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role play

I was living with my best friend, Brandi, she was 12yrs younger than me, and hot. I of course had a crush on her and wanted her bad. I knew ide never be with her sexually, I was 5’6′ tall and 142lbs I had shoulder length brown hair and a girls ass, her bfs always 6′ or over. Brandi was 5’7′ and 128lbs, short red hair, perfect body, often times in our apt she would be late for work and running around in her lingerie, being a legal secrtary she often wore sexy bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings with heels under her pencil skirts and wht blouses.

Her bf Jay was a lawyer, he was 6’4′ tall and 225lbs. We all 3 liked doing ice and partied together sometimes. We was smoking good ice 2 days before haloween. “so Brad are you coming to our offices haloween party?” Brandi asks. I work maintenance at same place they work. “no doubt it” I say. “why not it will be fun” she says. “no gf and no costume”, I say. “sucks going to a party and not have anyone to hang with”. “you can hang with us Brad” Jay says. “yea it be fun” she says. “I wouldn’t know what to go as, what are you 2 going as?” I ask. “Im going as a pimp and Brandi my ho”, he says. “sounds hot” I say, “but I wouldn’t fit in”. We all hit pipe cpl times. “I know Brad you can go as a ho to, ur small and I could easily make you look like a ho”, brandi says. “hell yea that be so fun, having 2 ho’s” jay says. “no way im not dressing up as a girl” I say. “oh come on Brad, tell you what you do it and later we will have a threesome, all us 3” jay says. I had wanted her bad for a cpl yrs now, “uhmm, ok then ill do it”. I say.

The Saturday before party, Jay here, Brandi has me shower, shaving off my body hair. Out of shower, hair up in towel another around me, we sit hitting pipe. Brandi also in towel, gets up goes to her room returns with 2 sets of lingerie, “ok jay u choose, pink and blk or all purple for Brad”, she holds up both sets. “has to be pink and blk for him” he says as I hit pipe. The set has a strapless bustier, waist cincher with garter straps and matching panties with blk stockings. Brandi hands me the panties to put on. I pull them up my legs under towel to my waist letting towel drop my face red standing before them in the pink and blk panties. “ull have to tuck it back between ur legs” jay says, I turn away and do it. I couldn’t believe I was doing this as Brandi hooks bustier around me and then waist cincher, pulling laces tight behind me giving me a figure. she then shows me how to put on the stockings and hooking them, and a pair of socks fill the b cups. Im blushing as they look me over, glad I had tucked my cock that was now hard. They agree I look great and we sit hitting pipe. Brandi goes gets her blk and pink floral print sundress, unzips it in back handing to me, I step into it pulling its spaghetti straps over my shoulders and she zips in back, its bodice fits snug then the skirt falls flared to 3″ above my knees. I didn’t want to feel sexy but did as I twirl in it. They say it fits and looks hot on me, we hit pipe again. I was very high as she takes towel off my head.

Parting my hair in middle and combing it out, they both look at it, “im thinking like purple highlights” jay says. Brandi gets the stuf and combs it thru my hair, they look again. “do you trust me Brad?” she asks, I nod yes. She combs hair over my face and I freak as she cuts bangs on me about half eye length, then blow dries it. “perfect” he says, I see him adjust. “now makeup” she says and does it, and clips on long earrings to. “ok brad meet Amber” she says letting me see me. I freak out, I totally look like a sexy girl. Last she gets me 4″ heeled ankle strap pumps that I slip on and start learning to walk in. we hit pipe and she drops her towel dressing in lingerie in front of us. “very sexy Brandi” jay says. “oh yea, how sexy Jay” she asks. “has me hard as a rock, how bout u amber?” he asks, I blush. She gets his pimp outfit from her room and her dress. “ok jay ur turn we dressed in front of you” she says. Jay stands taking off his clothes turned from us, then to us. “oh wow” I hear me say looking at his fat, hard, 9″ cock. “yea I know amber his cock is huge isn’t it?” brandi asks me. “uhmm, omg yes” I whisper.

