her face neck and tits. I was shaking and quivering I took a few steps back and sat in her computer chair. Took a deep breath and had a big ass smile on my face.

She wiped all of the cum off her and into her mouth. Mmmmm youvtaste good. Stood up and got herself together. She walked me out of her appartment kissed me and said we gotta do that again. My pussy is tingling right now. I said that’s definitely a plan I gave her a hug and a kiss and spanked her and said see ya later

Walked back to my appartment got a text saying look. Went to the window and she was sucking her dildo. The lights turned off and I said goodnight.

We fuck around from time to time but shes got a boyfriend so it’s not as often as I’d like.

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