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First night with my mommy

So it was saturday night and I have been thinking about sucking a nice cock all week. I put a few posts up on craigslist but no luck what so ever. Earlier at work I though why not its Saturday and someone has gotta want their cock sucked somewhere. So I posted and little one about looking to suck cock to completion also looking for older and someone with a nice cock. I dont just suck anything but st this point I was getting desperate.

The day went on didn’t really check my phone or email so didn’t know what was gonna happen. I got off work went home to relax. While I was sitting on my couch my phone went off over and over amd over. Picked it up started going through the emails a few nice ones and a few of them I just trashed right away. One of them was from a ts named tina she was an older early 60s transsexual with a really nice 7 incher and her tits were extremely perky . She said she saw my add and wants to invite me over to see my oral skills if they add up to what I was saying on my post. I send her an email back with my number and she calls bout 10 minutes after.

I answered it hello she says hey this is your mommy and you need to get home now. I said where home she tells me the address and the number to ring when u get there. I was already showered and ready to go so I leave my house. On the way there she calls me and tell me how back she wants my mouth on her cock with my lips wrapped around it. She said she was wearing crotchless panties with her cock rock hard. She said she’ll be sitting in the kitchen waiting for me as soon as I get there.

I get there ring the bell and she buzzes me in walk up to her appartment. Go to knock but the door was open I walk in and see this lady leaning against the kitchen counter with her cock out in one hand and pulling her bra down with the other. She tells me to get on my knees and start to suck mommy’s cock.

I go right to my knees and start suckin it was nice she must have been jacking a little but because her tip was oozing precum and it was dripping. I caught some on my tongue and slid it into my mouth. She gasped for air like it was he first breath ever and said oooo that’s just what mommy wants.

After about 5 minutes I could feel her balls starting to tighten up and she said she wanted to get comfortable… so she made me stand up and follow her into her to her bedroom. She sat down and took her bra off and I though to myself that got early 60s her tits were really nice. I started to suck on them and nibble on them softly but she said that her tits were really sensitive and to be gentle. While I was sucking gently on her tits I was also playing with her cock at the same time.

She was melting in my hand and it was perfect. He cock was standing up firm and rock hard. Her tits were soft big and perky with dark red nipples. Her balls were hairy but really full. I asked her when was the last time mommy came and she replied about 2 weeks ago. So you better be ready for alot of cum.

I asked her if she wanted to cum quick or did she want me to keep going slow. She was whimpering and I couldn’t really understand but I think she said let mommy cum. Right when I herd that i shot down between her legs and started taking her whole cock as far as i could take it. She put her hand on the top of my head and told me to slow down she wanted this to last. She pulled out this little vibrator and told me to press it above her asshole below her balls.

I pressed it up against her and she just laid back and sighed out in pure pleasure. I was sucking and jacking her off while I was using that vibrator then her whole body started to shake. She said out she was getting close and wanted to shoot into my mouth.

She stood up and I got under her cock while she started to jack it off into my mouth. She was talking to me like you ready for mommy’s cum baby and I said yes with my mouth wide open. She said ok here it comes and before she finished saying that she was shooting load after load into my mouth after she got done cumming she wanted me to clean up her cock with my mouth then show her all of her cum.

She said whew … you want to do this again sometime and I said hell yeah. She said next time mommy is gonna take your cum too we can 69 and then we can cum together.

I never got undressed so I got up went to the bathroom and washed up and left. Now all Idid for a while was wait for her to text me a pic of her cock so I can suck on it

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