Jay grabs it stroking it. “im glad u ladies approve” he says. “but I cant get my costume on with it hard”. he looks at both us. Im hitting pipe as Brandi grabs it stroking him as he stands in front of her, she sits on sofa about a foot from me. I hand him pipe watching her hand, she looks over at me, takes my hand and pulls it to join her other hand stroking his big cock, I knew I shouldn’t have but couldn’t stop from stroking it. “that’s so hot, amber, mmm stroke his big cock” she purrs, removes her hand from it. I cant stop stroking it and watching my hand. Brandi stands up pushing him more in front of me, and steps into her dress. She sits in chair he was in hits pipe watching me stroking his cock, “that’s so fucking hot” she says. “be so much hotter if you would suck on his big cock for me” she says looking at me. “uhmm, no way” I whimper. “oh, come on, you know you want to, so just do it” she says and pushes jay closer to me, his fat cock only cpl inches from my lips.

I look at it and precum leaks from hole, “go on amber lick it up” Jay says and humps forward his cock head hits my lips leaving precum on them as I pull back. I don’t think and lick my lips. “wow, yes uve already tasted him, go on, you know you want to amber suck his cock u little whore” she says. I cant stop myself as I lean forward taking its big head into my mouth. “omg that’s so hot, yea amber suck his big cock like the slut you are” she says as I slowly suck his big cock thru my lips bout half way then back up. I slowly keep doing this, hating that I liked it. “oh wow, Jay is he a good cocksucker??’ she asks. “mmm, yes very good” he moans. I suck faster then only getting half way. “oh yea amber yes suck his cock” she says. He now humps to me making me take more and going faster. I slurp, suck and gag as we go faster. “omg yes amber ur gonna make him cum!” she shouts. Just then his cock swells in my mouth and strarts jerking hard as he pumps 2 times in my mouth and I pull off it as he shoots 5 more times on my face, I cum in my panties at same time. “omg that was so hot!!” she yells. I jump up embarrassed going to bath room. I wipe his cum off my face as she comes in. “don’t worry we will never tell” she fixes my makeup and does hers as we hit pipe.

We all are finally dressed, it took a lot of dope but they get me to go. We get a lot of looks at party. we sit drinking a lot of shots. Deshaun, a young blk guy from office asks to join us, Brandi says sure. He sits between me and Jay in a chair. “im Deshaun” he says to me shaking my hand, “oh that’s my friend amber” brandi tells him, “wow B u have sexy friends” he says, I blush. WE all drink a lot, Jay and Brandi go dance. Deshaun turns to me, “wow girl ur totally sexy, lets dance” I freak as he pulls me to dance floor and we dance a cpl fast dances then to table joining them. “ive got to pee pee, come on amber”” brandi takes my hand and we go in ladies room. We both sit and pee, then fix makeup. “I think Deshaun wants you” she says. “no way never” I say. “why not, doesn’t he turn u on, usually blk guys turn on wht guys” she says. “might be ur only chance to go blk”. we go back to table doing more shots. Deshauns hand on my knee.

A slow song starts both guys stand pulling us to floor. I see Brandi put her arms around Jays neck and do the same. Deshauns arms go around my waist pulling me to him. “ive always wanted to do a wht boy like you” he says in my ear before kissing my neck, I try not to get turned on but his hands went to my ass pulling me closer, I feel his hard cock between us. I look up to him and he leans down before I knew it his lips on mine, I wanted to pull away but instead open my my mouth accepting his tongue as we kiss.

The song ends, at table I say I needed to smoke a cig, he says him to so we both go outside. He takes my hand and we go to his car and light up there. I lean back on hood, was very drunk by then. “you are so sexy” he says. “thank you” I blush. we stand chatting and finish cigs. “I cant believe im saying this but please kiss me again” I say. he steps to me my arms around his neck we kiss. He steps back my hand in his, “so, back in or my place amber?” he asks. I blush, “uhmm ur place sounds good” I say. He opens door of car for me I get in and so does he.

He drives us to a nice house parking in garage. We go in “have a seat, can I get u a drink?” he asks. “yes please a coke” I say. he comes back with drinks sitting beside me, we talk about sex, telling him all ive done is suck a guy off 1 time. He starts a porno, it has wht sissy guys with blk men. my legs over his we hit pipe then he pulls me closer kissing me as his hands go up my dress. I turn my body around straddling his legs, sitting on them as we kiss, his big hands now slide up under my dress to my pantied ass, I moan as he rubs it. I stop our kiss sitting up on his legs.

Reaching down between us I undo his pants, “ive heard that you wht sissy faggots love bbc” he says, “is that true?”. “uhmm huh, yes we do” I admit. Reaching into is pants I pull out his fat, hard 9″ long blk cock between us. I watch as I stroke it. “mmm oh wow yes amber” he moans as his hands slide up unzipping my dress in back. I slide the spaghetti straps off my shoulders and down with the top of my dress to my waist, my pink and blk lingerie showing. Deshaun reaching up rubs my nips thru my bustier. I stop stroking his big cock lifting my ass up I pull my dress from under me and up over my head and off, so I now sat on his legs in lingerie and heels only.

I grab his hard cock again and we kiss again as I stroke it. his hands rubbing my ass thru my panties then pulling them aside he pushes a finger into me. I wiggle my ass on it, “oh yea wiggle ur sissy ass on my finger you little slut” he says. I start moaning now as I do, still stroking his cock. ddd”tell me you want my bbc in u faggot”, he says. ” oh, yes mmm yes Deshaun I want ur bbc in me please” I say. He grabs lotion from end table handing to me, I raise up pushing his big cock between my legs to behind me. his finger out of me I put lotion in my hand reaching behind me I lube his cock and my ass. Holding his big cock against my crack I wiggle my ass. Raising up I push its fat head to my hole. wiggling my ass I slowly slide it into me until im sitting with all his fat 9″ blk cock in me.]

I slowly start humping my ass on his big cock. “oh yea amber” he moans. “I want to hear you say u like riding my bbc”. “mmm, ok yes baby yes I love riding ur bbc”, I say still humping on it. “ok, then now tell me how much you like wearing sexy lingerie for me”, he moans. “mmm yes Deshaun I love wearing sexy lingerie for you”. I say. “oh yea, amber ur my little wht sissy faggot aren’t you?” he asks. “omg yes im ur little wht sissy faggot”, I say now raising my ass off him a few inches. “mmm, yes Brad you like dressing up in sexy lingerie and taking this bbc like the little sissy faggot bitch you are don’t you?’ he asks. “oh god yes Deshaun im ur little wht bitch boy sissy faggot that loves ur bbc in my lingerie sissy faggot ass””. I moan now bouncing on his big cock 7″ of it sliding in and out of me. Deshaun stops me making me get off him, standing he takes my hand and leads me to his bed. He turns me to him at bed and we kiss, “now im gonna fuck you like a bitch” he says pushing me onto my back on his bed. “take off ur panties” he says and I do. He then crawls onto bed pushing my legs apart and up as he lays between them over me. I reach between us grabbing his big cock and guiding him into me, his big cock sliding in me all way. “omg yes Deshaun ur big blk cock feels so good in my sissy ass”, I tell him. We start working our bodies together then, his long cock sliding in and out of me. “mmm, yes yes baby fuck my little sissy ass” I moan. “oh yea Brad sounds like u like being my sissy wht bitch” he says fucking me faster now. “mmm, omg yes Deshaun yes fuck me” I cry out. He now slams his big cock in and out of me. “mmm, yes ur bbc is so deep in me it feels so good, please baby cum in me!” I cry out. Just then he slams all in me and I feel his big cock swell and start jerking deep inside me as he shoots his load of cum.

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